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1. A Maquiladora (also known as a twin plant) is a manufacturing operation or factory in Mexico, usually near the U.S.-Mexico border, that operates under a favorable duty- …

Maquiladora, Manufacturing, Mexico

2. A Maquiladora is a low-cost manufacturing operation in Mexico that manufactures goods for export to the United States or Canada

Maquiladora, Manufacturing, Mexico, Manufactures

3. Maquiladora, byname maquila, manufacturing plant that imports and assembles duty-free components for export

Maquiladora, Maquila, Manufacturing

4. A Maquiladora is a Mexican assembly plant that imports materials and equipment on a duty-free and tariff-free basis

Maquiladora, Mexican, Materials

5. Maquiladoras receive raw materials from companies in the U.S

Maquiladoras, Materials

6. After slicing through all of the numerous definitions that cloud this question, the answer is, simply, that a Maquiladora is a Mexican Corporation which operates under a maquila program approved for it by the Mexican Secretariat of Commerce and Industrial Development (SECOFI).

Maquiladora, Mexican, Maquila

7. Maquiladora in Mexico A Maquiladora in Mexico is a factory that operates under preferential tariff programs established and administered by the United States and Mexico

Maquiladora, Mexico

8. Materials, assembly components, and production equipment used in Maquiladoras are allowed to …

Materials, Maquiladoras

9. First, a definition: a Maquiladora is a factory in Mexico that’s owned and run by a foreign company

Maquiladora, Mexico

10. The Maquiladora Program was founded in Mexico in 1965

Maquiladora, Mexico

11. A new Maquiladora can be put practically anywhere in Mexico with the exception of Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara

Maquiladora, Mexico, Monterrey

12. A Maquiladora is a factory run by a foreign company, that is given tax advantages and is typically located near the border between the United States and Mexico

Maquiladora, Mexico

13. Maquiladoras are a result of NAFTA and the IMMEX program.


14. A "Maquiladora" is a foreign-run manufacturing operation that exports goods to other countries

Maquiladora, Manufacturing

15. With beginnings on the border between Mexico and the United States, Maquiladoras offer tax, labor, and other benefits to their foreign-owned companies

Mexico, Maquiladoras

16. Though located throughout Latin America, Mexico is home to the vast majority of Maquiladoras.

Mexico, Majority, Maquiladoras

17. Definition of Maquiladora : a foreign-owned factory in Mexico at which imported parts are assembled by lower-paid workers into products for export Examples of Maquiladora in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web Normally, more than 400,000 people are employed directly and indirectly through Maquiladoras.

Maquiladora, Mexico, More, Maquiladoras

18. See 3 authoritative translations of Maquiladora in English with example sentences and audio pronunciations.


19. A Maquiladora is a manufacturing operation or factory in Mexico, usually near the US-Mexico border, that acquires raw and/or semi-finished materials from a foreign principal and manufactures or assembles a finished product, which will then be exported back to the principal.

Maquiladora, Manufacturing, Mexico, Materials, Manufactures

20. Maquiladoras originated in Mexico in the 1960s along the U.S

Maquiladoras, Mexico

21. In the early to mid-1990s, there were approximately 2,000 Maquiladoras with 500,000 workers.

Mid, Maquiladoras

22. The rapid growth of the Maquiladora industry in Mexico has prompted studies on the effects in the social, economic, and employment areas

Maquiladora, Mexico

23. However, there is a lack of indepth analysis on the full effect of Maquiladoras to the environment along the border between Mexico and the United States, where the quality of life of its inhabitants has been

Maquiladoras, Mexico

24. If your are wondering about what are Maquiladoras? They are foreign-owned manufacturing facilities that are used by companies in order to export high quality goods from Mexico at a lower cost than they might be obtained elsewhere

Maquiladoras, Manufacturing, Mexico, Might

25. Maquiladoras are also known as maquilas

Maquiladoras, Maquilas

26. Una Maquiladora es una empresa que importa productos sin pagar aranceles, cuyo producto se comercializa en el país de origen de la materia prima

Maquiladora, Materia

27. A Maquiladora is an industrial plant that assembles imported components into products for export


28. Maquiladora’s revenue associated with productive activities must be derived solely from its maquila activities

Maquiladora, Must, Maquila

29. It is common for a Maquiladora to obtain revenue from sources other than its maquila activities, such as direct sales of products to Mexican customers, cafeteria …

Maquiladora, Maquila, Mexican

30. Maquiladora Employment In Mexico, the export sector is the leading generator of jobs: more than half of the new jobs created between 1994 and 2000 related to export activity

Maquiladora, Mexico, More

31. Employment in the maquila sector has been steadily growing and Maquiladoras are now responsible for over 15% of Mexico's manufacturing jobs.

Maquila, Maquiladoras, Mexico, Manufacturing

32. [American Spanish, place where the miller's fee is paid, Maquiladora, from Spanish maquila, portion received by the miller in return for milling one's grain, from Old Spanish, from Arabic makīla, measured, measure of capacity, feminine passive participle of kāla, to measure; see kwl in Semitic roots.]

Miller, Maquiladora, Maquila, Milling, Mak, Measured, Measure

33. Maquiladoras (also known as "twin plants") are manufacturing plants in Mexico with the parent company's administration facility in the United States

Maquiladoras, Manufacturing, Mexico

34. Maquiladoras allow companies to capitalize on the less expensive labor force in Mexico and also receive the benefits of doing business in the United States.

Maquiladoras, Mexico

35. The Mexicali Maquiladora manufactures, assembles and packages products under the Paper Mate brand

Mexicali, Maquiladora, Manufactures, Mate

36. [American Spanish, place where the miller's fee is paid, Maquiladora, from Spanish maquila, portion received by the miller in return for milling one's grain, from Old Spanish, from Arabic makīla, measured, measure of capacity, feminine passive participle of kāla, to measure; see kwl in Semitic roots.]

Miller, Maquiladora, Maquila, Milling, Mak, Measured, Measure

37. A Maquiladora, also known as maquila, is a foreign-owned factory located in Mexico, usually near the United States border, that doesn’t have to pay duties on imported materials

Maquiladora, Maquila, Mexico, Materials

38. Combined with preferential tax treatment from the Mexican government, lower labor costs and faster and cheaper transportation to the U.S., Maquiladoras could be a

Mexican, Maquiladoras

39. It was during this period that the Maquiladora industry experienced the steady and substantial growth that has continued to this day


40. The Mexican government, recognizing the importance of the Maquiladora industry in attracting foreign investment, signed a special “Decree” in the mid-1980’s.

Mexican, Maquiladora, Mid

41. Maquiladora Lyrics: Here it comes, here it comes / I can feel the hills exploding / Exploding gracefully, burning up the freeway / Here it comes / Grass is green at the edge of the bubble / Beautiful


42. The permit allows the Maquiladora enterprise to buy items they will export to Mexico without paying sales tax

Maquiladora, Mexico

43. Sellers are not required to confirm an entity's permit status in order to accept an exemption certificate, but the Maquiladora enterprise must give the seller a properly completed Texas Maquiladora Exemption Certificate (PDF) along

Maquiladora, Must

44. Preguntas en los foros con la(s) palabra(s) 'Maquiladora' en …


45. As a full service Maquiladora Management Services Company under the management of The Tecma Group of Companies, Made in Mexico, Inc

Maquiladora, Management, Made, Mexico

46. A Maquiladora in good status and compliance may obtain a certification status from the tax authorities that validates that they are properly operating the maquila program in compliance with the purposes it was designed for

Maquiladora, May, Maquila

47. The certification is on a one-year basis and the Maquiladora may renew certification up to 30 days prior to expiration.

Maquiladora, May

48. Definición de Maquiladora en el Diccionario de español en línea


49. Significado de Maquiladora diccionario


50. Traducir Maquiladora significado Maquiladora traducción de Maquiladora Sinónimos de Maquiladora, antónimos de Maquiladora


51. Información sobre Maquiladora en el Diccionario y Enciclopedia En Línea Gratuito


52. Maquiladora nf nombre femenino: Sustantivo de género exclusivamente femenino, que lleva los artículos la o una en singular, y las o unas en plural


53. The Maquiladora program (now known as IMMEX) is a government program designed to attract foreign business, especially manufacturing, to Mexico.To use the IMMEX program, many companies use shelter providers to operate in Mexico

Maquiladora, Manufacturing, Mexico, Many

54. A Maquiladora (or IMMEX) operation is a Mexican manufacturer that is wholly owned by a foreign parent

Maquiladora, Mexican, Manufacturer

55. The Benefits of Maquiladora Manufacturing

Maquiladora, Manufacturing

56. The history of Mexico’s Maquiladora or IMMEX program goes back to the mid-1900s

Mexico, Maquiladora, Mid

57. Maquiladora definition: a factory in Mexico that makes products cheaply for export to the US:

Maquiladora, Mexico, Makes

58. Help and Support for Maquiladora Workers


59. La Casa de la Mujer - Grupo Factor X is an organization that is dedicated to providing information to all Maquiladora workers, but what makes this group special is that they cater to women, who incidentally make up 60% of the Maquiladora work force (MLNA, 1999).

Mujer, Maquiladora, Makes, Make, Mlna

60. マキラドーラ(Maquiladora de Exportación)は1965年に制定された、製品を輸出する場合、当該製品を製造する際に用いた原材料・部品、機械などを無関税で輸入できる保税加工制度。 一般にメキシコの制度を指す場合が多いが、他の中南米諸国でもパラグアイ、ドミニカ共和国、エルサルバドルなど


61. And Maquiladora workers are often unknowingly members of "white unions"--company unions run by Mexico's ruling Party of Institutional Revolution in collusion with the bosses.

Maquiladora, Members, Mexico

62. El Paso is a key Maquiladora distribution center location due to the extensive and deep commercial linkages that it shares with its cross border economic partner, Juarez


63. Synonyms for Maquiladoras in Free Thesaurus


64. 9 words related to Maquiladora: assembly plant, U.S.A., United States, United States of America, US, USA, America, the States, U.S.


65. What are synonyms for Maquiladoras?


66. Of Women Working in the Maquiladora Industry: 472,423 "In the early days women made up as much as 80% of the assembly plant workforce, today they number close to 60%

Maquiladora, Made, Much

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MAQUILADORA [məˌkēləˈdôrə]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name maquiladora mean?

A maquiladora or maquila is the Mexican name for manufacturing operations in a free trade zone, where factories import material and equipment on a duty-free and tariff-free basis for assembly, processing, or manufacturing and then export the assembled, processed and/or manufactured products, sometimes back to the raw materials' country of origin.

Are maquiladoras good or bad?

Maquiladoras in the end are good for business. They allow Mexico’s economy to increase and improve the overall quality of life for those working in them. Yes, they improve the United States economy as well. Although they can decrease job growth, they increase more than decrease.

What does a maquiladora do?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. A maquiladora ([makilaˈðoɾa]), or maquila (IPA: [maˈkila]), is a company that allows factories to be largely duty free and tariff-free. These factories take raw materials and assemble, manufacture, or process them and export the finished product.

What are maquiladoras and where are they located?

Maquiladoras are mostly found in the Mexican border states of Baja California and Chihuahua. To be precise, the 6 border states of Mexico that make up the maquiladora border are: Baja California, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, Sonora, and Tamaulipas.

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