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1. Machinists make parts and sometimes their own tools in order to build or create larger things. Machinists are often in a factory or manufacturing setting, but …

Machinists, Make, Manufacturing

2. Home from Machinists Tools and Supplies for all your industrial needs.


3. The Machinists Union led the fight to pass the American Rescue Plan


4. For 130 years, the Machinists Union has fought for workers’ rights and benefits


5. R/Machinists: A Reddit for Machinists of all varieties


6. Precision Machinists Co, Inc is a premiere ISO Certified machining facility creating the highest quality military components, aerospace components, medical device components and the semiconductor components for manufacturers in the USA and Canada.

Machinists, Machining, Military, Medical, Manufacturers

7. Choose from our selection of Machinists' blocks, including locators, supports, and stops, fixture plates, angles, and tables, and more

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8. Machinists who primarily program or operate computer numerically controlled (CNC) equipment are classified in “Computer Numerically Controlled Tool Operators and Programmers” (51-9160)


9. Machinists and tool and die makers set up and operate machine tools to produce precision metal parts, instruments, and tools.

Machinists, Makers, Machine, Metal

10. Established by the International Association of Machinists District 751, the Machinists Institute provides cutting-edge education and training to build a highly-skilled and diverse workforce to help you achieve your career goals and meet employer demand.

Machinists, Meet

11. Machinists also ensure that the workpiece is properly lubricated and cooled, because the machining of metal products generates a significant amount of heat

Machinists, Machining, Metal

12. The temperature of the workpiece is a key concern, because most metals expand when heated; Machinists must adjust the size of their cuts relative to the temperature

Most, Metals, Machinists, Must

13. Machinists earned an estimated average yearly salary of $40,520 in 2011, according to the U.S


14. For example, Machinists in auto-parts manufacturing earned an average of $42,210, while those in …

Machinists, Manufacturing

15. Machinists are most often employed by the Machine shops; turned product; screw, nut & bolt manufacturing industry

Machinists, Most, Machine, Manufacturing

16. The average yearly wage for Machinists was $51,189 in 2016


17. The top 3 most similar occupations to Machinists by wage are Postal service clerks, Avionics technicians, and Sailors & marine oilers, & ship engineers.

Most, Machinists, Marine

18. Calculated Industries 4088 Machinist Calc Pro 2 Advanced Machining Calculator Speeds and Feeds, DOC, LOC and WOC for Materials and Tool settings Machinists, Setters, Tool & …

Machinist, Machining, Materials, Machinists

19. International Association Of Machinists And Aerospace Workers Pension: 2,893: Source: Internal Revenue Service


20. Machinists Union, Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Machinists, Marlboro, Maryland

21. International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers


22. Machinists was a scrapped homeworld in Spyro the Dragon.It is mentioned in the Spyro the Dragon Press Kit but was not present in its original form in the final version of the game

Machinists, Mentioned

23. 7,557 Machinists jobs available on


24. See and discover other items: machinist tool, machinist tools, Machinists tools, measuring square, wood measuring squares, grizzly woodworking tools There's a problem loading this menu right now

Machinist, Machinists, Measuring, Menu

25. Machinists are a group of redpills that appear in the course of gameplay of The Matrix Online

Machinists, Matrix

26. The Machinists uphold the ideals of The Machines

Machinists, Machines

27. 1 History 2 Hovercraft 3 Organization 3.1 Recursion 3.2 Syntax 3.3 Vector The Machinists arose after the Truce was established between Neo and the Machines

Machinists, Machines

28. Machinists and tool and die makers typically are trained on the job

Machinists, Makers

29. Although Machinists typically need just a high school diploma, tool and die makers may need to …

Machinists, Makers, May

30. Some Machinists produce large quantities of a single part, but most p

Machinists, Most

31. Synonyms for Machinists in Free Thesaurus


32. What are synonyms for Machinists?


33. The union, the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, said Thursday that with the appeals court’s ruling in hand it will send a …


34. Machinists train in apprenticeship programs, vocational schools, community and technical colleges, or on the job


35. The median annual wage for Machinists and tool and die makers was $42,110 in May 2015.

Median, Machinists, Makers, May

36. Date Description; April 14th, 2016: On April 14, 2016, in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Raul Mascote, former Secretary-Treasurer of International Association of Machinists Local Lodge 2458 (located in Minooka, Ill.), pled guilty to one count of embezzling union funds in the amount of $63,263, in violation of 29 U.S.C

Mascote, Machinists, Minooka

37. Machinists perform various duties incident to fabrication, repair or modification, and motor transport

Machinists, Modification, Motor

38. The words Drivers and Machinists might have synonymous (similar) meaning

Machinists, Might, Meaning

39. Understand the difference between Drivers and Machinists.


40. Shop for the perfect Machinists gift from our wide selection of designs, or create your own personalized gifts.


41. Cnc Machinists g28 g-code position there's no place like g28-x0-y0-z0 coffee mug gift CyberHutt

Machinists, Mug

42. American Machinists' Handbook Colvin & Stanley 7th Edition 1940 (889) $35.00



Machinists, Machine

44. The Machinists Union is applauding more than 100 members of Congress who are pushing for a quick vote on the PRO Act, a once-in-a-generation opportunity to end anti-union policies that have hurt working people and unions.

Machinists, More, Members

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a mechanic and a machinist?

is that mechanic is a skilled worker capable of building or repairing machinery a mechanic can be compared to a technician, the distinction being that the technician is stronger in theory, the mechanic stronger in hands-on experience while machinist is a constructor of machines and engines; one versed in the principles of machines.

What does the name machinist mean?

Freebase(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: Machinist. A machinist is a person who uses machine tools to make or modify parts, primarily metal parts, a process known as machining.

What does it take to be a machinist?

Often, you will be required to have a high school diploma. Typically, becoming a machinist takes between 1 to 2 years for entry level roles including a minimum of 8 weeks of technical training and over 1,500 hours of on the job training each year.

What is it like being a machinist?

Being a machinist means you are constantly wrenching on vises, tightening down bolts. Being a machinist also means you are lifting parts all day long, now depending where you work the parts could weigh a couple of ounces to 50 pounds or more. Think of all the things you put your body through being a machinist.

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