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1. Meditative definition is - marked by or conducive to meditation

Meditative, Marked, Meditation

2. How to use Meditative in a sentence.


3. Adjective reflective, thoughtful, contemplative, studious, pensive, deliberative, ruminative, cogitative Music can induce a Meditative state in the listener

Music, Meditative

4. Meditative is a community of entrepreneurs and executives in leadership positions


5. A final word on shopping for the best knife sharpenerSharpening your knives at home can be a soothing, Meditative experience with a whetstone, or an ultra-efficient job with an electric sharpener


6. At first, the space feels Meditative, cocoon-like, with videos of wild life projected on dozens of large fabric panels.


7. Meditative paint color SW 6227 by Sherwin-Williams


8. Meditative Mind is all about music and mindfulness, featuring hundreds of exclusive meditation music tracks, including sleep music, chakra healing music, mantra chants and more, for more balanced and happier you.

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9. Definition of Meditative in the dictionary


10. What does Meditative mean? Information and translations of Meditative in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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11. 10 synonyms of Meditative from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 22 related words, definitions, and antonyms

Meditative, Merriam

12. Find another word for Meditative


13. Meditative: given to or marked by long, quiet thinking.

Meditative, Marked

14. Phone: 813-609-4991 Email: Meditative[email protected]


15. The Meditative Story podcast combines human stories with meditation prompts embedded into the storylines — all surrounded by breathtaking music

Meditative, Meditation, Music

16. What does Meditative mean? Characterized by or given to meditation

Meditative, Mean, Meditation

17. Meditative Energy Supplements Providing Amazing Results


18. Meditative Energy Supplements is a brand that believes in balance


19. Meditative MIND’s OFFICIAL STORE Download your favorite music and chants

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20. / ˈmed.ə.teɪ.t̬ɪv / involving meditation (= giving your attention to one thing as a religious activity or to relax): She closed her eyes and went into a Meditative trance

Med, Meditation, Meditative

21. Meditative could look great in a bathroom, but again it really depends on the lighting


22. Buy Meditative 6 inch Flower of Life Design Singing Bowl with Mallet and Cushion

Meditative, Mallet

23. Meditative Touch Massage Training Course is a Therapeutic Approach To Achieve Physical, Mental, and Emotional Well-Being

Meditative, Massage, Mental

24. A form of gentle, almost Meditative exercise such as Pilates may seem far removed from the macho world of football

Meditative, May, Macho

25. The Meditative experience of a yogi is free of giving in to ordinary thought


26. His Meditative works add a lyrical note to the rich heritage of American landscape painting.


27. Adjective [ADJECTIVE noun] Meditative describes things that are related to the act of meditating or the act of thinking very deeply about something

Meditative, Meditating

28. Music can induce a Meditative state in the listener

Music, Meditative

29. Yogis trained in Eastern Meditative techniques can change their heart rate.


30. Meditative is a coaching, strategy, and wisdom development firm founded with a single mission in mind: To create more wisdom in the world.

Meditative, Mission, Mind, More

31. We are building a movement of executives and managers skilled in Meditative Leadership.

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32. Meditative: 1 adj deeply or seriously thoughtful Synonyms: brooding , broody , contemplative , musing , pensive , pondering , reflective , ruminative thoughtful exhibiting or characterized by careful thought

Meditative, Musing

33. Examples of Meditative in a sentence The dog seemed to be in a Meditative state as he stared at his empty food dish that hadn’t been filled in two days


34. 🔊 During the class, we used yoga to go into a Meditative trance


35. 🔊 The psychic seemed to go into a Meditative sleep while she conversed with the dead


36. A Meditative state of mind has been practiced for thousands of years

Meditative, Mind

37. While they may appear similar, hypnosis and a Meditative state differ in several important ways.

May, Meditative

38. A Meditative essay is beautiful and profound


39. It is this feature that distinct a Meditative papers from other types of essays, like comparative


40. An example of a Meditative essay would be writing about burial methods or about a song which carries great value

Meditative, Methods

41. Shop for Meditative art from the world's greatest living artists


42. All Meditative artwork ships within 48 hours and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee

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43. Choose your favorite Meditative designs and purchase them as wall art, home decor, phone cases, tote bags, and more!

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44. Meditative Moments Art Card Collection - Fun Colorful Postcard Cards for Mailing, Display, and Gifts ArtByVikram

Meditative, Moments, Mailing

45.Meditative Story combines extraordinary human stories with meditation prompts embedded into the storylines — all surrounded by breathtaking music

Meditative, Meditation, Music

46. Definition and synonyms of Meditative from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

Meditative, Macmillan

47. This is the British English definition of Meditative.View American English definition of Meditative.


48. Style Name: Meditative Frankincense Verified Purchase I enjoy the fragrance of Aura Cacia 100% Pure Frankincense Essential Oil and this is exactly what I needed for my projects

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49. Definition of Meditative adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


50. Rose Meditative is something of an enigma coming from a painter whose works are primarily the stuff of dream and nightmare


51. [IMPORTANT] All the Meditative Mind's content (including FridayFreeDownloads) is made available strictly for personal use only

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52. 1 day ago · Joyful noise or Meditative hum, sound resets the mind for faith Sound acts as a tether for the mind in the same way the breath or a mantra is used in other forms of meditation.

Meditative, Mind, Mantra, Meditation

53. Synonyms for Meditative in Free Thesaurus


54. 26 synonyms for Meditative: reflective, thoughtful, contemplative, studious, pensive, deliberative


55. Meditative Art School was created to help bring this essence into today’s creativity


56. We do so through our books and Meditative Art retreats that take place in especially inspiring locations around the world


57. In all our programs we teach the theory and practice of Meditative Art along with daily practice of …


58. Purchase Included: 1) Meditative 9:45 (sec)(wav-mp3) Medita

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59. Meditative Music 5 (Part 8) Pulse Emitter’s Meditative Music series captures an artist’s dedication to evolution through years of traversing a myriad of textural and contemplative terrains

Meditative, Music, Myriad

60. Petry, a specialist in moving camera techniques, conceived the piece as a way to recreate the Meditative experience of walking through the garden on a glorious, early spring day.

Moving, Meditative

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MEDITATIVE [ˈmedəˌtādiv]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of the word meditation?

Definition of 'meditation'. meditation. Meditation is the act of remaining in a silent and calm state for a period of time, as part of a religious training, or so that you are more able to deal with the problems of everyday life.

What is a sentence using meditative?

Meditative in a sentence

  • Music can induce a meditative state in the listener.
  • She was in a meditative mood.
  • She found him in a meditative mood.
  • You're very meditative today.
  • Dr. ...
  • What was needed here, rather than meditative technique, was a pump-action shotgun.
  • His lyrical, meditative poetry speaks to nature and a sense of place.
  • More items...

    Is meditate a noun?

    meditation(Noun) A devotional exercise of, or leading to contemplation. meditation(Noun) A contemplative discourse, often on a religious or philosophical subject.

    What is the verb for meditation?

    The English meditation is derived from Old French meditacioun, in turn from Latin meditatio from a verb meditari, meaning "to think, contemplate, devise, ponder". The use of the term meditatio as part of a formal, stepwise process of meditation goes back to the 12th century monk Guigo II.

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