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1. Mainsprings personifies the hope and joy seen in the eyes of East African children and families who are mastering the life skills necessary to break the cycle of poverty and create a sustainable future for themselves and their community.

Mainsprings, Mastering

2. Mainsprings Energize a mechanical watch with the proper mainspring, available from Cas-Ker Co

Mainsprings, Mechanical, Mainspring

3. You'll find an extensive selection of Mainsprings for pocket watches and wrist watches at Cas-Ker


4. Additional Mainsprings may be in stock in our warehouse, not listed on our website at this time - call us if you don't see what you need here.

Mainsprings, May

5. There are basically two types of clock Mainsprings. They are hole end and loop end


6. Brownells is your source for Mainsprings,Mainspring Parts at Brownells parts and accessories

Mainsprings, Mainspring

7. There is a special tool required to change clock Mainsprings, called a mainspring let down key set.

Mainsprings, Mainspring

8. We offer recoil springs, hammer springs (Mainsprings), magazine springs, firing pin springs, striker springs, trigger springs as well as many other firearm springs

Mainsprings, Magazine, Many

9. Welcome to the House of OX, the home of the Worlds No.1 replacement air rifle spring 'OX Mainsprings' and other high quality Field Sports products.


10. Mainsprings for every type of clock, arbors, and barrels


11. Mainsprings, their function and how they are made

Mainsprings, Made

12. Mainsprings Horolovar Mainsprings are made of the finest grade steel, tempered evenly throughout the entire length

Mainsprings, Made

13. To Purchase Mainsprings through us you'll need the following information: the width in mm, the thickness in mm, and the approximate length in inches of the existing spring

Mainsprings, Mm

14. It is easy to tell what style a mainspring is, some Mainsprings have a cover around them, and these covers are called barrels.

Mainspring, Mainsprings

15. Automatic Watch Mainsprings Special T End Mainsprings For Longines Omega Watch Mainsprings American Watch and Pocket Watch Mainsprings Mainsprings for American manufactures: Elgin, Hamilton, Hampden, Howard, Illinois, New York Standard, Rockford, Seth Thomas, South Bend and Waltham

Mainsprings, Manufactures

16. Generic Mainsprings to fit Rolex® Patek Philippe Mainsprings


17. Mainsprings Illustrated Order pocket watch Mainsprings on this site by clicking on the brand links below (Elgin Mainsprings, Hamilton Mainsprings, etc.) To order other Mainsprings


18. Mainsprings synonyms, Mainsprings pronunciation, Mainsprings translation, English dictionary definition of Mainsprings


19. As Mainsprings are indispensable for portable mechanical timekeepers, this raises the question: when was the first watch made? Like the origin of the mainspring, this is …

Mainsprings, Mechanical, Made, Mainspring

20. Hole End Clock Mainsprings (19 mm to 35 mm height)

Mainsprings, Mm

21. Coiled springs (Mainsprings) are coiled steel ribbons that have been used as a power source for centuries


22. A major disadvantage of Mainsprings is that …

Major, Mainsprings

23. Mainsprings Sort by: Featured Items Newest Items Bestselling Alphabetical: A to Z Alphabetical: Z to A Avg


24. In an article on modern Mainsprings, Gisbert Brunner notes: "By weight, Nivaflex consists of 45 percent cobalt, 21 percent nickel, 18 percent chrome, five percent iron, four percent tungsten, four percent molybdenum, one percent titanium and 0.2 percent beryllium; carbon accounts for less than 0.1 percent of this alloy’s weight.

Modern, Mainsprings, Molybdenum

25. By the late eighteenth century the technology for the manufacture of durable watch and clock Mainsprings

Manufacture, Mainsprings

26. Watch Mainsprings COILS Watch SPRINGS Watch Parts Pocketwatch Steampunk Supplies Mixed Media Parts Vintage Upcycle Jewelry Parts 15pcs DrivingMissMoppet

Mainsprings, Mixed, Media

27. Modern white alloy “unbreakable” Mainsprings rarely need replacing, but watches that I work on from the early twentieth century have carbon steel Mainsprings which need to be replaced because they are tired and “set”, and are also very prone to breaking, which releases a lot of energy that can break pivots and jewels.

Modern, Mainsprings

28. Our database holds over 2000 different Mainsprings, which includes all available GR Mainsprings; Use the manufacturers part search (at the bottom of web page) if you already know the GR reference you require (e.g

Mainsprings, Manufacturers

29. GR4006X) GR state that all GR Mainsprings are supplied ready to use as …


30. The Mainsprings are pitiful, thin, flimsy things


31. Does anyone know where I can get some stronger Mainsprings? I think they're the same ones used in the SAA clones


32. Mainsprings for American Clocks I am interested in finding a way to measure the force exerted by Mainsprings, but have been unable to find one accurate enough to yield useful results

Mainsprings, Measure

33. Titan Mainsprings for spring piston airguns


34. Mainsprings: The Janada L. Batchelor Foundation for Children, Tulsa, Oklahoma


35. Mainsprings is a nonprofit organization committed to alleviating extreme poverty in


36. Browse our selection of Mainsprings Watch Case Parts at Jules Borel & Co


37. Synonyms for Mainsprings include incentives, motivations, impetuses, motives, bases, impulses, inspiration, instigations, origins and purpose

Mainsprings, Motivations, Motives

38. WALTHAM 22 SIZE 8 DAY 2245 & 2275 Mainsprings (7) FOR WALTHAM 8 DAY CLOCKS


39. Staccato offers all the tools and accessories you need for your 2011® handgun, including Mainsprings


40. The follow information on Mainsprings was collected from the Elgin material catalogs from the years 1896, 1904, 1915, 1950, and 1958

Mainsprings, Material

41. Elgin made many different Mainsprings over the years, with some part numbers replacing others as time went on.

Made, Many, Mainsprings

42. For over 30 years Titan Mainsprings have been supplied worldwide to airgun enthusiasts, professional airgun customisers and the Gun Trade and have established themselves as the top quality mainspring against which all other Mainsprings are compared

Mainsprings, Mainspring

43. But it isn’t just shafts and pinions: special alloy steels are used for Mainsprings and hairsprings, where in many cases the exact alloy is a closely guarded secret

Mainsprings, Many

44. Category: American Clock Mainsprings Dealing with the so called “standard” mainspring of 3/4″ by .018″ by 96″ July 27, 2020 July 27, 2020 Bill Stoddard

Mainsprings, Mainspring

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does mainspring mean?

    Definition of mainspring. 1 : the chief spring in a mechanism especially of a watch or clock.

    Can a mainspring be disassembled?

    The mainspring contains a lot of energy. Clocks and watches have to be disassembled periodically for maintenance and repair, and if precautions are not taken the spring can release suddenly, causing serious injury.

    What is the mainspring of life?

    That need is the mainspring of life, the key to heaven, and the root of all evil. The words were an echo of those which formed the mainspring of the Admiral's life. For that was really the mainspring of her fantastic actions. You see, the mainspring of her nature must have been vanity.

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