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1. However, only few Lophotrochozoans possess both of these characteristic features. Lophotrochozoans are sexually reproduced by releasing their gametes into the environment.


2. Like most Lophotrochozoan protostomes, cleavage is spiral, and development is usually direct, although some species have a trochophore-like larva, in which a young worm is constructed from a series of imaginal discs that begin as invaginations from the body surface of the larva.

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3. Which one of the following is a Lophotrochozoan? A) Crustaceans B) Arthropods C) Mollusks D) Chelicerata E) Nematoda


4. Resolving Lophotrochozoan phylogeny will provide important insight into how these complex and diverse body plans evolved and provide a much-needed framework for comparative studies


5. In this lab we will examine one acoelomate Lophotrochozoan phylum and several smaller pseudocoelomate and eucoelomate Lophotrochozoan phyla

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6. Recent studies have clarified the structure, expression, and roles of Lophotrochozoan Zic family genes.


7. These features suggest a total group Lophotrochozoan affinity


8. These morphological data support molecular phylogenies and demonstrates that the origin of modern Lophotrochozoan


9. The annelids and the mollusks are the most familiar of the Lophotrochozoan protostomes


10. They are also more “typical” Lophotrochozoans, since both groups include aquatic species with trochophore larvae, which unite both taxa in common ancestry.

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11. Lophotrochozoan meaning (zoology) Any protostome animal of the superphylum Lophotrochozoa.

Lophotrochozoan, Lophotrochozoa

12. Lophotrochozoans definitions Plural form of Lophotrochozoan.

Lophotrochozoans, Lophotrochozoan

13. Phylogenetics of Lophotrochozoan bHLH Genes and the Evolution of Lineage-Specific Gene Duplicates The gain and loss of genes encoding transcription factors is of importance to understanding the evolution of gene regulatory complexity

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14. Lophotrochozoans are present in both aquatic as well as terrestrial environments


15. Reproduction in Lophotrochozoans can take place both sexually and asexually


16. A Lophotrochozoan-specific nuclear hormone receptor is required for reproductive system development in the planarian


17. Evidence for specific genotype-dependent immune priming in the Lophotrochozoan Biomphalaria glabrata snail


18. Namibia, where new features support a bilaterian, Lophotrochozoan affinity


19. The extensive phylogenetic analysis showed that the C3 ortholog and the complement receptors are retained in all key Lophotrochozoan taxa: Mollusca, Annelida and Brachiopoda


20. Additional Lophotrochozoan paralog group 7 (PG7) sequences included are from the brachiopod Lingula anatine and the nemertean Lineus sanguineus

Lophotrochozoan, Lingula, Lineus

21. Recently, the neuroanatomy of various Lophotrochozoan taxa has been studied using immunohistochemical methods [22–28]


22. Deuterostome genes are italicized, Lophotrochozoan genes are in bold, the single cnidarian gene is both italicized and in bold, and ecdysozoan genes are in regular type


23. The ancestral Lophotrochozoan frizzled-related gene complement


24. Our phylogenetic and structural analysis of the frizzled-related genes enabled the inference of the ancestral Lophotrochozoan frizzled-related gene complement: four Frizzled receptors, fz1/2/7, fz5/8, fz9/10, and fz4, and two sFRPs, sfrp1/2/5 and sfrp3/4.


25. Recruitment of Hox Genes for Patterning Lophotrochozoan Chaetae and Shell Fields


26. The bristle-like chaetae (or setae) of annelids and brachiopods and shell valves in mollusks and brachiopods are the most prominent hard tissues found in Lophotrochozoan spiralians ( 79 ) and provide fossilized hallmarks of the Cambrian explosion ( 80 ).

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27. Relationships within the Lophotrochoza are tentative.Examine the statements below.Some statements are true and reflect our current state of knowledge,but they would not add any new information to our understanding of Lophotrochozoan phylogeny.Others are hypothetical (and probably untrue),but if true they would help clarify Lophotrochozoan relationships.Select all statements that would add new

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28. Evolutionary Dynamics of the wnt Gene Family: A Lophotrochozoan Perspective Sung-Jin Cho,,1 Yvonne Valle`s,*,1 Vincent C


29. In Lophotrochozoan taxa where chaetae and comparable features thought to be homologous with them occur (Fig


30. @article{osti_901220, title = {Lophotrochozoan mitochondrial genomes}, author = {Valles, Yvonne and Boore, Jeffrey L}, abstractNote = {Progress in both molecular techniques and phylogeneticmethods has challenged many of the interpretations of traditionaltaxonomy


31. Lophotrochozoan invertebrate animals—that is, taxa that commonly have a ciliated larval stage with an anteriorly placed apical organ and one pair of protonephridia as part of their life cycle—exhibit an overwhelming diversity of adult bodyplan phenotypes

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Lophotrochozoa mean?

Lophotrochozoa (/ləˌfɒtroʊkoʊˈzoʊə/, "crest/wheel animals") is a clade of protostome animals within the Spiralia. The taxon was established as a monophyletic group based on molecular evidence.

What is the difference between Lophotrochozoa and Ecdysozoa?

Lophotrochozoa vs Ecdysozoa Difference between lophotrochozoa and ecdysozoa, the two major bilaterian, is discussed in this article. Based on the recent studies using nuclear and mitochondrial DNA sequences, scientists revised the taxonomy of Animal Kingdom.

What is the Lophotrochozoa group?

The Lophotrochozoa comprise one of the major groups within the animal kingdom, In turn, the Lophotrochozoa belongs to a larger group within the Animalia called the Bilateria, because they are bilaterally symmetrical with a left and a right side to their bodies. The cladogram above shows the major groups in the Lophotrochozoa.

What is the clade Lophotrochozoa?

The clade Lophotrochozoa is named after the two distinct characteristics of its members; the feeding structure lophophore, which is a ciliated crown of tentacles surrounding a mouth, and the developmental stage trochophore larvae.

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