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Synonyms: 1. Plutarch
1. Governor, comprising a magistrateor a . Gazetted. Police Officer of a higher rank than the officer to be disciplined, shall hear and determine the charge for his own personal use and benefit the part or share so awarded to him. (Amended by Act s 1 of 1967 and 11 of 2011) Investment of Reward Fund . 43. 3. Of request for use at such proceedings. 2.
2. A number of states use the surety line of authority (LOA) to regulate only the bonds that are insurance-based. rebate, give or promise anything of value to a jailer, peace officer, magistrateor any other person who, has power to arrest or hold a person in custody, or to any public official or public employee for the purpose of securing a
3. NRS 260.060 magistrateor district court may appoint and compensate other defense counsel. For cause, the magistrate or district court may, on itsown motion or upon motion of the public defender or the indigent person, appointand compensate out of county funds an attorney other than, or in addition to,the public defender to represent such
4. The affidavit made before the magistrateor district or county attorney is called a "complaint" if it charges the commission of an offense. Art. 15.05. REQUISITES OF COMPLAINT. The complaint shall be sufficient, without regard to form, if it have these substantial requisites: 1. It must state the name of the accused, if known, and if not known
5. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. magistrateor other person acting judicially shall be liable to be sued in anycivil court for the execution of any warrant or order which hewould be bound to execute if within the jurisdiction of the personissuing the same. (3) No sheriff
6. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. is required to giveinformation to the nearest magistrateor Police Officer of such commissionor intention in terms of Section 39 ofthe Criminal Procedure Code.5.3 Section 18 - If a Police Officerhas reason to suspect the commissionof an
7. Of request for use at such proceedings. (2) A judge in chambers or a magistrate may on application made to him or her issue a letter of request in which assistance from a foreign State is sought to obtain such information as is stated in the letter of request for use The magistrateor. I Iother personto whom the. I Icommission is issued
8. Bibulus and the augurs. But in contionemproducere63is a thing very different from ad collegiumreferre. A magistrateor a tribune of the plebs convenes a public meeting, the contio;he may either himself address the crowdor allow others to speak. He also may summon any individuals and demand answers to the questions put to them.

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