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MESOPHERE [ˈmezəˌsfir, ˈmēzəˌsfir]

mesosphere (noun)

  • the region of the earth's atmosphere above the stratosphere and below the thermosphere, between about 30 and 50 miles (50 and 80 km) in altitude.

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What is the meaning of the word mesosphere?

Definition of mesosphere. : the part of the earth's atmosphere between the stratosphere and the thermosphere in which temperature decreases with altitude to the atmosphere's absolute minimum. Other Words from mesosphere Example Sentences Learn More about mesosphere.

How long does it take to get to the mesosphere?

To get to the mesosphere, you'd have to travel 31 miles straight up from the ground you're standing on. You might think scientists know everything about our atmosphere, but the mesosphere is a hard layer to explore.

What is the altitude of the mesosphere?

Like the other atmospheric layers, it does not have a fixed height but starts at an altitude of approximately 65 km (40 miles), extending up to a height of roughly 85 km (53 miles). It is also the coldest of the five layers with its upper boundary, called the mesosphere, reaching temperatures as low as -90° Celsius (-130° Fahrenheit).

What are the discharges in the mesosphere called?

Odd electrical discharges akin to lightning, called "sprites" and "ELVES", occasionally appear in the mesosphere dozens of kilometers (miles) above thunderclouds in the troposphere below. The stratosphere and mesosphere together are sometimes referred to as the middle atmosphere.

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