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1. Marshaling is the process of transforming types when they need to cross between managed and native code. Marshaling is needed because the types in the managed and unmanaged code are different

Marshaling, Managed

2. Interop Marshaling governs how data is passed in method arguments and return values between managed and unmanaged memory during calls

Marshaling, Method, Managed, Memory

3. Interop Marshaling is a run-time activity performed by the common language runtime's Marshaling service


4. For questions regarding the purchase of your vehicle, please contact the Sales Coordinator at the Lapeer Road Marshaling Center by email at [email protected] or by phone at (833) 550-5783


5. Marshaling is the process of converting managed data types to unmanaged data types

Marshaling, Managed

6. Marshaling let's us transmit this data in an environment independent manner so that either side sees the data the same exact way

Marshaling, Manner

7. You usually don't call this Marshaling, but if you want to transmit it over the network, you have to typically transmit it in such a way that whoever receives it interprets the


8. 26 synonyms of Marshaling from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 49 related words, definitions, and antonyms

Marshaling, Merriam

9. Find another word for Marshaling


10. Marshaling: an act of gathering forces together to renew or attempt an effort.


11. The Marshaling area (general cargo or container, or both) is located as near the vessel, rail, air, or truck discharge or load site as practicable


12. Marshaling Law Dictionary & Black's Law Dictionary 2nd Ed


13. The Marshaling plan provides the necessary information and procedures by which units of the airborne force complete final preparations for combat, move to departure airfields, and load the

Marshaling, Move

14. Marshaling is the process of creating a bridge between managed code and unmanaged code; it is the homer that carries messages from the managed to the unmanaged environment and reverse

Marshaling, Managed, Messages

15. Marshaling of several coats of arms


16. Definition of Marshaling in the dictionary


17. What does Marshaling mean? Information and translations of Marshaling in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Marshaling, Mean, Most

18. Marshaling Blittable Data Types You can marshal an unmanaged simple data type by tracking its definition then finding its counterpart (Marshaling type) in the managed environment based on its definition (we will see how soon.)

Marshaling, Marshal, Managed

19. The equitable doctrine of Marshaling securities states that where there are two creditors standing in equal equity, one of whom has security upon two funds, and the other upon only one of the two, the former is required to proceed primarily against the fund upon which the latter has no claim.


20. COM has this concept called “Marshaling”, with one L


21. Basically, Marshaling is the mechanism by which an object that is accessible to one apartment can be made accessible to another apartment

Marshaling, Mechanism, Made

22. This packing of arguments is sometimes called Marshaling.


23. At first glance, one might conclude, as have some courts, that the application of Marshaling, at the request of a bankruptcy trustee against the assets of a guarantor of the debtor's obligation, constitutes a futile gesture.

Might, Marshaling

24. This durable, reliable, multipurpose tool is a must have for aircraft Marshaling, road safety, fire departments or any other application where you may need a safety wand

Multipurpose, Must, Marshaling, May

25. After years of research and development, this new design is the best and brightest Marshaling/ Director Wand on the market.

Marshaling, Market

26. The Marshaling yard isn't gated along Moe Road, so you can just walk straight from your RV to Moe Road to pick up your ride

Marshaling, Moe

27. Marshaling is an alternative form of marshalling

Marshaling, Marshalling

28. As verbs the difference between Marshaling and marshalling is that Marshaling is (us) while marshalling is (british)

Marshaling, Marshalling

29. As nouns the difference between Marshaling and marshalling is that Marshaling is while marshalling is (software) the process of transforming the memory representation of an object to a data format suitable for storage or

Marshaling, Marshalling, Memory

30. Marshaling, the court ruled, could not be applied where, as here, one of the funds was exempt under state law


31. Marshaling is the process of converting unmanaged types into managed and vice versa (see figure 1.) That conversion can be done in many ways based on the type to be converted

Marshaling, Managed, Many

32. Marshaling the Exalted is an achievement category for mobilizing the Exalted during the release Champions Chapter 2: Power

Marshaling, Mobilizing

33. Marshaling the Exalted (Bonus Events)


34. Marshaling order and ·'that credi­ tor should, therefore, be per­ mitted to block such a motion

Marshaling, Mitted, Motion

35. "12 The majority in Spectra reasoned that the trustee under Section 544(a) has the same right to block a Marshaling order as enjoyed by a judgment creditor under Califor­ nia law

Majority, Marshaling

36. The rule of Marshaling assets is an equitable doctrine that when a creditor has two liens or funds to which s/he may look for the satisfaction of his/her debt, and another creditor has a lien on only one of those funds, then the creditor who has a lien on both of such funds must first look to the fund or source on which the other creditor has no lien or interest therein.

Marshaling, May, Must

37. If Marshaling were denied, it would allow more non-tax debt to be paid and the debtors claimed that allowing Marshaling would inhibit the debtors' fresh start

Marshaling, More

38. The court noted that the “inequity” of another creditor receiving less or nothing is not a valid reason to deny Marshaling


39. Accordingly, the requirements for Marshaling were satisfied.


40. Without limiting the foregoing in any way, each obligor hereby irrevocably waives and releases, to the extent permitted by law, any and all rights it may have at any time (whether arising directly or indirectly, by operation of law, contract or otherwise) to require the Marshaling of any assets of any obligor, which right of Marshaling might otherwise arise from any

May, Marshaling, Might

41. Marshaling Citizen Power to Modernize Correc­ tions is the most recent in a series of National Cham­ ber publications designed to stimulate business and other citizen action to improve the components of our criminal justice system

Marshaling, Modernize, Most

42. We needed one Marshaling stub technology that would work on multiple processor architectures and could be efficiently executed on each one: enter IL stubs

Marshaling, Multiple

43. With x64 and IA64 bit support in v2 we introduced IL stubs to perform the Marshaling on these platforms


44. Marshaling the Truth is part of the personal story for all characters that choose "dishonor my allies" as their worst fear during the mission A Light in the Darkness.

Marshaling, My, Mission

45. Create your Marshaling type, no matter whether your Marshaling type is a managed structure or class

Marshaling, Matter, Managed

46. Marshaling is an equitable doctrine that provides that a senior secured creditor with an interest in a debtor's property may not gain satisfaction against such property also encumbered by another secured creditor, if doing so would defeat the second secured creditor's recovery, and if other property is available to the first secured creditor to

Marshaling, May

47. Marshaling Director (John D’Agostino): 941-704-7397 (Please note, the Marshaling Director is an active racer in the CRCA and responses on race day may be slow) Please review the CRCA Marshaling Policy for additional rules, and don't forget to bring a USAC Volunteer Release form to your Marshaling

Marshaling, May

48. Default Marshaling Rules These types of data do not have natural mappings between MATLAB ® and Excel ® : Dates: Excel has a special data type for dates, and MATLAB does not.

Marshaling, Mappings, Matlab

49. Marshaling the Crystal Bloom is an achievement category for mobilizing the Order of the Crystal Bloom during the release Champions Chapter 1: …

Marshaling, Mobilizing

50. This is the Super Premium version of the industry standard of Marshaling Wands, with superior materials and the brightest LEDs on the market, there is no better choice

Marshaling, Materials, Market

51. Marshaling is the process of transforming types when they need to cross between managed and native code

Marshaling, Managed

52. Marshaling is needed because the types in the managed and unmanaged code are different

Marshaling, Managed

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Marshall a verb?

Marshal can be used as a noun referring to a ranked position in the fire or police department and the military, and is also a verb meaning "to lead or direct a group in a careful way ." Marshall is an established variant of "Marshal" and also used for proper names and places.

What does marshalling area mean?

marshalling area. A location in the vicinity of a reception terminal or pre-positioned equipment storage site where arriving unit personnel, equipment, materiel, and accompanying supplies are reassembled, returned to the control of the unit commander, and prepared for onward movement.

What is the meaning of marshalling panel?

Marshalling means grouping of I/O. The marshalling panel is placed between the DCS system panel and the field instruments. By ordering the grouping of I/O panels as an analog input, Analog output, digital input, digital output and pulse I / O are made.

What is the definition of a Marshal?

Definition of marshal. (Entry 1 of 2) 1a : a high official in the household of a medieval king, prince, or noble originally having charge of the cavalry but later usually in command of the military forces. b : a person who arranges and directs the ceremonial aspects of a gathering a parade marshal.

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