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1. " Lumpers" believe that all FSS result from the same etiology, and "splitters" take the approach that every separate FSS has its own specific background


2. Lumpers also knows as “Unloaders and Splitters” are laborers in the logistics supply chain that unload the cargo contained inside ISO Containers

Lumpers, Laborers, Logistics

3. Depending on the load, Lumpers may unload contents from container by using their hands and putting the product on to pallets, then the pallets are wheeled out using a pallet jack.

Load, Lumpers

4. There were owners of lines of schooners, large contributors to the societies, and small men, their few craft pawned to the mastheads, with bankers and marine-insurance agents, captains of tugs and water-boats, riggers, fitters, Lumpers, salters, boat-builders, and …

Lines, Large, Lumpers

5. Lumpers are used primarily for food or grocery goods, but occasionally in other areas of trucking as well.


6. Lumpers and Splitters: For several centuries taxonomists of the natural world have been divided into Lumpers, who seek to merge a larger number of proposed species or genera into a smaller number, and splitters, who seek to move in the opposite direction.

Lumpers, Larger

7. Lumpers are often used at food warehousing companies and grocery distributors


8. Lumpers are some of the hardest working people you will ever meet


9. Lumpers are laborers that are engaged in loading and unloading of cargo

Lumpers, Laborers, Loading

10. But you can come across them in other industries, too. Lumpers are outsourced or third-party employees.


11. Receiving Production Based Unloaders (Lumpers)


12. As for the future, McKillop has plans to plant ten new acres of Lumpers—enough to yield 150 metric tons for 2014


13. Lumper (plural Lumpers) An extra laborer hired to assist in the loading or unloading of a truck or a ship

Lumper, Lumpers, Laborer, Loading

14. The Lumpers get there money under the table most of the time


15. Lumpers R Us Services is an outsider coordination supplier that was established on the fundamental guideline of the client center


16. What are Lumpers? They are a service that many distribution centers (DCs) use to off-load trucks

Lumpers, Load

17. Our professional Lumpers strategy relies on delivering quality service while ensuring fast and accurate offloading.


18. Lumpers have been around in the trucking industry for many, many years


19. However, Lumpers, individuals or companies which unload trucks, hav


20. Lumpers tend to assume that separation of animal populations is rarely complete, that mutations do not occur often, and that the process of speciation is therefore not fast


21. Lumpers Bar Ravensdale, Ravensdale, Louth, Ireland

Lumpers, Louth

22. Lumpers are often used in 3PL’s (third party logistics providers)

Lumpers, Logistics

23. Lumpers are needed so that the regular warehouse staff and the truck driver are not stuck with the burden of unloading containers


24. Warehouses outsource this type of work to Lumpers as a way to save time and money


25. Lumpers are specialized in one thing and they do it vary well.


26. Lumpers are more common on temp controlled loads and also more common at larger warehouses

Lumpers, Loads, Larger

27. The Lumpers is a Traditional Irish Pub set in the foothills of the Cooley Mountains


28. Lumpers are an unloading service used at some receivers


29. Further, Lumpers often do their re-stacking on the trailer itself, which can be a time-consuming process on its own


30. Drivers often feel their time and hours of service are being wasted waiting for slow Lumpers


31. Lumpers are often used by food warehousing companies and grocery distributors


32. We are looking for Lumpers in the Forest Park area! 1st shift 7a-3:30pm; Weekends OFF

Looking, Lumpers

33. It's been 8 years since I last made a delivery involving Lumpers

Last, Lumpers

34. May drivers be coerced into employing loading or unloading assistance (Lumpers)? Guidance: No

Loading, Lumpers

35. The FMCSA is responsible for the enforcement of regulations forbidding coercion in the use of Lumpers.


36. Lumpers Are Bad For Trucking - Duration: 7:48




38. For the grower in question, Michael McKillop of Glens of Antrim Potatoes, it comes down, first and foremost, to being fanatical about the spud (a state with which I can utterly sympathise).Having come across some Lumper potatoes at a potato day in Crawfordsburn, simple curiosity started Michael on a road which, some seven years later, has lead to the sight of Lumpers sitting pretty on the

Lumper, Later, Lead, Lumpers

39. Lumpers Bar Ravensdale, Ravensdale, Louth, Ireland

Lumpers, Louth

40. The Lemon Brook Lumpers are the main antagonistic force in the Ed Edd n' Eddy episode Tight End Ed

Lemon, Lumpers

41. The Lemon Brook Lumpers are never physically shown and are instead seen in huge shadows

Lemon, Lumpers

42. Lumpers : English Italian Dictionary translates words, phrases, idioms and sentences.


43. Get the right Lumpers job with company ratings & salaries


44. Our team of specialized Lumpers focus on providing a quality service while ensuring a fast and accurate offload


45. Container Solutions is a Brampton based Flat Rate Lumping Service company specializing in the Unloading and Loading of Shipping Containers.Our highly trained Lumpers will arrive onsite, and unload containers

Lumping, Loading, Lumpers

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LUMPERS [ˈləmpər]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does lumpers and splitters mean?

Lumpers and splitters, slang for one who takes a gestalt view of a definition in various fields such as history, linguistics, software engineering, taxonomy, or liturgical studies A stevedore who unloads fish at British fishing ports, or formerly in Australia anyone engaged in loading and unloading ships' cargo

What is the difference between a lumper and a splitter?

In this context, lumpers are people who mentally emphasize the similarities of an event instead of the differences, and, according to Wikipedia, splitters are those people who reject simplistic classifications and would rather emphasize the differences.

What does lumping mean?

Basically, lumping is when a third-party unloads your freight delivery for you, whether it is stated as part of your job or not. Big grocery chains like lumper services.

What does lumper mean?

2. lumper - a taxonomist who classifies organisms into large groups on the basis of major characteristics

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