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1. Synonyms & Antonyms of Malfunctioning


2. A Malfunctioning computer cost us days of work


3. Malfunctioning In English, many past and present participles of verbs can be used as adjectives

Malfunctioning, Many

4. A Malfunctioning switch might keep us from turning on a light. A Malfunctioning heart valve might require replacement with an artificial valve, and if your immune system malfunctions it may start to attack healthy cells

Malfunctioning, Might, Mal, May

5. It is a typical example of Malfunctioning, probably as vivid as the language of politics


6. THE CIVILIZATION OF ILLITERACY MIHAI NADIN As a result carbon deposits form that eventually cause Malfunctioning of the spark plugs, valves, and combustion chambers. THE FIRST AIRPLANE DIESEL ENGINE: PACKARD MODEL DR-980 OF 1928 ROBERT B

Mihai, Malfunctioning, Model

7. Malfunctioning of this system is emerging as an important component of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson disease (PD), that feature the buildup of defective proteins and the gradual death of brain cells. A better model for PD

Malfunctioning, Model

8. Princeton's WordNet (0.00 / 0 votes) Rate this definition: Malfunctioning, nonfunctional (adj) not performing or able to perform its regular function. "a Malfunctioning valve".


9. Malfunctioning Clawguard is a level 50 - 60 Rare NPC that can be found in Bastion


10. Signs and symptoms of a Malfunctioning hypothalamus (hypothalamic dysfunction) usually develop due to various reasons


11. KUWAIT, March 22 (KUNA) - There was an electrical Malfunctioning at the southern Shuaiba power plant causing disruption in the flow of electric power feeding most of the units at the Mina al-Ahmadi refinery, resulting therefore in its shutdown, said an official at Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC), in remarks to KUNA today.

March, Malfunctioning, Most, Mina

12. What does Malfunctioning mean? Present participle of malfunction

Malfunctioning, Mean, Malfunction

13. Laparoscopic management of Malfunctioning peritoneal dialysis catheters It turns out that half the number of patient specimens between QC events is the expected number of specimens that are compromised …

Management, Malfunctioning

14. Malfunctioning: 1 adj not performing or able to perform its regular function “a Malfunctioning valve” Synonyms: nonfunctional amiss , awry , haywire , wrong not functioning properly bad , defective not working properly out of whack out of balance or out of adjustment run-down having the spring unwound Antonyms: functioning performing or able


15. Antonyms for Malfunctioning include functional, functioning, operable, operant, operating, operational, operative, running, working and going


16. Malfunctioning is a crossword puzzle clue


17. Malfunctioning is a crossword puzzle clue that we have spotted 6 times


18. Another way to say Malfunctioning? Synonyms for Malfunctioning (other words and phrases for Malfunctioning).


19. Malfunctioning (plural Malfunctionings) A malfunction

Malfunctioning, Malfunctionings, Malfunction

20. 2011, Raymond Van Dam, Saints and Their Miracles in Late Antique Gaul (page 84) Both strategies reflect a modern clinical emphasis on the Malfunctionings of the psychological and biological processes of the body […]

Miracles, Modern, Malfunctionings

21. Malfunctioning Horn Goes Off Every Minute, On The Minute, In Lightning–Red Wings

Malfunctioning, Minute

22. Malfunctioning Eddie is an unstable Robot who owns Malfunctioning Eddie's Rocket-car Emporium.He has a problem with his head exploding when he gets surprised and he was sent to the Hal Institute for Criminally Insane Robots for this reason


23. The Malfunctioning Clawguard is a phalynx located in a hall under the Greatwing Roost in Bastion


24. We've got 1 rhyming word for Malfunctioning » What rhymes with Malfunctioning? This page is about the various possible words that rhymes or sounds like Malfunctioning.Use it for writing poetry, composing lyrics for your song or coming up with rap verses.


25. Malfunction (third-person singular simple present malfunctions, present participle Malfunctioning, simple past and past participle malfunctioned) to function improperly She told him the machine was poorly built, but they both knew that she was the one who had malfunctioned

Malfunction, Malfunctions, Malfunctioning, Malfunctioned, Machine

26. A Malfunctioning blood-brain barrier can contribute to diseases such as multiple sclerosis, diabetes, and even Alzheimer's disease

Malfunctioning, Multiple

27. Before scientists can understand how such Malfunctioning can


28. The kernel-modules for Endpoint Protection were also manually compiled, but still the status is Malfunctioning: ServerName:~ # /opt/Symantec/symantec_antivirus/sav info -a Malfunctioning

Modules, Manually, Malfunctioning

29. On April 11, after polling in a few districts of Andhra Pradesh was disrupted briefly due to Malfunctioning of EVMs, Naidu had requested the EC for an extension of polling time in the state to compensate for the time lost due to technical glitches.


30. The wonky lights have been Malfunctioning for so long, and so often, a rumour spread in the area that the equipment was, in fact, secondhand when it was installed


31. Pain produced by a Malfunctioning nerve can be extremely severe


32. Overloaded or Malfunctioning septic tanks in karst landscapes may dump raw sewage directly into underground channels.

Malfunctioning, May

33. Researchers identify 'rescue' mechanism that helps cells survive Malfunctioning split

Mechanism, Malfunctioning

34. Due to a Malfunctioning garbage truck spilling trash on the highway, Percy Brown Road in Thibodaux is currently blocked in both directions between North Acadia Road and Holiday Drive, the


35. Players for the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Detroit Red Wings were forced to play through a Malfunctioning horn in the first period of Tuesday's game


36. A Malfunctioning ski lift in the country of Georgia has left at least 11 people injured


37. The Malfunctioning Beastbot is a gorilla located in Bondo's Yard on Mechagon Island

Malfunctioning, Mechagon

38. Dog owners capture their 'Malfunctioning mutts' in hilarious snaps

Malfunctioning, Mutts

39. Nissan recalls 800,000 Sentra sedans for Malfunctioning brake lights


40. (WCJB) -A Malfunctioning air conditioning unit forces two Lake Weir High School classrooms to evacuate


41. Malfunctioning Meter Campus Parking If you park at a university meter and pay the meter with coins or use your CashKey and the meter is Malfunctioning, call the Parking office at 217-333-3530 and provide the meter number, location, and type of payment used.

Malfunctioning, Meter

42. Malfunctioning Eddie is an unlockable character that was available during the Lrrr Strikes Back event.


43. Malfunctioning Eddie owns a car dealership which is based on Crazy Eddie's


44. State Conservation Officers (ECOs) recently answered calls concerning a drug overdose, a Malfunctioning dam sensor that negatively affected waterflow on a …


45. 6 hours ago · Guards feared for their safety due to Malfunctioning locks at St


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does malfunctioning mean?

Definition of malfunction in English: malfunction. verb. [no object] (of a piece of equipment or machinery) fail to function normally. ‘the unit is clearly malfunctioning’. ‘She also has a history of electronic equipment malfunctioning in her presence.’.

What does malfunctional mean?

verb If a machine or part of the body malfunctions, it fails to work properly. Malfunction is also a noun. to function imperfectly or irregularly or fail to function failure to function or defective functioning to fail to function as it should the act or an instance of malfunctioning

What does the name malfunction mean?

Definition of malfunction (Entry 2 of 2) : a failure to operate or function in the normal or correct manner : the action or an instance of malfunctioning a hardware/equipment malfunction Once thought to be a disease itself dropsy is now known to be a sign of several kinds of body malfunction, especially congestive heart failure and kidney disease.

What is another word for malfunctions?

Synonyms for (verb) malfunction. Synonyms: malfunction, misfunction. Definition: fail to function or function improperly. Usage: the coffee maker malfunctioned. Similar words: break, break down, die, conk out, go, go bad, give out, give way, fail.

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