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1. Mawkit is a library built on top of Cocos2d-x offering useful cross-platform utilities to implement platform-specific features like leaderboards, achievements, or in-app purchases quickly.


2. Mauchy, Mochy, Maukie, Mawkit. (see also Manky, Clarty) (often used in ‘ Lookit the colour o’ ye, ya mauchit wee to’rag’).

Mauchy, Mochy, Maukie, Mawkit, Manky, Mauchit

3. Mawkit (also: boggin, dirty, filthy, gross, manky)

Mawkit, Manky

4. If something is Mawkit, it's disgusting and/or covered in dirt


5. “C’mere lassie, yer Mawkit.” 18.

Mere, Mawkit

6. Example: ‘Yer troosers are Mawkit’ Translation: ‘Your trousers are very dirty’ Neep


7. Stream Tracks and Playlists from Mawkit on your desktop or mobile device.

Mawkit, Mobile

8. Both games use Cocos2d-x engine and a custom open source framework built on top of it named Mawkit which I want to introduce in this post.


9. He landit in a glaury park, And then he went hame Mawkit! This is an ongoing project which will build up a picture of the REAL history and geography of Bonnybridge and its surroundings - hopefully of interest to residents and, perhaps, pupils looking for research material for a school topic (no little green men!).

Mawkit, Material, Men

10. March 12, 2008 at 7:41 am dat am wai wii tuk kittehlishus awf teh Mawkit!

March, Mawkit

11. Mawkit means very dirty as in "your semmit is Mawkit"

Mawkit, Means

12. Mawkit & Sleekit is a Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy style beer brewed by Rough Cut Brewing Co


13. • “Trailing back Mawkit lang efter dark.” Is this something you’re allowed to do? Explain your answer


14. Useful Scots word: Mawkit March 9, 2011 by Guest Writer By Betty Kirkpatrick I have commented before on the fact that Scots is rich in words relating to dirt

Mawkit, March

15. Now there is dirt and there is dirt, and Mawkit lies at the filthy end of the dirt scale


16. Commonly also spelt maukit and sometimes mockit, Mawkit is a two

Maukit, Mockit, Mawkit

17. Mawkit Midden is a 463 m popular red singletrack trail located near Linlithgow

Mawkit, Midden

18. Mawkit / Mockit (alternate spelling) meaning Filthy

Mawkit, Mockit, Meaning

19. For example: "Your simmit is puir Mawkit, so it is." (Translation - "Your string vest is very dirty")


20. Mawkit Paws Dog Walking, Stirling


21. The Scottish translation of filthy is Mawkit


22. Mawkit maws maw's maybee aye mazin McCartney McCartney-Mills McDonald me meatin' his meatin wae Fred meat-shy wan meetin meetin' his mammy meetin`s wi the bigwig Mel fae the Mearns meltin meltit` menchy mental mentalists mer merkat merrit messages met mibbe naw mibbie mibeez aye, mibeez naw Mìcheal Michelle "sick" Livingstone micht micht huv

Mawkit, Maws, Maw, Maybee, Mazin, Mccartney, Mills, Mcdonald, Me, Meatin, Meat, Meetin, Mammy, Mel, Mearns, Meltin, Meltit, Menchy, Mental, Mentalists, Mer, Merkat, Merrit, Messages, Met, Mibbe, Mibbie, Mibeez, Michelle, Micht

23. Trailin back Mawkit lang efter dark, No stuck here forever daein stupit hame wark


24. Listen to Mawkit Corse on Spotify


25. Mr Mawkit was claiming he lived here alone for years even though Miss Clarty was living here too so they were getting a single person discount on some things

Mr, Mawkit, Miss

26. Mawkit/Mauchit – (dirty, filthy, sticky, muddy) Messages – (shopping, groceries)( Away fur the messages

Mawkit, Mauchit, Muddy, Messages

27. Cocker Poems 92: Shorn yowes were marked wi' keel, Mawkit anes got doctored weel

Marked, Mawkit

28. (April) 8: Did ye get any Mawkit sheep when ye were oot? [Mid.Eng

Mawkit, Mid

29. On the lash, the ran-dan, on the Mawkit and a million and one other ways… by meesterboom

Mawkit, Million, Meesterboom

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