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1. 1. Manorial - of or relating to or based on the manor; "Manorial accounts" Based on WordNet 3.0, Farlex clipart collection

Manorial, Manor

2. The Manorial system was the most convenient device for organizing the estates of the aristocracy and the clergy in the Middle Ages in Europe, and it made feudalism possible.

Manorial, Most, Middle, Made

3. In Anglo-Saxon Britain, Manorialism was a rural economic system that allowed landowners to become powerful, both politically and socially


4. The system of Manorialism can trace its roots back to the period in which England was occupied by Rome.


5. Manorial Titles conforms with the “Honours Prevention and Abuses Act 1925”


6. Only Manorial/Feudal Titles from England may be purchased legally, Peerage Titles (granted by the Queen) are not legal to sell

Manorial, May

7. Lordship of the Manor Lordships of the Manor are called ‘Manorial’ due to their rights of manor.

Manor, Manorial

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9. Manorial Services Ltd Registered office: 426/428 Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH8 9AA


10. Manorial system synonyms, Manorial system pronunciation, Manorial system translation, English dictionary definition of Manorial system


11. Manorialism describes how land was distributed and who profited from the land


12. Manorialism or seignorialism was an organising principle of rural economies which vested legal and economic power in a lord of the manor

Manorialism, Manor

13. If the core of feudalism is defined as a set of legal and military relationships among nobles, Manorialism extended this system to the legal and economic relationships between nobles and peasants.

Military, Manorialism

14. ‘Many features of Manorial jurisdiction as practised in 1280 cannot have gone back more than a hundred years, because they so plainly echoed recent developments in superior courts.’ ‘It also gives the Manorial net income (referred to as the ‘annual value’) and tax assessment.’

Many, Manorial, More

15. : a system of economic, social, and political organization based on the medieval manor (see manor sense 2a) in which a lord enjoyed a variety of rights over land and tenants The combined impact of a money economy and the colonization movement allowed the peasants to escape from the servile dues and services of the old Manorialism.

Medieval, Manor, Money, Movement, Manorialism

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17. We offer you the chance to become a Lord or Lady, Baron or Baronesses, Sir or Dame, Count or Countess or our highest Manorial title, a Duke or Duchess.


18. Feudalism and Manorialism are two systems of thought that showed some difference between them in terms of the concept and understanding. Manorial system concentrated on the organization of agricultural and craft production

Manorialism, Manorial

19. The Manorial administration placed few restrictions on the land-exchange activities of tenants, allowing them to split landholdings, hold land jointly, be non-resident and, under certain circumstances, transfer land outside of the Manorial court.


20. What does Manorial mean? Of or pertaining to a manor or to Manorialism

Manorial, Mean, Manor, Manorialism

21. Noun the Manorial organization, or its principles and practices in the Middle Ages.

Manorial, Middle

22. Definition of Manorial adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


23. The villeins of the Manorial estates, of the great farms, the mines, and the forests

Manorial, Mines

24. Liz Hart, from the National Advisory Service, provides an introduction to the various types of Manorial records and offers a practical guide to using the Manorial Documents Register


25. Definition of Manorial in the dictionary


26. What does Manorial mean? Information and translations of Manorial in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Manorial, Mean, Most

27. Dictionary entry overview: What does Manorial mean? • Manorial (adjective) The adjective Manorial has 1 sense:

Manorial, Mean

28. Of or relating to or based on the manor Familiarity information: Manorial used as an adjective is very rare.

Manor, Manorial

29. By the early fourteenth century the lord's demesne was worked by a combination of labour services, wage labour and the Manorial famuli


30. The Manorial courts were the lowest courts of law in England during the feudal period


31. The Manorial documents were placed under the protection of the Master of the Rolls in 1924 who issued the first Manorial Documents Rules in 1926

Manorial, Master

32. At the same time he ordered a register to be kept recording the individual nature, ownership and location of the documents, this was the original Manorial


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34. Manorial Guild, Newport Gwent South Wales


35. Register your Lordship or Barony Title with “The Manorial Register” of “The Manorial Guild ®” Our members are Feudal

Manorial, Members

36. Definition of Manorial adjective in Oxford Advanced American Dictionary


37. ‘The system of Manorial production’ for the first time, demonstrates how Anglo‐Norman society operated as an economic system


38. This involves setting up a model of Manorial production and testing it by estimating a range of sophisticated production functions

Model, Manorial

39. The records of Manorial courts have been used increasingly as the principal source for the reconstruction of rural and small town society in Medieval England

Manorial, Medieval

40. Call them warlords or the Manorial elite, our massive transnational tech companies will protect us only when they believe it is in their interest to do so

Manorial, Massive

41. The hall served as the meeting place for village business and it was where the Manorial court was held.

Meeting, Manorial

42. Manorial court, in feudal law, court through which a lord exercised jurisdiction over his tenants


43. The Manorial court was presided over by the steward or seneschal, and it was there that various officials—such as the reeve, who acted as general overseer, …


44. Manorial RECORDS - terminology & concepts by J


45. Mosman, OPC For transcriptions of some Manorial rental records and surveys - Treverbyn-Courteney (Treverbin Courtney),1591 1660 Parliamentary Survey - Treverbyn-Courteney Austell Manor (Austell Prior) Tregorrick Manor - 1602 Tewington-1710 Rents Tewington Rents, 1796-1815 Tewington - 1564 through 1788, copy hold record

Mosman, Manorial, Manor

46. Manorial Titles conforms with the “Honours Prevention and Abuses Act 1925”


47. Only Manorial/Feudal Titles from England may be purchased legally, Peerage Titles (granted by the Queen) are not legal to sell

Manorial, May

48. Lordships of the Manor are called ‘Manorial’ due to their rights of manor.

Manor, Manorial

49. The Manorial Documents Register (MDR) lists extant Manorial records and their location

Manorial, Mdr

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MANORIAL [məˈnôrēəl]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a manor system?

The manor system was a way that feudal lords organized their lands in order to produce agricultural goods.

What is a manor system in medieval times?

In medieval times, the house that the local lord lived in was called the manor house. The manorial system gets its name from that. The person living in the manor house (the local lord) was tasked with protecting the people in the local village.

What does manorial roll mean?

manorial roll (Noun) The record, kept by a manorial court, of the property held by tenants and the rent paid; physically a continuous roll of parchment documents stitched together. How to pronounce manorial roll?

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