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LOOMED [lo͞om]


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1. To come into view as a massive, distorted, or indistinct image: "I faced the icons that Loomed through the veil of incense" (Fergus M

2. The one thing that Loomed big in my mind's eye was the monstrous injustice of the accusation

3. SINCLAIR A horse or a tree or a clump of brush Loomed

4. A structure Loomed darkly against the lighter horizon

5. As he looked anxiously out for the pierheads at Ostend, breakers suddenly Loomed up on the starboard bow, and before the ship could turn she was …

6. To rise before the vision with an appearance of great or portentous size: Suddenly a police officer Loomed in front of him.

7. Loomed; looming Kids Definition of loom (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : to come into sight suddenly and often with a large, strange, or frightening appearance A steep hill Loomed ahead.

8. To come into view as a massive, distorted, or indistinct image: "I faced the icons that Loomed through the veil of incense" (Fergus M

9. My bad i didn't come over last night, i was mad Loomed

10. When properly maintained, a power-Loomed rug from a quality manufacturer can last up to 10 years.

11. It Loomed above them, an enormous serpentine shape with pearled scales and filmy translucent fins

12. The trees Loomed high above their heads, the moon peeking through the small clearings from the leaves

13. The prospect of ignominious home defeat Loomed ever larger with the passing minutes, until those dramatic closing stages turned the tide.

14. 2 synonyms of Loomed from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 12 related words, definitions, and antonyms

15. • A snow-covered hedge Loomed up ahead of him and he made for the shelter of it

16. • The House of Parliament Loomed up and his heart began to thump.

17. Definition of Loomed in the dictionary

18. What does Loomed mean? Information and translations of Loomed in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions

19. Loomed began in 2012 when founders Paul and Molly Babineaux returned to New Orleans from Istanbul, Turkey, with a new appreciation for the far-flung city’s handcrafted towels and textiles

20. The huge, imposing monument Loomed up as we drove toward the city

21. A huge hooded figure Loomed up from the shadows, wielding a knife and demanding that we give him our wallets

22. ‘A dark shape Loomed before him and he fell backwards, giving a yelp of dismay at his outline.’ ‘Against the dull, grey sky, a selection of dark shapes Loomed before Blaze.’ ‘There was a silhouette emerging out of the mist, looming like an ocean liner.’

23. For the Love Of Dishcloths - Crochet, Knit, Loomed has 6,578 members

24. Loomed NOLA is a chic clothing and linen boutique located in the Garden District just off St

25. Loomed 'Loomed' is a 6 letter word starting with L and ending with D Crossword clues for 'Loomed' Clue Answer; Appeared indistinctly (6) Loomed: Was impending (6) Came menacingly into view (6) Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Loomed

26. (verb) Revolution Loomed but the aristocrats paid no heed

27. PowerLoomed Woven by computer-controlled machines, powerLoomed rugs often feature extremely precise designs, and generally are the most affordable

28. For example, The possibility of civil war Loomed large on the horizon, or Martha wanted to take it easy for a week, but the bar exam Loomed large

29. The enchanted palace Loomed high above the knight and his squire

30. Miyuki bracelet handmade/ Loomed beaded bracelet / woven bracelet / rose and gold miyuki bracelet / custom made bracelet AguamarinaByMg

31. Come into view indistinctly, often threateningly; "Another air plane Loomed into the sky" (hypernym) look, appear, seem 2

32. Appear very large or occupy a commanding position; "The huge sculpture predominates over the fountain"; "Large shadows Loomed on the canyon wall" (synonym) tower, predominate, hulk (hypernym) rise, lift, rear

33. Check out our Loomed bracelet end selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops.

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 · Subtle variation in the weave gives each hand-Loomed rug a unique look that adds a touch of contemporary whimsy to any room

36. A troubling deadline Loomed: the residents, many of whom were bed-bound, could be displaced on Feb

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40. These rugs were power Loomed in Turkey and are here to impress.

41. Shop HSN for a wide selection of grey polypropylene Loomed rug from top brands

42. Whether you are looking for the best grey polypropylene Loomed rug or top-of-the-line grey polypropylene Loomed rug at affordable prices, you’ll find a variety of grey polypropylene Loomed rug that fits your needs and budget

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44. DII Woven Rugs Collection Hand-Loomed Cotton, Runner, 2'6"x6', Stone Dobby Stripe

45. NuLOOM Native Symbols Hand Loomed Jute Rug, 5' x 8', Natural

46. Buy nuLOOM Lorretta Hand Loomed Area Rug, 5' x 8', Grey: Area Rugs - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

47. A “hand Loomed” rug production presses fiber strands together, connecting them with quite thin threading, and with no proper securing of the ends or sides

48. ‘Hand Loomed’ rug identifiers

49. Shop for the world's largest selection of high-stylled power Loomed rugs, family-friendly, moderate price w/ styles for every taste and decor.

50. A hand Loomed rug comes to existence when weaving fabrics are skilfully handspun/hand-knotted on a specially designed loom

51. While a hand Loomed wool rug is great for interior home decor, polyester is best for outdoors.

52. Jaden rugs are hand-Loomed from 100% viscose

53. Machine Loomed of viscose/New Zealand wool

54. As the justices exchanged questions, answers, and arguments with the appellate attorneys, Donald Trump the individual Loomed large; it was impossible to ignore Trump’s frequently extreme legal

55. A selection of high-end power-Loomed and tufted rugs.Affordable, durable and stylish, these rugs have intricate details and vibrant colors at an unbeatable price-point

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