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1. Lynked is an unique experience for connecting relationships in a fun, inviting and exciting atmosphere – one bead at a time


2. SLT Lynked connect you securely with a group of people from home on any device


3. One membershipto every health centre Indulge in access to every health centre Australia wide! Lynked is a universal key to unlock your fitness potential


4. AMP YOUR WORKOUT New to Lynked Member Login

Lynked, Login

5. SAVE UP TO 14¢ OFF PER LITRE Learn More Powered by Lynked Solutions PTY LTD, we are providing innovative solutions to businesses of every size – from SME’s to public companies – our products and services give businesses the edge they need

Litre, Learn, Lynked, Ltd

6. User’s data shall mean the information submitted by the User when setting up a SLT Lynked Account under the Service, including name, email address, business name,telephone number etc (hereinafter reffered to as ‘User Data’)


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be linkedin?

LinkedIn - Computer Definition. A business-oriented social networking site that enables users to connect with colleagues, look for a job or business relationships and get answers to industry questions. LinkedIn users invite people they know and trust to become "linked in" to them, and the business connections of invited users are in turn linked.

What are the advantages of using LinkedIn?

Here are four advantages: Get connected: Like any social site, LinkedIn is about networking, but because it is a site that’s focused on professionals and businesses, your company can network effectively with prospective client organizations. LinkedIn has a decent search feature that can help you find people in your...

Why is LinkedIn important for businesses?

6 reasons why linkedin marketing is important for your business today! 1. LinkedIn is more important than Facebook for B2B companies Based on the 2015 social media marketing industry report,... 2. Amongst business owners, LinkedIn is now one of the most popular social platforms According to the 2015 ...

What is the importance of LinkedIn?

Why LinkedIn is Important: 7 Reasons to Polish Your Profile Today 1. You can tap into its powerful job board What are the benefits of LinkedIn? ... 2. You can build your brand Just like companies build their brands, it's important for you to build your professional brand online. ... 4. It maintains your rolodex of contacts Remember that awesome young professional you met at that conference three years ago? ... 5. ... 6. ... 7. ...