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1. The Maxilla is part of an area of your skull called the viscerocranium


2. The Maxilla is a bone which helps to make up the skull. It is specifically located in the mid face, forms the upper jaw, separates the nasal and oral cavities, and …

Maxilla, Make, Mid

3. Maxilla (in vertebrates) one of a pair of joined bones forming the upper jaw, carrying all teeth except the incisors. The term is loosely used to denote the whole of the upper jaw


4. The Maxilla (or upper jaw bone, latin: Maxilla) is a paired bone that has a body and four processes: frontal process, zygomatic process, palatine process, and alveolar process.The two Maxillary bones (Maxillae) are fused in the midline by the interMaxillary suture to form the upper jaw.

Maxilla, Maxillary, Maxillae, Midline

5. Recent Examples on the Web Later today, Garvey will operate on a man with a more difficult case—a large tumor in the Maxilla, or top jaw—as part of two surgical teams

Man, More, Maxilla

6. 2020 Bereino had found a Maxilla, or upper jawbone, belonging to an ancient hominin.


7. The Maxilla forms the upper jaw by fusing together two irregularly-shaped bones along the median palatine suture, located at the midline of the roof of the mouth.

Maxilla, Median, Midline, Mouth

8. Maxillae are a pair of bones that form the dominant portion of the face. Functionally, the Maxillae hold the tooth roots and form most of the nasal aperture and floor, most of the hard palate, and the floors of the orbits

Maxillae, Most

9. Most of the Maxillary bone is light and fragile, …

Most, Maxillary

10. The Maxilla of Human Skull Created by The University of Dundee, School of Dentistry - Maxilla - 3D model by University of Dundee, School of Dentistry (@DundeeDental) [2277712]

Maxilla, Model

11. Yes pushing Maxilla up and forward should fix all of these issues because they are symptoms of a recessed Maxilla and there is no such thing as recessed bone gene its a result of poor posture during growth.


12. What is Maxilla The Maxillary bones, or Maxillae are the largest facial bones and they form the upper jawbone and the central part of the facial skeleton (see Figure 1)

Maxilla, Maxillary, Maxillae

13. The Maxillae form the upper jawbone and meet each other at a median interMaxillary suture.

Maxillae, Meet, Median

14. Two of these facial bones are called Maxillae, these form the upper jaw


15. The Maxillae (or Maxillary bones) are a pair of symmetrical bones joined at the midline, which form the middle third of the face

Maxillae, Maxillary, Midline, Middle

16. Each Maxilla forms the floor of the nasal cavity and parts of its lateral wall and roof, the roof of the oral cavity, contains the Maxillary sinus, …

Maxilla, Maxillary

17. In arthropods, the Maxillae (singular Maxilla) are paired structures present on the head as mouthparts in members of the clade Mandibulata, used for tasting and manipulating food.

Maxillae, Maxilla, Mouthparts, Members, Mandibulata, Manipulating

18. Maxillofacial definition is - of, relating to, or treating the Maxilla and the face

Maxillofacial, Maxilla

19. Composite oral resections (including mandible, Maxilla, palate, ear, temporal bone) require proper orientation and can be complex

Mandible, Maxilla

20. The primary bones of the face are the mandible, Maxilla, frontal bone, nasal bones, and zygoma

Mandible, Maxilla

21. Fractures of the Maxilla often cause swelling and deformity of the face


22. However, any injury forceful enough to fracture the Maxilla may also injure the spine in the neck (see Injuries of the Spinal Cord and Vertebrae) or …

Maxilla, May

23. A CT of the mandible/Maxilla can help your physician to assess any injury, infection, or other abnormalities.

Mandible, Maxilla

24. The Maxilla articulates with nine, sometimes ten, bones: the frontal, ethmoid, nasal, lacrimal, zygomatic, inferior nasal concha, vomer, palatine, and the other Maxilla


25. The Maxilla bone or Maxillary bone is a fused (paired) bone that provides part or all of the bony structure of the eye sockets, the nasal passage, the hard palate, the left and right Maxillary sinuses, and the upper tooth sockets

Maxilla, Maxillary

26. Without the Maxilla, we can neither eat properly nor speak clearly.


27. / mækˈsɪl.ə / plural Maxillae uk / mækˈsɪl.iː / the upper jaw bone that supports the upper teeth and forms part of the eye sockets and nasal cavity SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases The head & …


28. Maxilla bolt cutters can cut metals up to 42 HRC hardness and are ideal for cutting rod, wire mesh, concrete form ties and rebar, and bolts

Maxilla, Metals, Mesh

29. The Maxilla forms the upper jaw, part of the floors of the eye sockets, or orbits, and the lower parts and sides of the nasal cavities


30. A hole known as the infraorbital foramen is situated in the Maxilla just underneath the orbit.


31. / mækˈsɪl.ə / plural Maxillae uk / mækˈsɪl.iː / the upper jaw bone that supports the upper teeth and forms part of the eye sockets and nasal cavity SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases The head & …


32. Each Maxilla has four processes (frontal, zygomatic, alveolar, and palatine) and helps form the orbit, roof of the mouth, and the lateral walls of the nasal cavity

Maxilla, Mouth

33. Body – central portion of Maxilla


34. Maxillary definition, of or relating to a jaw, jawbone, or Maxilla

Maxillary, Maxilla

35. Maxilla (n.) "a jaw, a jawbone," 1670s, from Latin Maxilla "upper jaw," diminutive of mala "jaw, cheekbone." "Maxilla stands to mala as axilla, 'armpit,' stands to ala 'wing'" [Klein]

Maxilla, Mala

36. Especially a bone of the upper jaw (Maxilla superior) as distinguished from the mandible or lower jaw (Maxilla inferior)

Maxilla, Mandible

37. Related: Maxillar; maxilliform.

Maxillar, Maxilliform

38. Maxilla was a female monarch butterfly

Maxilla, Monarch

39. Martin named her child Maxilla Jr

Martin, Maxilla

40. As a butterfly, Maxilla was distinguishable from the other monarch

Maxilla, Monarch

41. The midface consists of the following facial bones: the Maxilla, zygoma, sphenoid, lacrimal, nasal, ethmoid, and palatine

Midface, Maxilla

42. Trauma involving any of these bones should raise concern for the possibility of a Maxillary sinus fracture


43. The pyramidal-shaped Maxillary sinus is the first sinus to develop embryologically and is the largest of the


44. ‘The Maxilla fuses with the vomer bone and the nasal septum.’ ‘It may also have had a role in giving some minor flexibility to the snout, as it tends to insert ventrally between the Maxilla and preMaxilla, and dorsally between the nasal and preMaxilla.’

Maxilla, May, Minor

45. Purpose: To describe the CT and MR findings of various entities causing cystic expansile masses in the Maxilla and the significance of the cortical bony plate between the lesions and sinus cavities in the differential diagnosis

Mr, Masses, Maxilla

46. Methods: CT findings of 28 patients with cystic expansile masses of the Maxilla, including 20 cases of Maxillary mucoceles (17 postoperative mucoceles, 2 mucoceles of

Methods, Masses, Maxilla, Maxillary, Mucoceles

47. It pushes the Maxilla forward, but blocks the chin not allowing it to follow the Maxilla displacement [absolute autism]


48. Your body will try to pull the Maxilla back, and you can lose a percent of your "gains", but it will hardly return back how


49. Find 7 ways to say Maxilla, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Maxilla, Most

50. This allows the Maxilla to move as a separate structure

Maxilla, Move

51. The greatest concern to the touchline doctor is the instability of the fracture and the potential for closing the airway, as the fractured Maxilla can drop posteriorly


52. In this situation, the touchline doctor must reposition the Maxilla

Must, Maxilla

53. Maxilla definition: the upper jawbone in vertebrates Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Maxilla, Meaning

54. Acquires 3D images from the Maxilla


55. How to scan Maxilla; Changing sequence of scan stages Command options


56. Each Maxilla consists of a body and four processes- zygomatic, frontal, alveolar, and palatine


57. The body of the Maxilla is somewhat pyramidal in shape


58. It has four surfaces–anterior, posterior; orbital, and nasal-and encloses a large cavity, termed the Maxillary sinus


59. There is an expansile lucent lesion within the left Maxilla, measuring 30 x 29 x 35 mm AP by TR by CC

Maxilla, Measuring, Mm

60. It is centered between the permanent left upper canine and first premolar with lobulated margins protruding into the floor of the left nasal cavity, left Maxillary sinus, and left hard palate where there are areas of either frank osseous deficiency or extremely thin bone.

Margins, Maxillary

61. Definition of Maxilla in the dictionary


62. What does Maxilla mean? Information and translations of Maxilla in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions

Maxilla, Mean, Most

63. The Maxilla (plural: Maxillae ) in animals is the upper fixed bone of the jaw formed from the fusion of two Maxillary bones

Maxilla, Maxillae, Maxillary

64. The two Maxillary bones are fused at the interMaxillary suture, forming the anterior nasal spine.


65. Japonicus, the characters of body shape, abdomen, carapace, first and second antenna, first and second Maxillae, thorax segments, respiratory area, and swimming leg structure show a significant convergent between male and female in morphology with the exception of the total body size, second swimming leg structure, position and structure of the copulatory accessories, number and structure of

Maxillae, Male, Morphology

66. The Maxilla represents the bridge between the cranial base superiorly and the dental occlusal plane inferiorly


67. Its intimate association with the oral cavity, nasal cavity, and orbits and the multitude of structures contained within and adjacent to it make the Maxilla a functionally and cosmetically important structure.

Multitude, Make, Maxilla

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does maxilla mean in Latin?

Meanwhile, maxilla in “maxillary” is derived from the Latin word “mala,” which means “cheek.” The Latin word macerare also means “to chew,” and this potentially was the foundation for the term “maxilla” as well. A fracture of the maxillary tuberosity is an important medical issue.

What is the common name for the maxilla?

The maxilla, also known as the upper jaw, is a vital viscerocranium structure of the skull. It is involved in the formation of the orbit, nose and palate, holds the upper teeth and plays an important role for mastication and communication. Nov 22 2019

Is maxilla a paired bone?

The maxilla (or upper jaw bone, latin: maxilla) is a paired bone that has a body and four processes: frontal process, zygomatic process, palatine process, and alveolar process. The two maxillary bones ( maxillae) are fused in the midline by the intermaxillary suture to form the upper jaw. Each maxilla has five parts,...

What does the name maxillae mean?

maxillae definition: 1. plural of maxilla specialized 2. plural of maxilla specialized.

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