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1. Lubber definition, a big, clumsy, stupid person; lout

Lubber, Lout

2. Lubber definition is - a big clumsy fellow


3. How to use Lubber in a sentence.


4. Lubber synonyms, Lubber pronunciation, Lubber translation, English dictionary definition of Lubber


5. An inexperienced sailor; a landLubber


6. "Lubber, Biggest of Horses, is Dead," said the Norfolk Press on June 9, 1927, headlining an obituary for an animal exhibited throughout Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Mississippi as the largest horse in the world

Lubber, Largest

7. At 21 hands high and 3,120 pounds in weight, Lubber certainly looked the part

Lubber, Looked

8. Born in 1921, "Lubber was raised at Red Bird, in Holt


9. This is the second vehicle I have bought from Lubber’s


10. Lubbers Cars sells and services Ford, Chevrolet vehicles in the greater Cheney KS area.


11. Lubbers' Landing is located on the island of Lubbers' Quarters in Abaco, Bahamas

Lubbers, Landing, Located

12. Here at Lubberdubber’s, our goal is to serve the community by being your favorite exclusive shopping destination


13. Lubberdubber’s strives to deliver styles that are up-to-date and versatile with a special flair that will keep you coming back.


14. What does Lubber mean? A clumsy person


15. (noun) On the inside of every compass bowl a vertical black line is drawn, called the "Lubber 's point," and it is imperative FIG.

Line, Lubber

16. Definition of Lubber in the dictionary


17. What does Lubber mean? Information and translations of Lubber in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …


18. By Susan Jones One of the largest and slowest moving grasshoppers, Lubbers can attain 3 inches (7.5 cm) in length at maturity, and cause a great deal of damage to an orchid collection

Largest, Lubbers, Length

19. Different species are found in various geographic regions of the United States: eastern Lubbers (Romalea guttata, found from central North


20. Lubber (n.) mid-14c., "big, clumsy, stupid fellow who lives in idleness," from lobre, earlier lobi "lazy lout," probably of Scandinavian origin (compare Swedish dialectal Lubber "a plump, lazy fellow")

Lubber, Lives, Lobre, Lobi, Lazy, Lout

21. The eastern Lubber grasshopper is a large and destructive garden pest

Lubber, Large

22. Lubbers are one of the few grasshopper species that occur in such significant numbers that they can cause significant damage to citrus and vegetable crops as well as ornamental landscape plants.

Lubbers, Landscape

23. Lubber definition: a big , awkward , or stupid person Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples


24. 18 Lubber Street, Stony Brook, NY 11790 (MLS# 3253653) is a Single Family property that was sold at $460,000 on December 01, 2020


25. Want to learn more about 18 Lubber Street? Do you have questions about finding other Single Family real estate for sale in Stony Brook?

Learn, Lubber

26. Lubber is an adult female HiveWing and the principal of Cricket's school, Terrarium Academy


27. 1 Personality 2 Biography 2.1 The Lost Continent Prophecy 2.1.1 The Lost Continent 3 Quotes Based on Cricket's commentary on Blue's imitation, Lubber seems unkind and greedy

Lost, Lubber

28. Lubber Run Park; Important Notices


29. The captain, in his zeal for the health and cleanliness of his ship, would make sweeping visitations to the "Lubber nests" of the unlucky "voyageurs" and their companions in misery, ferret them out of their berths, make them air and wash themselves and their accoutrements,


30. ”Smoke got in my eyes” as I walked into the Lubber Run Community Center for my Johnson and Johnson vaccine


31. The opening date for the new Lubber Run Community Center will be sometime after July 2021, which is the start of the County’s next fiscal year


32. Weekly Activity Schedule Check out the regularly occurring activities taking place at Lubber Run Park.


33. Lubber unfolds the story of Arabella Drummond as he chases her ship around the world


34. The Lubber Plague Doctor Mask is a great addition to your daily repertoire of false self-representations


35. Nickname "Lubber" is an infected marauder armed with a spiked lead pipe and dressed in a flak jacket, brown t-shirt, black pants, and a black combat helmet

Lubber, Lead

36. Lubber, (Lubbermouth according to the end credits,) is a worm-like creature from The Underworld.She was a former classmate of Grim's from "The High School of the Dead", before she was sentenced to become guardian of 'The Bottomless Pit' where the supposed 'secret of the universe' was kept.

Lubber, Lubbermouth, Like

37. According to Grim, Lubber had a crush on him and wouldn't stop following him everywhere around …


38. The large, brightly colored Eastern Lubber grasshopper is hard to miss

Large, Lubber

39. Taeniopoda eques, the western horse Lubber grasshopper, is a relatively large grasshopper species of the family Romaleidae found in the arid lower Sonoran life zone of the southwestern United States and northern Mexico

Lubber, Large, Lower, Life

40. Lubber the Whimsical Whale is a rareMoshlingin the Saltiesset inMoshi Monsters


41. Lubber is interested in joining the Moshi Navy and loves whistling naval salutes

Lubber, Loves

42. 1 Combination 2 Biography 3 Habitat 4 Traits 4.1 Likes 4.2 Dislikes 5 Trivia 6 Gallery Being a rubbish swimmer is a pain in the bLubber when you're a Whimsical Whale, so thank goodness


43. Florida hosts eastern Lubbers throughout the year, but their numbers decrease during the fall and winter


44. Lubbers have one generation a year—eggs begin to hatch in February in South Florida and around March or later in the rest of the state

Lubbers, Later

45. Like all grasshoppers, Lubbers molt and grow many times before reaching

Like, Lubbers

46. ‘‘Stop being such a Lubber about it,’ Tobias sighed but said nothing as Kennedy and the gunner, Gallagher entered the room.’ ‘‘Maybe we can use the Lubber to persuade Thor to help us,’ mused the gold ship.’ ‘I (a Lubber, admittedly) was impressed by the research they seemed to have done into naval maneuvering and combat.’


47. The Lubber's only natural predator is the loggerhead shrike, a cool little bird that decapitates them and then impales their carcasses on thorns or …

Lubber, Loggerhead, Little

48. (Orthoptera: Acrididae) is sometimes confused with the Lubber grasshopper


49. The 2019 Lubber Run Summer Concert Series - Celebrating 50 Years! Two-time GRAMMY Award® nominated singer-songwriter RAUL MIDÓN opened the 50 th Anniversary season of the Free Lubber RUN AMPHITHEATER Summer Concert Series, North Columbus and 2 nd Street North, in Arlington, Virginia


50. Lubber grasshoppers boast a much larger size than other grasshoppers and crickets

Lubber, Larger

51. Lubber grasshoppers are large, colorful, and usually bear short wings

Lubber, Large

52. When disturbed, Lubber grasshoppers may hiss and spread their wings


53. Synonyms: see Thesaurus:unskilled person· (nautical) An inexperienced or novice sailor; a landLubber.· (slang) A condom·^ “Lubber”, in Lexico,; Oxford University Press, 2019–present

Landlubber, Lubber, Lexico

54. ^ “Lubber” in Douglas Harper, …


55. Historically, Plains Lubber Grasshoppers had been once been an agricultural pest to crops like cotton

Lubber, Like

56. (2) I (a Lubber , admittedly) was impressed by the research they seemed to have done into naval maneuvering and combat


57. (3) ÔÇÿMaybe we can use the Lubber to persuade Thor to help us,ÔÇÖ mused the gold ship.


58. The plains Lubber grasshopper is a polyphagous insect feeding on a variety of forbs and grasses


59. Lubber leads a nonprofit whose mission, in part, is to make the business case for climate action and sustainability

Lubber, Leads

60. Lubber Run is located in a central part of the County

Lubber, Located

61. Lubber Run drains directly into Four Mile Run


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LUBBER [ˈləbər]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does lubber mean?

lubber - an awkward stupid person. gawk, goon, lout, lummox, oaf, stumblebum, clod, lump. clumsy person - a person with poor motor coordination.

What is a sentence for the word lubber?

Examples of lubber in a Sentence although he's something of a lubber, everyone agrees that he has a kind heart the two lubbers who came to deliver my furniture Recent Examples on the Web Unlike other grasshopper species which are winged and agile, the lubber can't fly.

What does abbey lubber mean?

The abbey lubber is a minor devil that haunts the wine cellars or kitchens of abbeys, tempting the monks into drunkenness, gluttony and lasciviousness. This example is from Wikipedia and may be reused under a CC BY-SA license. What is the pronunciation of lubber ?

What does Lubbers mean?

lubber - an inexperienced sailor; a sailor on the first voyage. landlubber, landsman. beginner, initiate, tiro, tyro, novice - someone new to a field or activity.

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