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1. Longyis of different fabrics, including cotton and silk, are worn for both informal and formal occasions


2. What does Longyis mean? Plural form of longyi

Longyis, Longyi

3. Both men and women don floor skimming, skirt-like Longyis

Like, Longyis

4. Men usually wear checked or striped Longyis, whereas women choose vibrant pinks, yellows and blues, with contrasting hues for patterns or swirls, which often represent an ethnic group.


5. The local longyi manufacturers said a huge volume of Chinese-made Longyis have entered the market since November, in what seems to be an apparent failure of the government to curb dumping of sub-quality products in the country

Local, Longyi, Longyis

6. Male Longyis, known as pasoe, are usually subdued in color, often with a checked pattern (such as the Kachin -style longyi, which became associated with political activism during 1988), and the male wearer traditionally ties it in front.

Longyis, Longyi

7. Longyi (countable and uncountable, plural longyi or Longyis) A sarong-like garment worn around the waist; Synonyms

Longyi, Longyis, Like

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9. Listings in Longyis, Oxygen [Manu/Dist], Seeds, Children's & Infants' Wears and Hotels

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10. Flaming Longyis S 5.11c 6c+ 24 VIII-24 E4 6a: Hot Season S 5.11c 6c+ 24 VIII-24 E4 6a PG13 Lava Smoothie S 5.9+ 5c 17 VI 17 E1 5a: Long Hot Season S 5.11+ 7a 24 VIII 24 E4 6a: Magmasquitos S 5.11a 6c 22 VII+ 22 E3 5c: Paper Lantern S 5.10a 6a 18 VI+ 18 E1 5a: Slip 'n Slide S 5.11a 6c 22 VII+ 22 E3 5c: Win For The Win S 5.10d 6b+ 21 VII+ 21 E3 5b

Longyis, Lava, Long, Lantern

11. Kachin men wear shirts, traditional jackets, sarong-like Longyis or slacks

Like, Longyis

12. Swooping clotheslines of Longyis and knickers have suddenly decorated Yangon, from the buzzing San Chaung township to the city's rural outskirts, where pictures shared on Facebook showed a soldier


13. Their Longyis have horizontal stripes with a parallel strip in the middle


14. Kayin women dress in long tunics and Longyis, with headbands that have both ends hanging in the front

Long, Longyis

15. Burmese people can do everything in their Longyis, from riding motorbikes, to rowing boats, and as this short clip shows, I even stumbled across a group of guys playing Chinlone (similar to football) after rolling it up between their legs.

Longyis, Legs

16. All students wear matching uniforms, white shirts tucked into green, traditional long skirts called Longyis

Long, Longyis

17. The latest involves hanging women's undergarments and long skirts -- or Longyis -- on a clothesline across the street

Latest, Long, Longyis

18. France 24 - Protesters in Myanmar have taken to stringing up traditional women's skirts, called Longyis, on clothes lines across streets as a way to protect themselves from security forces

Longyis, Lines

19. Some of the Longyis also have images of Burmese Army Senior General Min Aung Hlaing’s face pasted on them, in a further superstitious ploy


20. Rohingya Muslim men like him were restricted to wearing traditional sarongs, or Longyis, in their native Myanmar

Like, Longyis

21. All across Yangon, AFP reports that streets are now decorated with Longyis and women's undergarments


22. For more about Longyis go here Yangon, Myanmar


23. Rohingya Muslim men like him were restricted to wearing traditional sarongs, or Longyis, in their native Myanmar

Like, Longyis

24. Protesters have been hanging women’s Longyis across streets to play on security forces’ fears of Myanmar traditions that say women’s lower parts and the garments that cover them can sap men’s power

Longyis, Lower

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does longyi mean?

longyi - a long piece of brightly colored cloth (cotton or silk) used as clothing (a skirt or loincloth or sash etc.) in India and Pakistan and Burma.

Where did the term longyi come from in Burma?

The modern longyi, a single piece of cylindrical cloth, is a relatively recent introduction to Burma. It gained popularity during British colonial rule, effectively replacing the paso and htamein of precolonial times. The word longyi formerly referred to the sarong worn by Malay men.

What does Lungi mean?

Variant of lungi. Noun 1. longyi - a long piece of brightly colored cloth used as clothing in India and Pakistan and Burma lungi, lungyi piece of cloth ...

How big is the longyi cloth in Burma?

A longyi ( Burmese: လုံချည်; MLCTS: lum hkyany; pronounced [lòʊɴdʑì]) is a sheet of cloth widely worn in Burma. It is approximately 2 metres (6.6 ft) long and 80 centimetres (2.6 ft) wide.

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