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1. Lubricate definition is - to make smooth or slippery


2. How to use Lubricate in a sentence.


3. Lubricate definition, to apply some oily or greasy substance to (a machine, parts of a mechanism, etc.) in order to diminish friction; oil or grease (something)


4. Lubricate verb oil, grease, smear, smooth the way, oil the wheels, make smooth, make slippery Mineral oils are used to Lubricate the machinery


5. 4 synonyms of Lubricate from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 8 related words, definitions, and antonyms


6. Find another word for Lubricate


7. Lubricate: to coat (something) with a slippery substance in order to reduce friction.


8. Lubricate the lead sealing nuts with graphite that has been mixed to a paste with water

Lubricate, Lead

9. WITTE Certainly in the case of milk being taken into the stomach, saliva is not needed to Lubricate it


10. To use a substance such as oil to make a machine operate more easily, or to prevent something sticking or rubbing: A car engine needs to be well Lubricated with oil


11. In fact, excess Lubricate can hinder reliability as it holds on to more filth and grime


12. This ingredient helps Lubricate the joints and reduced inflammation


13. What does Lubricate mean? To make slippery or smooth


14. Verb oil, grease, smear, smooth the way, oil the wheels, make smooth, make slippery Mineral oils are used to Lubricate the machinery


15. To put a lubricant on something in order to make it move more smoothly Lubricate all moving parts with grease

Lubricant, Lubricate

16. 2 informal to help things to happen without any problems Vic’s working day is Lubricated by endless cups of coffee


17. —lubrication /ˌluːbrɪˈkeɪʃən/ noun [ uncountable] → See Verb table Examples from the Corpus Lubricate • The surface is Lubricated by mucus.

Lubrication, Lu, Lubricate, Lubricated

18. ‘the availability of credit Lubricated the channels of trade’


19. ‘The therapeutic alliance of the integrated model facilitates and Lubricates these crucial processes.’.


20. How to best Lubricate wooden moving parts


21. It’ll Lubricate the spring and backside of the bowl

Ll, Lubricate

22. Also, put one drop of oil in the bearing surface to Lubricate it


23. According to Joseph Perez, a chemical engineer and senior research scientist at Pennsylvania State University in University Park, vegetable oils actually Lubricate better than petroleum products--they are naturally more slippery, and they also are more polar, meaning they cling better to metal parts


24. Vaginal lubrication is a naturally produced fluid that Lubricates a vagina.Vaginal lubrication is always present, but production increases significantly near ovulation and during sexual arousal in anticipation of sexual intercourse.Vaginal dryness is the condition in which this lubrication is insufficient, and sometimes artificial lubricants are used to augment it.

Lubrication, Lubricates, Lubricants

25. To Lubricate something is to apply a greasy or oily substance to it in order to reduce friction and its effect on moving parts


26. The usual method of reducing friction has been to use a slippery fluid such as oil or grease to Lubricate the parts


27. The mud cools the rapidly rotating bit and Lubricates the drill pipe as it turns in the well bore.


28. Locksmiths have long used powdered graphite to Lubricate the workings of locks, and if your key refuses to slide fully into the lock, you can do the same

Locksmiths, Long, Lubricate, Locks, Lock

29. Definition of Lubricate in the dictionary


30. What does Lubricate mean? Information and translations of Lubricate in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


31. We found 4 answers for “Lubricate


32. This page shows answers to the clue Lubricate, followed by 3 definitions like “Apply a lubricant to”, “To make smooth or slippery” and “Have lubricating properties”.Synonyms for Lubricate are grease, rub in and smear with oil.

Lubricate, Like, Lubricant, Lubricating

33. Lubricate nonmetallic latches, like a car door latch mechanism with silicone spray

Lubricate, Latches, Like, Latch

34. Looking for online definition of Lubricate or what Lubricate stands for? Lubricate is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The Free Dictionary

Looking, Lubricate, Listed, Largest

35. Powdered graphite sold in a tube may also be used to Lubricate a zipper, but it is much messier than using a pencil and may mark or stain light-colored items

Lubricate, Light

36. Lip-Balm Lubricant Lip balm Lubricates zippers much in the same way that it Lubricates lips

Lip, Lubricant, Lubricates, Lips

37. Lubricate (v.) 1620s, "make slippery or smooth" (especially by the application of an oil), from Latin lubricatus, past participle of lubricare "to make slippery or smooth," from lubricus "slippery; easily moved, sliding, gliding;" figuratively "uncertain, hazardous, dangerous; seductive," from suffixed form of PIE root *sleubh-"to slip, slide." Related: Lubricated; lubricating.

Lubricate, Latin, Lubricatus, Lubricare, Lubricus, Lubricated, Lubricating

38. Lubricate something to put a lubricant on something such as the parts of a machine, to help them move smoothly synonym grease, oil Oxford Collocations Dictionary Lubricate is …

Lubricate, Lubricant

39. How to Lubricate Old Interior Door Hardware


40. RECOMMENDATION: Lubricate your garage door twice a year


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LUBRICATE [ˈlo͞obrəˌkāt]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for lubricate?

Princeton's WordNet(3.00 / 1 vote)Rate these synonyms: lubricant, lubricator, lubricating substance, lube(noun) a substance capable of reducing friction by making surfaces smooth or slippery. Synonyms: lube, lubricating substance, lubricator.

How do you use lubricate in a sentence?

Lubricate in a sentence

  • Mineral oils are used to lubricate machinery.
  • Lubricate all moving parts with grease.
  • Franklin's task was to lubricate the discussions with the French.
  • I had seen Father lubricate it.
  • As a result, he was forced to lubricate the watch.
  • Songs and laughter lubricate the biological clock.
  • Lubricate adjuster screw threads and pivot with spray lube.
  • More items...

    What is the meaning of lubricant?

    Definition of lubricant. 1 : a substance (such as grease) capable of reducing friction, heat, and wear when introduced as a film between solid surfaces. 2 : something that lessens or prevents friction or difficulty a social lubricant.

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