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1. The elephants roam free all day, the Mahouts earn a sustainable income by leading guests into the forest to see them, the community earn additional income from catering for guests throughout their stay, and the project facilitates our research program into the …


2. Mahouts synonyms, Mahouts pronunciation, Mahouts translation, English dictionary definition of Mahouts


3. Mahouts is a technology in Age of Empires II: The Conquerors that is unique to the Persians and can be researched at the Castle once the Imperial Age is reached


4. Every little bit helps us to reach our goals and to support more Mahouts and elephants

More, Mahouts

5. Featuring the adventures of three Mahouts and an elephant


6. Mahout (third-person singular simple present Mahouts, present participle mahouting, simple past and past participle mahouted) To drive elephants

Mahout, Mahouts, Mahouting, Mahouted

7. Mahouts used to hold a much more revered and well-paid position in society, due to the degree of expertise, experience and physical strength it takes to work so closely with such large, intelligent, sensitive, and potentially dangerous, animals.

Mahouts, Much, More

8. The Mahouts were taken through a training program which drew on the expertise of modern disciplines like veterinary sciences and traditional strengths like indigenous mahoutery and skills

Mahouts, Modern, Mahoutery

9. The Mahouts: royal warriors of the elephant corps The Mahouts of Thailand are men who excel at the capture and training of wild elephants

Mahouts, Men

10. ‘Displaying their talents, these giants will perform shows such trunk painting and a mock elephant battle ridden by Mahouts.

Mock, Mahouts

11. The Mahouts face many dangers while they are on patrol and collecting fresh-cut jungle grass to feed their elephants, from poisonous snakes, hungry tigers, aggressive rhinos and renegade wild bull elephants to rifle-wielding poachers.

Mahouts, Many

12. The sanctuary in Kuala Gandah, central Malaysia, is an area of secluded rainforest where ' Mahouts ' a as the keepers are known a care for a 26-strong group of endangered Asian elephants

Malaysia, Mahouts

13. Mahouts have requested assistance to find new ways to earn a living with their elephants


14. Therefore, we have set up a formal plan to interview older Mahouts, shamans and elephant owners.


15. To teach Mahouts more humane methods of training and handling elephants

Mahouts, More, Methods

16. To establish permanent self-sustaining satellite training centers to provide PRTT to Mahouts, staffed by graduates of EAI’s training program


17. With Mahouts facing various hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic last year, many of them seemed elated over the start of the rejuvenation camp, hoping it would mark a return to normalcy.Senthilku

Mahouts, Many, Mark

18. The most common tools used by Mahouts are chains and the aṅkuśa (goad, also ankus or anlius) – a sharp metal hook used as guide in the training and handling of the elephant.

Most, Mahouts, Metal

19. In India, especially Kerala, Mahouts use three types of device to control elephants.The thotti (hook), which is 3.5 feet in length and about 1 inch thick; the valiya kol (long pole), which is 10.5 feet in length and


20. But elephants have killed Mahouts over the last few years at camps where it is not in use, and experts say that many elephant-handlers feel the tool, though fearsome looking to Western tourists

Mahouts, Many

21. Two Mahouts kept hitting the legs of the 19-year-old female elephant Jayamalyatha of Andal Temple, Srivilliputhur, with sticks for about 20 seconds while it was heard trumpeting in pain.


22. The two accused Mahouts- Vinil Kumar and assistant Sivaprasad were booked under relevant sections of the Wildlife Protection Act after the video went viral


23. Besides Mahouts, the second important audience for this book is camp managers

Mahouts, Managers

24. Given their control over food, budgets, work assignments, etc., camp managers often have more influence over elephants' health than do the Mahouts themselves.

Managers, More, Mahouts

25. Mahouts, Aberdare, Rhondda Cynon Taff


26. Not only the jumbos, the administration has also placed the Mahouts and their kavadis (helpers) under quarantine


27. All 19 Mahouts and their helpers as well as the elephants have been put on a special immunity-boosting diet …


28. Mahouts, kavadis of Dasara jumbos to be tested for Covid-19 Former minister holds day-long hunger strike in Shivamogga Experience the stunning view of the city skyline & enjoy the delicious

Mahouts, Minister

29. Elephant Brutally Beaten By Temple Mahouts In Tamil Nadu; Video Triggers Outrage, Arrests The animal was brought to Thekkampatti for the 13th annual rejuvenation camp for 23 temples that involves three elephants, where she was tied to a tree, beaten


30. The Mahouts were of Indian origin, and so were the archers


31. Elephants are shown as highly sympathetic creatures in relations with their Mahouts


32. Krabi-krabong was often practiced by the palace Mahouts or elephant trainers.


33. Coimbatore: Two Mahouts were caught on camera while they were beating an elephant in rejuvenation camp in Thekkampatti.The video was recorded by a visitor in which elephant's cries could be heard as the two men thrashed the 19-year old elephant's legs mercilessly.

Mahouts, Men, Mercilessly

34. The Mahouts Foundation confirmed that their herd was quite close to the village at the time, so the hike involved to find their elephants would be manageable for our young kids

Mahouts, Manageable

35. About the Mahouts Elephant Foundation


36. The Mahouts Foundation helped most of their elephants leave a working camp, where they were kept in sub-optimal conditions.

Mahouts, Most

37. Elephants and Mahouts benefit greatly from training and being giving an opportunity to share information


38. Mamatha (pictured above on the left), saw an opportunity to improve the lives of the elephants and Mahouts and organized mahout workshops on September 5th-7th at the Dubare, Balle, and Rampura elephant camps.

Mamatha, Mahouts, Mahout

39. Are Mahouts to blame for elephant cruelty? Not necessarily


40. Mahouts are underpaid, devalued, and lack education for caring for elephants.


41. Gogoi added, “Hobibur and Ashok were working as Mahouts in Kaziranga


42. Elephants and their handlers, the Mahouts, can still be seen wandering the streets of Kerala


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