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1. While living as an expatriate in Malaysia, Amanda started her YouTube channel “AMandamuse” to document her journey into motherhood with her two

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MANDAMUSE [manˈdāməs]


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word mandamus mean?

In Latin, the term mandamus means 'we order.' A writ of mandamus is the command or order issued by a superior court to an inferior court or a governmental body to perform an official duty, or to correct an abuse of discretion. According to Black's law dictionary, mandamus is defined as,...

What are the three types of mandamus?

Types of Writs of Mandamus

  • Alternative Mandamus. An alternative mandamus is issued as the first step in the writ of mandamus process. ...
  • Peremptory Mandamus. A peremptory mandamus is issued when the defendant fails to prove sufficient reason for not performing the act in question to comply with the alternative mandamus.
  • Continuing Mandamus. ...

What does the name mandamus mean?

The literal meaning of the word mandamus is command. This prerogative remedy of mandamus is used for enforcing the performance of public duties by public authorities of all kinds. Writ of mandamus demands some activity on part of the person or body to whom it is addressed.

What does mandamus mean legally?

Legal Definition of mandamus. : an extraordinary writ issued by a court of competent jurisdiction to an inferior tribunal, a public official, an administrative agency, a corporation, or any person compelling the performance of an act usually only when there is a duty under the law to perform the act, the plaintiff has a clear right...

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