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1. Lumpishly synonyms, Lumpishly pronunciation, Lumpishly translation, English dictionary definition of Lumpishly


2. See lumpish ‘The two young lieutenants nodded Lumpishly and gaped at each other in stunned and flaccid reluctance, each waiting for the other to initiate the procedure of …

Lumpish, Lieutenants, Lumpishly

3. Lumpishly (comparative more Lumpishly, superlative most Lumpishly) In a lumpish manner

Lumpishly, Lumpish

4. ’Tis your sullenness; Would you have brided it so Lumpishly


5. Lumpishly (Adverb) In a lumpish manner

Lumpishly, Lumpish

6. What does Lumpishly mean? In a lumpish manner

Lumpishly, Lumpish

7. Synonyms for Lumpishly include awkwardly, bunglingly, clumsily, heavily, lumberingly, gawkily, lethargically, obtusely, stolidly and cumbersomely

Lumpishly, Lumberingly, Lethargically

8. Lumpish definition in English dictionary, lumpish meaning, synonyms, see also 'lumpfish',Lumpishly',lumpishness',lump'

Lumpish, Lumpfish, Lumpishly, Lumpishness, Lump

9. See authoritative translations of Lumpishly in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.


10. But walruses remain perversely, Lumpishly obscure, known mostly for their sing-song linkage with a carpenter, an eggman and goo goo goo joob

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11. Lumpishly - find the meaning, anagrams and hook words with Lumpishly and much more


12. The word Lumpishly uses 9 letters: h, i, l, l, m, p, s, u, y

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13. Lumpishly is playable in: Words With Friends 22


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15. Easily find the right translation for Lumpishly from Malay to Norwegian submitted and enhanced by our users.


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17. Lumpishly Total Number of words made out of Lumpishly = 151 Lumpishly is an acceptable word in Scrabble with 19 points.Lumpishly is an accepted word in Word with Friends having 22 points


18. Lumpishly is a 9 letter long Word starting with L and ending with Y

Lumpishly, Letter, Long

19. Lumpishly {a} heavily, stupidly, sourly lump To treat as a single unit; to group together lump To take in the gross; to speak of collectively lump To throw into a mass; to unite in a body or sum without distinction of particulars lump A mass or aggregation of things lump {s} inclusive, total (of a sum or amount); having the shape of a lump

Lumpishly, Lump

20. The child may sit Lumpishly around his room, watch TV, play video games, or fool around at the computer while screened off from the world by permanently implanted ear buds.


21. Wiman admits, though, that the word “eternity” sits “a bit Lumpishly there on the page.” Instead, he offers poetry as a “guide” to understanding joy, suggesting that joy is in the action of language’s attempt to capture the ineffable—an attempt that often fails.

Lumpishly, Language

22. The bulk of “The Rise of Skywalker” involves characters in closeup expelling greeting-card-like slogans with vehemence and dour conviction, punctuated by Lumpishly

Like, Lumpishly

23. Lumpfish definition in English dictionary, lumpfish meaning, synonyms, see also 'lumpish',Lumpishly',lumpishness',lump'

Lumpfish, Lumpish, Lumpishly, Lumpishness, Lump

24. Just to break it down—rather badly because I have tried hard not to pay too much attention lest I fall, Lumpishly, into the pit of despair—The Episcopal Church (hereafter TEC) passed a resolution at one of their General Conventions a while ago that you didn’t, as a Bishop, have to perform same-sex ceremonies yourself, or command your

Lest, Lumpishly

25. It is no fun to write Lumpishly, dully, in prose the reader must plod through like wet sand

Lumpishly, Like

26. The earlier version remains Lumpishly on the left; the work’s beginning greets the reader with the wrong hand

Lumpishly, Left

27. He's relatively less agile than Jeezy and doesn't sound nearly as experienced as a rhymer, but his imposing presence and uniquely enunciated pronouncements are alluring, even when his lyrics are random and amount to little more than space-filling, Lumpishly projected nonsense -- like, say, "Ever seen a fat boy in a big body?/Know you wanna sit

Less, Lyrics, Little, Lumpishly, Like

28. In a few weeks, a few days, none of this will be possible for her: to sit, quietly and Lumpishly, in public, beside fellow quiet lumps

Lumpishly, Lumps

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LUMPISHLY [ˈləmpiSHlē]


Synonyms: lumpish .

lumpish (adjective)

  • roughly or clumsily formed or shaped.
  • (of a person) stupid and lethargic.
Synonyms: clumsy . awkward . heavy-footed . blundering . bumbling . inept . maladroit . uncoordinated . ungainly . oafish . ungraceful . gauche . cumbersome . ponderous . laborious . stolid . lubberly . nimble . agile . unintelligent . ignorant . dense . brainless . mindless . foolish . dull-witted . dull . slow-witted . witless . slow . simpleminded . empty-headed . vacuous . vapid . halfwitted . idiotic . moronic . imbecilic . imbecile . obtuse . doltish . gullible . naive . intelligent . clever . astute .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does lumpish mean?

Lumpish definition is - dull, sluggish. ... Time Traveler for lumpish The first known use of lumpish was in 1528

What are the characteristics of a lumpish man?

They were heavy, lumpish, red-faced young men, all rather like each other. But most of them were in excellent condition -- fine, rounded bodies, not lumpish. They are dear lumpish souls who like things straightforward as they sayall or nothing.

What does it mean when someone looks like a lump?

Like a lump, cloddish, dull, slow-witted. Like lumps, composed of unshaped or mismatched pieces. Shaped like a lump, ill defined in shape. "Continental soldiers looked lumpish beside our lean-bred fellows: but against my supple Nejdis the British in their turn looked lumpish." T.E. Lawrence, Seven Pillars of Wisdom, Chapter XCIX.