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1. • every open set in the Long line is a union of such open intervals; however many open sets are too large to be written as a countable union of open intervals • the closed interval [r,s] = { t ∈ L r ≤ t ≤ s } in the Long line is homeomorphic to [0,1] in the ordinary line The ordinary line R …

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2. Long line applications are clearly defined in this Guideline, and must be treated differently from standard systems

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3. A Long line system requires special consideration for the following reasons: S Additional refrigerant charge S Refrigerant migration control S Oil return concerns

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4. Model Answers and follow up questions to describe a time when you had to wait in a Long line IELTS cue card:

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6. Need synonyms for Long line? Here's a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead

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7. The Long line is a particular level of engagement and continuity throughout an entire piece of music

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8. (Think of the music grabbing you by the shirt and pulling you along all the way to the end.) The Long line is an aspiration for our playing

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11. Custom design your own entertainment package today with Long lines' Internet, TV and Phone services

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14. Examples I come from a Long line of handsome men

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15. Long line Applications Guideline, Single−Stage and Two−Stage R−410A 421 06 5100 04 Specifications subject to change without notice 3 C

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16. Introduction An application is considered Long line, when the refrigerant level in the system requires the use of accessories to maintain

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18. The Long line can be thought of as taking uncountably many copies of the interval and “stacking” them end to end

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19. The Long line must be very long indeed!

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20. In Long line applications the “equivalent line length” is the sum of the straight length portions of the suction line plus losses (in equivalent length) from 45 and 90 degree bends

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21. A Long line can stay in place for several weeks, if necessary, which reduces the number of times your baby needs to have a drip inserted

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22. The terms 'Long line' and 'central line' are often used interchangeably

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23. We often may refer to percutaneous Long lines (a very fine tube is threaded up a small vein in the arm or leg until it is in a large

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24. Music from Australia and New Zealand in the year 1978:The Angels performing the hit single 'Take A Long line' on the ABC-TV program Countdown - broadcasted i

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25. External Load - Long line - Vertical Reference

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26. If you would like something posted to External Load - Long line - Vertical Reference Shoot us a E-Mail @

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29. The Long line sets can have three different configurations (1) Outdoor unit and Indoor unit are at the same level, (2) Outdoor unit is above the Indoor unit coil, (3) Outdoor unit is below the Indoor unit

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30. This guideline is meant to provide installation instructions based on most common Long line set applications.

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31. I learned to Long line when I was pregnant with my son and just felt too unbalanced to ride

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33. In industry publications Vertical Reference Long line is commonly referred to as VR (which can be confusing to flight simulation enthusiasts)

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34. It’s also known as Vertical Reference, or simply Long line

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35. So, to keep it from getting confusing I’ll refer to Vertical Reference as Long line, and Virtual Reality as VR.

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36. The Long line keeps the helicopter out of the splash zone and provides an additional safety margin above obstacles in the event a pilot misjudges his height above glassy water

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37. Long line clips 4" long -4/0 swivel Heavy Duty

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38. A Long line is called homogeneous if its parameters are constant over its entire length; if there are no electrical losses in it—that is, if R’ = G = 0 (usually at radio frequencies)—then and

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39. In the general case, the input impedance of a Long line is complex in nature (it includes resistive and reactive components) and is a function of

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40. Writing a poem with Long lines takes a bit more patience and endurance, and requires more than just the inspiration to crystalize an instant: the writer has to have something to write about.

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41. Long line Soft Cup Bra - Lacette jacquard knit fabric made of two-way stretch in a special lace floral motif

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42. Clinton’s 23-foot Long line is made of the same high-quality marine yachting rope as his lead rope and features a stainless steel snap

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43. Long line is Peter Wolf's '90s comeback album and it does everything that it should do

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44. Although the songs are slightly uneven throughout Long line, he demonstrates humor and compassion even on the weak numbers.With its energetic rockers and, especially, heartfelt ballads, Long line ranks as

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LONG LINE [ˈlôNGˌlīn]


Frequently Asked Questions

What does longline mean?

Definition of longline. : a heavy fishing line that may be many miles long and that has baited hooks in series.

Is the long line longer than the real line?

The long line is longer than the real lines in both directions: we say that it is long in both directions. However, many authors speak of the “long line” where we have spoken of the (closed or open) long ray, and there is much confusion between the various long spaces.

What is a long fishing line?

/ ˈlɔŋˌlaɪn, ˈlɒŋ- /. a heavy and very long fishing line with a large number of baited hooks, used in deep-sea commercial fishing.

Can a long line be metrizable?

The long line or ray cannot be equipped with a Riemannian metric that induces its topology. The reason is that Riemannian manifolds, even without the assumption of paracompactness, can be shown to be metrizable. The extended long ray L * is compact.