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1. Marrow definition is - bone Marrow


2. How to use Marrow in a sentence.


3. Marrow definition, a soft, fatty, vascular tissue in the interior cavities of bones that is a major site of blood cell production

Marrow, Major

4. Marrow noun (VEGETABLE) [ C or U ] UK a long round vegetable with a thick green or yellow skin, white flesh, and a lot of seeds at its center


5. Marrow QBank (Edition 5) is a topic-wise collection of MCQs, which includes only the high yield and repeat questions

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6. A Marrow is a vegetable, the mature fruit of certain Cucurbita pepo cultivars

Marrow, Mature

7. Bone Marrow is a soft, fatty tissue inside the bones


8. Transplanted bone Marrow will restore production of white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets


9. Donated bone Marrow must match the patient's tissue type.

Marrow, Must, Match

10. Mar'-o (moach, chelebh, shiqquy, machah, "to make fat," "to grease"; muelos): Marrow is the nourisher and strengthener of the bones; it is said to moisten the bones: "The Marrow (moach) of his bones is moistened" ().The fear of Yahweh "will be health to thy navel, and Marrow (shiqquy, margin "refreshing, Hebrew moistening") to thy bones" (Proverbs 3:8).

Mar, Moach, Machah, Make, Muelos, Marrow, Moisten, Moistened, Margin, Moistening

11. Bone Marrow is a semi-solid tissue found within the spongy or cancellous portions of bones


12. In birds and mammals, bone Marrow is the primary site of new blood cell production or haematopoiesis

Mammals, Marrow

13. It is composed of hematopoietic cells, Marrow adipose tissue, and supportive stromal cells.


14. Ping Ho, our founder, was inspired to create Marrow by her childhood memories of growing up in Singapore

Marrow, Memories

15. Beef Marrow is needed for this dish.


16. Bone Marrow is a type of spongy tissue in the center of bones


17. The term "Marrow" (or for some, "Marrow vegetable" or "vegetable Marrow") refers to several varieties of thin-skinned, tender summer squash


18. Bone Marrow is full of collagen, which improves the health and strength of bones and skin


19. Bone Marrow is the spongy or viscous tissue that fills the inside of your bones


20. There are actually two types of bone Marrow: Red bone Marrow helps produce blood cells; Yellow bone Marrow


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22. Bone Marrow is the soft, flexible connective tissue within bone cavities


23. A component of the lymphatic system, bone Marrow functions primarily to produce blood cells and to store fat.Bone Marrow is highly vascular, meaning that it is richly supplied with a large number of blood vessels.There are two categories of bone Marrow tissue: red Marrow and yellow Marrow.

Marrow, Meaning

24. Marrow first appeared as a child in Cable Vol.1 issue 15 (1994) and later as an adult in Uncanny X-Men issue 325 (1995)

Marrow, Men

25. The Marrow is a Hardmode bow that has a 0.5*1/200 (0.5%) chance to be dropped by Skeleton Archers


26. These Bone Arrows fire at higher velocities than average arrows and suffer minimal drop along their course, giving the Marrow a …

Minimal, Marrow

27. What is a bone Marrow biopsy? A bone Marrow biopsy involves removing a small sample of the bone Marrow inside your bones for testing


28. Bone Marrow is a soft tissue in the center of most large bones

Marrow, Most

29. Bone Marrow is soft, spongy tissue that's in the middle of most of your bones

Marrow, Middle, Most

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31. The description of Marrow App Marrow for NEET PG: Evidence-based online platform for NEET PG - Videos, QBank & Test Series


32. A Marrow is a cucurbit, which means it’s from the same family as the melon, cucumber, squash and courgette

Marrow, Means, Melon

33. The Marrow is actually a courgette that has been left on the plant to grow a little longer; likewise, if you pick a Marrow when small, it’s classed as a courgette


34. Marrow has a creamy flesh, edible skin and seeds, and a mild flavour.

Marrow, Mild

35. What Is Bone Marrow? Bone Marrow is the soft, spongy tissue that is located in the medullary cavities (centers) of certain large bones

Marrow, Medullary

36. Healthy bone Marrow is an essential part of the body, as it contains stem cells that produce blood cells and the cells that make up the immune system.

Marrow, Make

37. Bone Marrow is a soft, gelatinous tissue inside some bones


38. There are two types of bone Marrow, red and yellow, which produce the stem cells and blood cells that are …


39. Grassfed Bone Marrow is a whole bone extract and dietary supplement that provides 100% pure bovine bone, Marrow and cartilage as it exists in nature


40. Marrow definition: A Marrow is a long, thick , green vegetable with soft white flesh that is eaten cooked


41. If you want to make your own, scare up some Marrow bones at a butcher shop, place them upright on a foil-lined baking sheet and roast at 450 for 15 minutes.

Make, Marrow, Minutes

42. Bone Marrow transplant (BMT) is a special therapy for patients with certain cancers or other diseases


43. A bone Marrow transplant involves taking cells that are normally found in the bone Marrow (stem cells), filtering those cells, and giving them back either to the donor (patient) or to another person.


44. Marrow’s life is far from easy or simple, growing up in an area of Washington called the bone


45. Marrow sees abuses and injustices happening all around her and even within her own home.


46. Bone Marrow serves a crucial function for the body, producing bone Marrow stem cells and blood products


47. The process of the bone Marrow creating red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets is called hematopoiesis


48. There are two main types of bone Marrow, and they each perform specific roles.

Main, Marrow

49. Gibco MarrowMAX Bone Marrow Medium is a fully-supplemented medium developed for the short term culture of bone Marrow and other hematopoietic cells for cytogenetic studies and in vitro diagnostic procedures

Marrowmax, Marrow, Medium

50. Gibco MarrowMAX Bone Marrow Medium features: Superior performance Ready …

Marrowmax, Marrow, Medium

51. Be The Match is a global leader in bone Marrow transplantation and connects patients with their donor match for a life-saving Marrow or blood stem cell transplant.

Match, Marrow

52. Bone Marrow, sea salt, bay leaves, kale, lipton onion soup mix and 5 more Hanger Steak with Bordelaise Sauce The Domestic Man black pepper, hanger steak, tomato paste, dried thyme, ghee, bone Marrow and 6 more

Marrow, Mix, More, Man

53. Bone Marrow edema is a term used to describe the build-up of fluid (edema) in the bone Marrow


54. While the term is still frequently used by clinicians, it is more commonly referred to today as a bone Marrow lesion.

More, Marrow

55. The two bone Marrow tests are aspiration and biopsy


56. Aspiration is usually done first to collect a small amount of bone Marrow fluid through a needle


57. A biopsy test collects a small amount of bone Marrow tissue through a larger


58. The bone Marrow of animals is widely used by humans as food


59. It consists of yellow Marrow contained in long bones.There is also red Marrow, which contains more nutrients than yellow Marrow

Marrow, More

60. 1 day ago · Primary myelofibrosis (PMF), a relatively rare but painful type of bone Marrow cancer, disrupts the body's normal production of blood cells by causing extensive scarring in the bone Marrow.

Myelofibrosis, Marrow

61. A bone Marrow aspiration is used to remove a liquid Marrow sample


62. A bone Marrow biopsy is used to remove a small amount of bone filled with Marrow


63. The purpose of the tests is to: Confirm a blood cancer diagnosis or a bone Marrow disorder


64. Take your first step to being someone’s cure by joining our bone Marrow registry today


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