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1. Definition of Marabout : a dervish in Muslim Africa believed to have supernatural power Examples of Marabout in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web The daaras are powerful institutions and the Marabouts

Marabout, Muslim, Marabouts

2. Marabout, Arabic murābiṭ, (“one who is garrisoned”), originally, in North Africa, member of a Muslim religious community living in a ribāṭ, a fortified monastery, serving both religious and military functions.

Marabout, Mur, Member, Muslim, Monastery, Military

3. Marabout definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation


4. Découvrez tous les livres et les auteurs de Marabout, maison d'édition depuis 1949

Marabout, Maison

5. The town, founded by the French, derives its name from the kubba (tomb) of a Marabout named Sidi-bel-Abbes, near which a redoubt was constructed by General Bedeau in 1843


6. Marabou (chocolate), a Swedish chocolate brand Marabou (ethnicity), a historical term for a multiracial person in Haiti Marabou (weed), or el marabú in Cuba, the legume Dichrostachys cinerea Marabou stork, a large bird in the stork family Ciconiidae; Marabou (fashion), downy feathers used as a fashion trimming.Historically known as "Marabout."

Marabou, Multiracial, Marab, Marabout

7. Marabout translation in French - English Reverso dictionary, see also 'marmot',marâtre',maraude',marathon', examples, definition, conjugation

Marabout, Marmot, Mar, Maraude, Marathon

8. / ˈmær.ə.buːt / a Muslim religious leader or teacher, especially in North Africa: Senegalese children have been learning from Marabouts in Quranic schools since the 11th century

Muslim, Marabouts

9. English traders relied on an African Marabout


10. Marabout: A member of a Moorish priestly order or race of northern Africa, successors of the Morabits or Almoravides, a Mohammedan sect or tribe who ruled Morocco and part of Spain in the elcventh and twelfth centuries.

Marabout, Member, Moorish, Morabits, Mohammedan, Morocco

11. On his website, Marabout describes his work as “strip art”, in which he “strips distant artistic universes to merge them together” in a style where “parody [is] omnipresent”

Marabout, Merge

12. Welcome to Le Marabout Hotel, a nice option for travelers like you


13. Nearby landmarks such as Ribat (1.4 mi) and Medina of Sousse (1.4 mi) make Le Marabout Hotel a great place to stay when visiting Sousse.

Mi, Medina, Make, Marabout

14. STRATA Marabout Item: 983-56405-08 Color: 08 JASMINE


15. Definition of Marabout in the dictionary


16. What does Marabout mean? Information and translations of Marabout in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Marabout, Mean, Most

17. Un Marabout (en arabe : مَربوط [ marbūṭ] ou مُرابِط [ murābiṭ ], appliqué, assidu ; en garnison) est un saint homme (il s'agit rarement d'une femme) et un sage musulman facilitant la vulgarisation de l’ islam et faisant l'objet d'un culte populaire.

Marabout, Marb, Mur, Musulman

18. Marabout synonyms, Marabout pronunciation, Marabout translation, English dictionary definition of Marabout


19. [French, from Portuguese marabuto, from Arabic murābiṭ, posted, stationed, Marabout, participle of rābaṭa, to be posted, derived stem of …

Marabuto, Mur, Marabout

20. English Translation of “Marabout” The official Collins French-English Dictionary online


21. Nouveau titre "Marabout" dispo PARTOUT →« Retrouvez Key Largo pour la 1ere fois en concert à Paris le 18/12/19 à La Boule N


22. Objet vénéré comme lié à un Marabout


23. The 54th Regiment of Foot captured Fort Marabout in Egypt in 1801


24. ‘For example, a Marabout (traditional healer) may advise a sick person to write on a prayer board passages from the holy Koran.’ ‘The text centers on the compound of one Marabout whose home is filled both inside and out with devotional imagery and serves as a site for the meetings of talibes (followers).’

Marabout, May, Meetings

25. The talibes have to gather a minimum amount of money, which they must hand over to the Marabout or be punished

Minimum, Money, Must, Marabout

26. Marabou {noun} FR Marabout chevelu {masculine} volume_up

Marabou, Marabout, Masculine

27. Marabout chevelu (also: adjudant) volume_up


28. Adjutant bird {noun} Marabout chevelu


29. Marabout Technology transforms your legacy machine park of analogue sewing units into modern, digital and connected units

Marabout, Machine, Modern

30. Marabout dépouille des univers artistiques éloignés pour les fusionner ensemble (mouvement artistique baptisé Strip Art).

Marabout, Mouvement

31. 38: one of their principal targets was the Marabouts – or holy men and leaders of mystic orders – whom they accused both of corrupting the faith by their espousal of mysticism and of being the

Marabouts, Men, Mystic, Mysticism

32. The spread in sub-saharan Africa of the Marabout's role from the eighth through 13th centuries CE created in some places a mixture of roles with pre-Islamic priests and devines

Marabout, Mixture

33. Thus many fortune tellers and self styled spiritual guides take the name Marabout (something rejected by more othodox Muslims and Sufi brotherhoods alike).

Many, Marabout, More, Muslims

34. Bon Marabout, grand Marabout le plus puisant au monde, le plus puissant des maître Marabout au monde, le roi des Marabout au bénin, Marabout connu en chine, Marabout discret, Marabout honnête et compétent, Marabout maître voyant compétent

Marabout, Monde, Ma

35. The "Marabout" variety tasted darn good -- but I don't recall thinking that it tasted markedly better than some of the other "common" figs that we sampled

Marabout, Markedly

36. Marabout EP by Juniore, released 20 November 2015 1


37. Marabout CHACHA,est reconnu parmi les grands maîtres Marabouts en Afrique.Spécialisé dans le retour d'amour voyance d'amour sérieuse et des rituels de magie rouge,travaux occultes retour rapide et …

Marabout, Ma, Marabouts, Magie

38. Bienvenue sur le site officiel du plus puissant et Grand Maître Marabout Médium Voyant Fandi sérieux,compétent,efficace

Ma, Marabout

39. Marabout sérieux Oroumila: honnête, professionnel, efficace, discret, certifié Descandant d'une grande famille de praticiens vaudou, le Marabout sérieux Oroumila à commencer très tôt dès son jeune age à faire ses preuves dans le domaines du mystiques et des travaux occultes.

Marabout, Mystiques

40. All 130 guestrooms at the Marabout feature private bathrooms, satellite TVs, safety deposit boxes, air conditioning, and some rooms even include either a furnished balcony or terrace


41. Marabouts have large enough followings that their support of a political candidate may influence or determine the outcome of an election

Marabouts, May

42. At this moment, lawmakers could not even dream of writing or passing a law that goes against the will of a powerful Marabout

Moment, Marabout

43. Le meilleur Marabout belgique spécialiste du retour affectif puissant, il vous aide à faire revenir un amour perdu

Meilleur, Marabout

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MARABOUT [ˈmerəˌbo͞o]

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does marabout mean?

    Definition of marabout : a dervish in Muslim Africa believed to have supernatural power Examples of marabout in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web The daaras are powerful institutions and the marabouts can influence the way people vote in elections.

    What does marabou mean?

    Marabou (French: marabout) is a term of Haitian origin denoting multiracial admixture.

    What is a marabout in Islam?

    The marabout is often a scholar of the Qur'an, or religious teacher. Others may be wandering holy men who survive on alms, Sufi Murshids ("Guides"), or leaders of religious communities.

    What does the name Marabous mean?

    The Marabou label dates to the colonial period of Haiti’s history, meaning the offspring of a mulatto and a griffe person. However, Médéric-Louis-Elie Moreau de Saint-Méry, in his three-volume work on the colony, describes Marabous as the product of the union of a black and a quadroon; he says nothing concerning East Indians.

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