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1. Long Island is a year-round destination with easy access to New York City and diverse attractions from the famed beaches of the Hamptons, Fire Island and Jones Beach, to historic Gold Coast Mansions, award-winning vineyards, eclectic dining, boutique shopping and …


2. The Long Island Rail Road is the busiest commuter railroad in North America, carrying an average of 301,000 customers each weekday on 735 daily trains


3. How Long Is Today? Today is predicted to be 0.3056 ms (milliseconds) or 0.0003056 seconds shorter than 24 hours


4. Long is a data type used in programming languages, such as Java , C++ , and C#

Long, Languages

5. Definition of How long is a piece of string? in the Idioms Dictionary


6. What does How long is a piece of string? expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.

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7. How long is the Ming Great Wall? - 8,851.8 km (5,500.3 mi) The Ming Great Wall is the best-preserved among all, extending from Hushan in Liaoning to Jiayuguan in Gansu

Long, Liaoning

8. A Future with High Public Debt: Low-for-Long Is Not Low Forever

Low, Long

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is long a verb?

The verb ‘to long’ and the noun ‘longing’ take the structures ‘long for somebody/something’, ‘long for somebody/something to do something’, and ‘long to do something’. Here are examples using specifically the verb form ‘longing’: Janet was longing for the holidays. She was longing for the school year to finish.

What does longer mean?

longer - a person with a strong desire for something; "a longer for money"; "a thirster after blood"; "a yearner for knowledge". thirster, yearner. individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do".

What does so long as mean?

Definition of so long as. 1. : during and up to the end of the time that : while. so long as you are here, I'm fine.

What is the verb for long?

Choose the Right Synonym for long. Verb (1) long, yearn, hanker, pine, hunger, thirst mean to have a strong desire for something. long implies a wishing with one's whole heart and often a striving to attain.

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