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1. How to use Lyrical in a sentence.


2. Expressing deep personal emotion or observations: a dancer's Lyrical performance; a Lyrical passage in his autobiography.


3. 4) enthusiastic; effusive (esp in the phrase to wax Lyrical)


4. 13 synonyms of Lyrical from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 20 related words, definitions, and antonyms


5. Lyrical: having a pleasantly flowing quality suggestive of music


6. Synonyms: euphonious, lyric, mellifluent… Antonyms: unLyrical, prosaic, prose… Find the right word.


7. In Lyrical poetry, the Romans can boast of one of the greatest masters of any age or nation


8. BEACON LIGHTS OF HISTORY, VOLUME I JOHN LORD He then proceeds to connect these regions, or different parts of the musical scale, with different branches of Lyrical poetry

Lights, Lord, Lyrical

9. The Crossword Solver found 20 answers to the Lyrical crossword clue


10. Outfit your dance students in beautiful dance costumes for every genre from ballet, tap and jazz, to Lyrical, hip-hop and gymnastics at deeply discounted prices


11. The emphasis of and articulated reason for the competitions is the Lyrical content and vocal artistry of competitors


12. From the Cambridge English Corpus To entertain passers-by, a musician might as well keep the groove going while practising Lyrical


13. The word lyric, and its connection to the words of a song, provides one hint about the adjective Lyrical, which can mean "appropriate for singing." When a movie, book, dance, or work of art gives you the same feeling as the most beautiful music, you can also describe those things as Lyrical.

Lyric, Lyrical

14. Wax Lyrical To speak about something enthusiastically, especially by employing elegant language; to rhapsodize

Lyrical, Language

15. It was a nice feeling when Dana waxed Lyrical about the dinner I made, describing it as "sublimely scrumptious."


16. Adjective Something that is Lyrical is poetic and romantic


17. His paintings became more Lyrical.its remarkable free-flowing and often Lyrical style.


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20. Lyrical (comparative more Lyrical, superlative most Lyrical) Appropriate for or suggestive of singing.


21. Lyrical is the most unique person you'll meet she has such an amazing point of view and is open minded

Lyrical, Ll

22. Lyrical has been through a lot and still lives on happy she's tough and inspiring

Lyrical, Lot, Lives

23. Everyone should know a Lyrical.


24. Lyrical Ballads, with a Few Other Poems is a collection of poems by William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge, first published in 1798 and generally considered to have marked the beginning of the English Romantic movement in literature.

Lyrical, Literature

25. Lyrical LEMONADE - a multi-media company specializing in music videos, live events, exclusive content, merchandise and plenty more

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26. Wax Lyrical To speak about something enthusiastically, especially by employing elegant language; to rhapsodize

Lyrical, Language

27. It was a nice feeling when Dana waxed Lyrical about the dinner I made, describing it as "sublimely scrumptious." If you're going to be a salesman, you're going to have to learn how to wax Lyrical about the most mundane products to make them

Lyrical, Learn

28. Lyrical dance is a dance style that blends elements of ballet and jazz dance


29. Lyrical dance is generally a little more fluid than ballet and also somewhat faster -- although not as rapidly executed as jazz dance

Lyrical, Little

30. Lyrical dance is also somewhat smoother and a bit faster than ballet, but not quite as fast as jazz


31. Kensington is actively looking for submissions for Lyrical Press! We are looking for fresh stories in a variety of categories including all romance genres (specifically suspense and historicals with unique settings), compelling psychological suspense fiction, thrillers, …

Looking, Lyrical

32. Lyrical rappers are less concerned with pop hooks than with inventive rhymes that will capture the attention of hardcore Rap fans

Lyrical, Less

33. Many Lyrical rap songs will sound the same to casual listeners

Lyrical, Listeners

34. ‘The Lyrical art writing of John Ashbery, Bill Berkson, and Peter Schjeldhal has obvious affinities with Pater's.’ ‘Still, this is, in the end, an above average Kreisleriana, especially effective in the more Lyrical


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37. Lyrical worked as an occasional freelance caster for Beyond the Summit at the events such as BTS Americas #4 and The Summit 6, prompting BTS to appoint him to cast throughout the qualifying matches for SL i-League StarSeries S3 alongside Lacoste

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39. Lyrical Opera Theater brings beloved operas to Utah communities using new technology to provide high quality, high class opera in an affordable way


40. Synonyms for Lyrical in Free Thesaurus


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46. Lyrical poetry synonyms, Lyrical poetry pronunciation, Lyrical poetry translation, English dictionary definition of Lyrical poetry


47. Lyrical Opposition is for the misfits


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51. Lyrical dance is a dance style that embodies various aspects of ballet, jazz, acrobatics, and modern dance.According to Jennifer Fisher, Lyrical dance is “strongly associated with clearly displayed emotional moods, fast-moving choreographic strategies, emphasis on virtuosic display, illustration of song lyrics, and, in group form, exact unison.”

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LYRICAL [ˈlirik(ə)l]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of lyrical?

lyrical - suitable for or suggestive of singing. melodic, melodious, musical - containing or constituting or characterized by pleasing melody; "the melodious song of a meadowlark".

What is being "lyrical"?

adjective Also lyr·i·cal. (of poetry) having the form and musical quality of a song, and especially the character of a songlike outpouring of the poet's own thoughts and feelings, as distinguished from epic and dramatic poetry. another word for lyric (def. (of poetry)

What types of poetry can be considered lyrical?

Key Takeways: Lyric Poetry

  • A lyric poem is a private expression of emotion by an individual speaker.
  • Lyric poetry is highly musical and can feature poetic devices like rhyme and meter.
  • Some scholars categorize lyric poetry in three subtypes: Lyric of Vision, Lyric of Thought, and Lyric of Emotion. However, this classification is not widely agreed upon.
  • What is lyrical writing style?

    Lyric writing is a form of creative writing that takes words and adds them to a genre of music, to be spoken or sung with a melody, creating a song.

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