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1. Mausoleum definition is - a large tomb; especially : a usually stone building with places for entombment of the dead above ground


2. How to use Mausoleum in a sentence


3. Mausoleum definition, a stately and magnificent tomb

Mausoleum, Magnificent

4. Mausoleum, large, sepulchral monument, typically made of stone, that is used to inter and enshrine the remains of a famous or powerful person

Mausoleum, Monument, Made

5. The term Mausoleum can also denote other types of aboveground structures used for human burials


6. Ordering a walk-in Mausoleum is a turn-key process with Salem Stones


7. Private, or family, Mausoleums are structures owned and occupied by a single family and are accessible only by members of that family

Mausoleums, Members

8. The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus or Tomb of Mausolus (Ancient Greek: Μαυσωλεῖον τῆς Ἁλικαρνασσοῦ; Turkish: Halikarnas Mozolesi) was a tomb built between 353 and 350 BC in Halicarnassus (present Bodrum, Turkey) for Mausolus, a native Anatolian from Caria and a satrap in the Achaemenid Empire, and his sister-wife Artemisia II of Caria.

Mausoleum, Mausolus, Mozolesi

9. From Business: ABOUT OUR MORTUARY Tacoma Mausoleum & Mortuary is a locally owned and operated full service funeral home specializing in offering families the greatest value for… 10

Mortuary, Mausoleum

10. Mausoleum synonyms, Mausoleum pronunciation, Mausoleum translation, English dictionary definition of Mausoleum


11. Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, Halicarnassus also spelled Halikarnassos, one of the Seven Wonders of the World


12. The interactive history of the Mausoleum of Augustus


13. View the latest Mausoleum pictures from the team at Ingram Construction


14. View this interactive Mausoleum portfolio and visit recent project sites.


15. TheMausoleumis a second bossbiome exclusive to the Fatal Falls DLC

16. 1 General information 1.1 Access and exit 1.2 Level characteristics 1.2.1 Scrolls 1.2.2 Enemy tier and gear level scaling 2 Exclusive blueprints 2.1 Scarecrow Outfits 3 Lore 3.1 The Scarecrow 4 Gallery The Mausoleum can be accessed from the Undying Shores and the Cavern


17. For much of the past 80 years, the Mausoleum has stood abandoned, crumbling and closed to the public, writes Julia Buckley for CNN Travel.Today, tall trees render the Mausoleum

Much, Mausoleum

18. Our Sanctuary Mausoleum is a dignified option for those interested in an alternative to ground burial


19. The 4,000 square foot Mausoleum features two structures joined by a vaulted ceiling creating an open-air chapel for memorial services and visitation.

Mausoleum, Memorial

20. The Mausoleum is a small graveyard located on a small island off the coast of Morytania.The Mausoleum contains the remains of the previous lords of Fenkenstrain's Castle.The bridge leading to the island is broken, and the only way of getting to it is through the Experiment Cave during or after the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest.

Mausoleum, Morytania

21. Forever Legacy is the premier provider of custom-built private Mausoleums throughout the United States


22. We combine the finest Mausoleum artisans in the country, materials built for both beauty and longevity, an eternal guarantee on our work, and the finest service in the industry to offer a superior experience from your first call to Mausoleum completion.

Mausoleum, Materials

23. Each Forever Legacy granite Mausoleum is custom built to meet the preferences and needs of our client

Mausoleum, Meet

24. Whether you prefer a stately Classical Mausoleum with two crypts or a custom shape with extensive art and eight crypts, our expert designers create a private Mausoleum that fits your style as well as the site – anywhere in the country.


25. Mausoleum Crypts are available for above ground burial either in interior or exterior settings


26. The first Mausoleum was built in 353 B.C


27. For King Mausolus, from whose name the word “Mausoleum” was derived

Mausolus, Mausoleum

28. The Spectre Syndicate's Death Picture on the First Mausoleum "Get lost! You hear me? This tomb is only for the eerie!" — Death Quote from the First Mausoleum The first Mausoleum with two simple ghosts that are only different in appearance (one makes spooky gestures like Grim Matchstick and the other one has a spiteful look)

Mausoleum, Me, Makes, Matchstick

29. What is a Mausoleum? A Mausoleum is a free-standing building that acts as a final resting place for someone who has died


30. A Mausoleum can hold multiple people (many belong to families, for example) or just one

Mausoleum, Multiple, Many

31. Inside a Mausoleum, coffins are typically placed above ground in sarcophagi – sealed stone boxes – or buried beneath the floor.


32. Mausoleum prices vary tremendously based on the size, type of granite selected, ornamentation and number of crypts, to name a few


33. Prices for a two-crypt Mausoleum start at around $28,000


34. If you prefer the walk-in style, Mausoleum prices generally range from about $120,000-$585,000.


35. A Mausoleum is a building or structure for the above ground burial of both caskets and cremation urns


36. A Mausoleum may be the final resting place for one individual, a family, or a community

Mausoleum, May

37. Mausoleum History and Significance


38. Mausoleum definition: A Mausoleum is a building which contains the grave of a famous person or the graves of a Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Mausoleum, Meaning

39. The Mausoleum is a collection of graves located on a small island off the coast of Morytania.The bridge leading to the island is broken, and the only way of getting to it is through the Experiment cave during or after the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest

Mausoleum, Morytania

40. Prominently sitting atop a hill in West Wycombe, United Kingdom, is an unusually shaped building called the Dashwood Mausoleum


41. Memorial Hall of Chairman Mao aka Mausoleum of Mao Zedong, Mao Mausoleum and Maozhuxi Jinian Tang in Chinese, is the resting place of Mao Zedong, Chairman of the Politburo of the Communist Party of China from 1943 and the chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China from 1945 until his death in 1976.

Memorial, Mao, Mausoleum, Maozhuxi

42. The Mausoleum is about a 1 1/2 hours drive up from Kotor


43. Tucked away a quiet spot along the avenue is the Mausoleum of Mitchell and Margaret Henry

Mausoleum, Mitchell, Margaret

44. Mausoleum design options are extensive and include open-air construction, modern and contemporary design features, or more traditional appointments

Mausoleum, Modern, More

45. A private Mausoleum reflects the personality, faith, and individual preferences of the person or family interred for eternity.


46. The Mausoleum is a landmark building in Tropico 4


47. Because of how linked the Mausoleum is to the idea of honoring the presidente, rebels will always choose to


48. Mausoleum MapMap Level: 76Map Tier: 9Guild Character: [A vault for the dead, as if they were valuable

Mausoleum, Mapmap

49. Maps can only be used once.Additional InformationAcquisitionLevel: 75Purchase CostsSell Price1x Scroll FragmentMiscellaneousItem class: Maps Mausoleum Map is a map area

Maps, Mausoleum, Map

50. Mausoleum: Anomaly is the first novel in a brand-new series set within The River universe made popular by the books of The River and The Downwinders series

Mausoleum, Made

51. Mausoleum Records Mechelse Steenweg 35 – Box 2 B – 1800 Vilvoorde Belgium Phone: +32 52 57 38 57 Fax: +32 2 706 59 97 Email: Mausoleum[email protected]

Mausoleum, Mechelse

52. Get the best deals on Mausoleum Crypt when you shop the largest online selection at


53. Mausoleum - Germany Paul-Ehrlich-Str


54. - London W10 6BL Mausoleum - Netherlands P.O


55. Box 55559 - 1007 NB Amsterdam Mausoleum - USA PO Box 6700, FDR Station, NY 10150-6700 email: [email protected] 16 E 53 Street, New York N.Y.

Mausoleum, Mms

56. Mausoleum Mage is a Force affinity epic from the Undead Hordes

Mausoleum, Mage

57. Mausoleum Mage almost breaks the game when paired with Seer with the ability to give your team 3 buffs each for Seer to remove doing devastating damage.

Mausoleum, Mage

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name mausoleum mean?

Definition of mausoleum. 1 : a large tomb especially : a usually stone building with places for entombment of the dead above ground. 2 : a large gloomy building or room she invited him out of the mausoleum of a parlour into the kitchen— D. H. Lawrence.

What's the difference between a mausoleum?

A Mausoleum Houses the Remains of the Deceased. A mausoleum is a structure designed to hold the remains of the deceased, either in bodily form or as cremated remains. Mausoleums often house multiple family members, although it's not required.

What is the plural of mausoleum?

A Mausoleum (plural mausolea or mausoleums) is a large, free standing and often ornately decorated tomb or sepulcher. The word is derived from the name of King Mausolus of Caria, for whom a sumptuous sepulchral monument was commissioned by his wife Queen Artemisia of Caria at Halicarnassus in Asia Minor (present-day Bodrum in Turkey).

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