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1. Lusciously adverb (TASTE) in a way that is pleasantly sweet or contains a lot of juice: We had a Lusciously creamy risotto

Lusciously, Lot

2. A large, Lusciously ripe mango made a delicious breakfast.

Large, Lusciously

3. “L for Leisure” is about college, too—in particular, a loosely linked circle of graduate students and young instructors at the fictitious Laguna Beach University, perched Lusciously on the coast

Leisure, Loosely, Linked, Laguna, Lusciously

4. Definition of Lusciously in the dictionary


5. What does Lusciously mean? Information and translations of Lusciously in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


6. About Lusciously Silked Lusciously Silked is a Satin Lined Beanie Brand that provides hair protection for all hair textures

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7. If you're looking for a beanie/cap that are stylish, custom-made, stays on all night, protects your hair from damage and breakage, the Lusciously Silked Satin Beanie is for you

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8. 5,447 Followers, 280 Following, 255 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Lusciously Aina (@Lusciouslyaina)

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9. Lusciously Lacquered was founded in 2020

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10. Sunsilk Lusciously Thick and Long Shampoo, 180ml (Pack of 2) 2.5 out of 5 stars 2

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11. ‘The roasted red and yellow peppers, zucchini, eggplant and asparagus were just so, and the heady porcini mushroom risotto underlying it all was Lusciously creamy.’ ‘I did have a problem getting the cheeses really emulsified, and instead of Lusciously coating my pasta, they clumped up a bit.’


12. Lusciously detailed illustrations of animals such as deer, bees, foxes and turtles are contrasted with small whimsical black and white stick sketches of human children trying out different heat-adaptive strategies


13. What does Lusciously mean? In a luscious manner

Lusciously, Luscious

14. Sunsilk Lusciously Thick and Long Conditioner (180ml) 4.1 out of 5 stars 171

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15. Lusciously is no one's favorite word yet, has no comments yet, and is not a valid Scrabble word.


16. Lusciously Lathered is based out of the heart of Virginia

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17. Lusciously curvy Is an online store for my Queen Sized Ladies ! YOU ARE STRONG , YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL , YOU ARE ENOUGH !! Enter using password

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18. Search Lusciously and thousands of other words in English definition and synonym dictionary from Reverso


19. You can complete the definition of Lusciously given by the English Definition dictionary with other English dictionaries: Wikipedia, Lexilogos, Oxford, Cambridge, Chambers Harrap, Wordreference, Collins Lexibase dictionaries, Merriam Webster

Lusciously, Lexilogos, Lexibase

20. Lusciously Nutty Holiday Logs Lusciously Nutty Holiday Logs

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21. Lusciously is a beautiful handcrafted font created by Creativeqube


22. Sunsilk Lusciously Thick & Long shampoo, for visibly thicker hair that bounces with you! Thick & long hair is every Indian girl’s dream

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23. Sunsilk Lusciously Thick & Long shampoo is Co-created with Teddy Charles, Hair Style Expert

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24. There are 677 Lusciously soft for sale on Etsy, and they cost $22.73 on average


25. The most common Lusciously soft material is silk


26. These highly seductive Lusciously Lemon Bars are the perfect mouth watering treat for the lemon lovers in your life

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27. Lusciously: in a luscious manner; in a manner which appeals to the senses; luxuriously; sensually: Translations: 1 – 1 / 1

Lusciously, Luscious, Luxuriously

28. Spanish Translation of Lusciously” The official Collins English-Spanish Dictionary online


29. The Little Pie, a New Cloud Bakery, Lusciously Launches Love Holy Cow? The popular eatery's team created this new non-brick-and-mortar'd desserterie, which is …

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30. Sunsilk Shampoo Lusciously Thick & Long: It is co-created by Teddy Charles, famous hair Expert

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31. Benefits of Sunsilk Lusciously Thick & Long:

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32. Sunsilk Lusciously Thick & Long Shampoo is now New Outside & Wow Inside

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33. Sunsilk Lusciously Thick & Long is enriched with Keratin Yoghurt and is complemented by a fresh fun fragrance

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34. Dictionary entry overview: What does Lusciously mean? • Lusciously (adverb) The adverb Lusciously has 1 sense:


35. So as to produce a delightful taste Familiarity information: Lusciously used as an adverb is very rare.


36. 7 of 16 16 Lusciously Creamy Soup Recipes


37. You'll enjoy every spoonful! Cooking time: 5 min View recipe >> 8 of 16 16 Lusciously

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38. • Sunsilk Lusciously Thick & Long nourishes hair and makes it look two times thicker^

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39. Explore life to the fullest! Sunsilk Lusciously Thick & Long is enriched with a Keratin Yoghurt Complex which nourishes hair from the roots, so it looks twice as thick, and you can style the way you want.

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40. Who is the hottest alliteratively named actress in Hollywood? Since we're being alliterative, should we say "Lusciously lovely leading lady" instead? After five different polls, we match the "Leading" leading ladies up against each other to determine an overall winner

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41. Dare to be a Lusciously babe Tag us to be featured #Lusciouslyxobabe

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42. A delicate blend of fresh lavender and floral hyssop, our Beloved Lavender & Hyssop Body Cream leaves dry skin Lusciously softer and visibly smoother

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Synonyms: luscious .

luscious (adjective)

  • (of food or wine) having a pleasingly rich, sweet taste.
  • richly verdant or opulent.
Synonyms: delicious . succulent . lush . juicy . mouthwatering . sweet . tasty . flavorful . flavorsome . appetizing . delectable . palatable . toothsome . choice . ambrosial . ambrosian . nectareous . nectarean . unappetizing . attractive . nice-looking . beautiful . pretty . handsome . lovely . stunning . striking . arresting . gorgeous . prepossessing . winning . fetching . captivating . bewitching . beguiling . engaging . charming . charismatic . enchanting . appealing . delightful . irresistible . sexy . sexual . seductive . alluring . tantalizing . ravishing . desirable . sultry . sensuous . sensual . erotic . arousing . lush . nubile . bonny . beauteous . taking . well favored . comely . fair . sightly . pulchritudinous . ugly .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does lusciously mean?

Define lusciously. lusciously synonyms, lusciously pronunciation, lusciously translation, English dictionary definition of lusciously. adj. 1. Sweet and pleasant to taste or smell: a luscious melon. See Synonyms at delicious. 2. Richly appealing to the senses or the mind: a luscious, vivid...

What is the adverb for lusciously?

lusciously adverb (TASTE) in a way that is pleasantly sweet or contains a lot of juice: We had a lusciously creamy risotto. A large, lusciously ripe mango made a delicious breakfast. More examples. The sorbet is lusciously smooth. The meat was lusciously juicy and flavorsome.

What does lusciousness mean?

Richly appealing to the senses or the mind: a luscious, vivid description. 3. Having strong sensual or sexual appeal; attractive. 4. Archaic Excessively sweet; cloying. [Middle English lucius, alteration of licious, perhaps short for delicious, delicious; see delicious .] lus′cious·ness n.

What is the definition of luscious?

Definition of luscious. 1a : having a delicious taste or smell : sweet chocolate cake with a luscious whipped cream topping. b archaic : excessively sweet : cloying.

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