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1. Magistrate definition is - an official entrusted with administration of the laws: such as


2. How to use Magistrate in a sentence.


3. The Bexar County Central Magistrate Search allows users to search for individuals who have been arrested for an offense of Class B or higher, and were processed by the Central Magistrate Office within the last 24 hours


4. The Central Magistrate Office processes all arrests made within Bexar County that are a class B or higher

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5. The mission of the Magistrate Court is to provide the citizens of Richland County with a fair and impartial Summary Court

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6. The fourteen full time and three part-time Magistrates perform the following: Issue criminal arrest and search warrants Conduct bail bond hearings four times daily to determine how a defendant should be released from detention


7. Magistrate Court Magistrate Court has one central location located in downtown Spartanburg and 9 District Magistrate offices located throughout Spartanburg County. Magistrate Court also has a Bond Court office located in the Spartanburg County Detention Center.


8. Magistrate Any individual who has the power of a public civil officer or inferior judicial officer, such as a Justice of the Peace


9. The various state judicial systems provide for judicial officers who are often called Magistrates, justices of the peace, or police justices.


10. The mission of the Magistrate Court of Whitfield County is to provide equal justice to all persons regardless of age, race, national origin, or religious beliefs.

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11. About the Magistrate The Magistrate is a judicial officer of the North Carolina General Court of Justice - District Court Division who handles certain criminal and civil matters

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12. In criminal cases, a Magistrate issues warrants and sets bail.


13. Home > Magistrate Courts > Court Listing


14. Definition of Magistrate in the dictionary


15. What does Magistrate mean? Information and translations of Magistrate in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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16. 7 synonyms of Magistrate from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 8 related words, definitions, and antonyms

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17. Find another word for Magistrate


18. / ˈmædʒ.ə.streɪt / / ˈmædʒ.ə.strɪt / (US also Magistrate judge) C1 a person who acts as a judge in a law court that deals with crimes that are less serious: He will appear before the Magistrates tomorrow.

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19. A Magistrate is a civil servant who manages the law in a particular area, i.e

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20. The word 'Magistrate' is derived from the old French word 'Magistrat', which means "Civil officers

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21. There are 158 Magistrates in West Virginia


22. There are at least two Magistrates in every county, and ten in the largest county, Kanawha


23. A county-by-county map of West Virginia’s fifty-five counties with Magistrate information can be found here.

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24. Magistrate Court is a constitutional court vested with civil and criminal jurisdiction, including issuance of arrest warrants and search warrants, First Appearance (and bond) Hearings, Commitment (probable cause) Hearings, trial of certain state misdemeanors, trial of county ordinance violations, trial of dispossessory actions, trial of civil claims under $15,000, garnishments

Magistrate, Misdemeanors

25. Magistrate judges have jurisdiction to hear infractions, misdemeanors, felony preliminary hearings, probates, guardianships, conservatorships, divorces, adoptions, termination of parental rights cases, habeas corpus cases, juvenile cases, and civil cases in which the amount of money in dispute does not exceed $10,000.

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26. Generally, a hearing before a Magistrate is conducted in the same fashion as a hearing before a Judge


27. Each Magistrate may (1) issue subpoenas; (2) rule on the admissibility of evidence; and (3) place witnesses under oath and examine them

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28. Magistrates conduct hearings necessary to decide referred matters

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29. Magistrates’ decisions are filed with


30. A Magistrate may provide general legal information, but may not provide legal advice

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31. What does Magistrate mean? A minor official with limited judicial powers, as a justice of the peace or judge of a police court

Magistrate, Mean, Minor

32.Magistrate” is a difficult position to define, because it takes on different meanings in different locations

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33. The position of Magistrate exists primarily in the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, and other countries whose legal system derives from English law back to the 12th or 13th century.


34. The Magistrate, also known as Jonah, is a Gibborim who, along with his family, was exiled from his homeworld.He is also the biological father of Karolina Dean and the former lover of Leslie Dean.Since his spaceship crashed on Earth, Jonah has possessed human bodies during centuries and influenced the creation of the Church of Gibborim.He assembled the members of PRIDE, granting them resources

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35. A Magistrate is an independent judicial officer, recognized by the North Carolina Constitution as an officer of the district court


36. Magistrates take the same oath as judges and are subject to the Code of Judicial Conduct


37. Magistrate: Magistrate is a civil officer that has power to administer and enforce the law


38. The word ‘Magistrate’ has been derived from the Old.French word


39. Magistrate Services About In many instances, a citizen's first contact with Virginia’s Judicial System is with a Magistrate

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40. A principal function of a Magistrate is to provide an independent, unbiased review of complaints of criminal conduct brought by law enforcement or the general public.


41. Magistrate’s civil jurisdiction is limited to amounts of $7,500.00 or less and may include such matters as, disputes over money owed, defaulted credit payments, breach of contracts, abandoned property sales, and landlord-tenant matters

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42. 30 Magistrate jobs available on


43. Apply to Magistrate, Court Clerk, Administrative Assistant and more!

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44. The Presiding Justice of the Rhode Island Superior Court seeks candidates to fill the positions of General Magistrate and Magistrate of the Rhode Island Superior Court pursuant to Rhode Island General Laws 8-2-39 and 8-2-11.1 respectively.


45. A Chesapeake Magistrate may exercise his or her authority anywhere within Region 8

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46. The Chesapeake Magistrate Office is open twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, and is located at the Chesapeake Correctional Center


47. The Magistrate Court has jurisdiction to hear landlord-tenant disputes which includes dispossessory proceedings


48. ‘The Magistrate will listen to what the parties say and issue a written decision resolving the dispute.’ ‘Not all the versions they hear may be the same so the Magistrates have to decide which one is the true story.’

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49. Magistrate Florence County is the hub of business, medical and travel activity in the Pee Dee area of South Carolina

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50. Magistrate derives from the Middle English word magistrat, denoting a "civil officer in charge of administrating laws" (c.1374); from the Old French magistrat; from the Latin magistratus, which derives from magister (master), from the root of magnus (great)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a judge versus magistrate?

Judge is the highest level legal officer in the judicial system, whereas magistrate is accepted as the lower-level position in the judicial system. Both judges and magistrates have to make decisions, although the judges have more power and authority attached to them as compared to the magistrates.

What does it mean to be a magistrate?

A magistrate is someone who has the authority to enforce laws, typically within a limited jurisdiction such as a province or county.

What is magistrate mean?

magistrate - a lay judge or civil authority who administers the law (especially one who conducts a court dealing with minor offenses) judge, jurist, justice - a public official authorized to decide questions brought before a court of justice. justice of the peace - a local magistrate with limited powers.

What can a magistrate do?

Typically, a magistrate has authority in the district in which he or she works, but no jurisdiction beyond this point. Magistrates can send people to jail, assess fines for various crimes, dismiss cases, release people on bail, and perform an assortment of similar legal tasks.

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