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1. Manumitter definition is - one that manumits

Manumitter, Manumits

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Manumitter, Most

4. [Middle English manumitten, from Old French Manumitter, from Latin manūmittere : manū, ablative of manus, hand; see man- in Indo-European roots + mittere, to send from.] man′u·mis′sion (-mĭsh′ən) n

Middle, Manumitten, Manumitter, Man, Mittere, Manus, Mis

5. Manumitter: 1 n someone who frees others from bondage Synonyms: emancipator Type of: liberator someone who releases people from captivity or bondage


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7. 1 synonym for Manumitter: emancipator


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10. My Alien Manumitter is a science fiction romance story

My, Manumitter

11. It is about Libby being kidnapped from Earth and put on an intergalactic zoo and freed by Reid, a Manumitter


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14. Taken at face value, manumission deeds show that masters granted freedom to individuals for cash payment; “loyal,” valorous, or “good service” shown by a slave; religious and ideological reasons; or the “love and affection” proclaimed by the Manumitter

Manumission, Masters, Manumitter

15. An asserted pout of givenness, irreparably the unloaded Manumitter beshrew tricksy, a


16. The notes contain the page number on which the document begins in the deed or will book; the date of the document and of its recording; the name of the Manumitter, the names of those freed, and their ages, if given


17. He was a freedman, and his Manumitter has been identified with Verrius Flaccus, an authority on pontifical law; but for chronological reasons the name of Veranius Flaccus, a writer on augury, has been suggested (Teuffel-Schwabe, Hist


18. Whatever was given above this the Church will revoke after the death of the Manumitter


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