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1. The Lollygagger Outdoor Lounge Chair is our namesake patio chair and sets a new paradigm for the modern adirondack chair

Lollygagger, Lounge

2. The Lollygagger Collection is our outdoor furniture flagship


3. Definition of Lollygagger in the dictionary


4. What does Lollygagger mean? Information and translations of Lollygagger in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


5. View the online menu of Lollygaggers Sports Pub & Grill and other restaurants in Crystal River, Florida.


6. Lollygaggers Sports Pub & Grill - Crystal River, Crystal River, FL


7. Lollygagger is a Pale Ale - American style beer brewed by Bent Paddle Brewing Co


8. Lollygaggers Sports Pub & Grill, Crystal River: See 177 unbiased reviews of Lollygaggers Sports Pub & Grill, rated 4 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #21 of 92 restaurants in Crystal River.


9. Level up your patio space with the Lollygagger Lounge Chair from Loll Design

Level, Lollygagger, Lounge, Loll

10. Lollygagger Lounge Chair - Design Within Reach

Lollygagger, Lounge

11. Lollygagger Classic Durham, NC


12. Register Here We are very happy to be returning to Durham for our 3 rd almost annual Lollygagger Classic at beautiful Durham Athletic Park in the heart of the bustling downtown area.


13. This chair has the same comfort as the Lollygagger lounge with a well-placed vertical shoulder rest

Lollygagger, Lounge

14. Add a Lollygagger cushion and you can remain in absolute balance for hours


15. As a piece of the Lollygagger Collection, 1% of the gross sales from this chair are donated annually to charitable groups


16. Lollygagger ( plural Lollygaggers ) ( slang) A lazy person, one who lollygags; a slacker, ne'er-do-well

Lollygagger, Lollygaggers, Lazy, Lollygags

17. Meaning of Lollygagger in English: Lollygagger


18. See lollygag ‘The next day's very early start didn't gel too well with this renowned Lollygagger but cuckoo clocks, fondue and chocolate wait for no man.’

Lollygag, Lollygagger

19. Lollygagger@large: Berkshire lutherie impels ukulele revival Norm Roy, 4 days ago

Lollygagger, Large, Lutherie

20.  · The Lollygagger Porch Swing Chair by Loll Designs is a fun, functional addition to porches

Lollygagger, Loll

21. Discover short videos related to Lollygagger on TikTok


22. Watch popular content from the following creators: Joe(@Lollygaggerjoe), Joe(@Lollygaggerjoe), Joe(@Lollygaggerjoe), Joe(@Lollygaggerjoe), Dave Rohlen(@daverohlen)


23. Explore the latest videos from hashtags: #Lollygagger, #lollygagging, #Lollygaggers, #Lollygaggerfx, #lollygagg .

Latest, Lollygagger, Lollygagging, Lollygaggers, Lollygaggerfx, Lollygagg

24. What does Lollygagger mean? (slang) A lazy person, one who lollygags; a slacker, ne'er-do-well

Lollygagger, Lazy, Lollygags

25. “We make outdoor furniture for the modern Lollygagger,” explains Loll Designs founder Greg Benson

Lollygagger, Loll

26. ‘The next day's very early start didn't gel too well with this renowned Lollygagger but cuckoo clocks, fondue and chocolate wait for no man.’


27. ‘You can mix socializers with competitors and hard-chargers with Lollygaggers, but it'll be about as much fun

Lollygaggers, Ll

28. Environmentally friendly, the Lollygagger Picnic Bench is one of the first fully recycled and recyclable plastic furniture that doesn’t require maintenance, is weather-resistant, and is durable


29. Made in the U.S.A., Lollygagger claims that the Picnic Bench is the perfect outdoor furniture bench


30. The Lollygagger Picnic Bench has an overall height of 17” (43 cm), length of 39” (99 cm), and

Lollygagger, Length

31. New for 2013 the Lollygagger Lounge Chair is Loll Designs namesake chair that combines the most successful aspects of their previous designs into one perfect outdoor lounge chair

Lollygagger, Lounge, Loll

32. Pair your Lollygagger line of chairs with the comfy yet sleek Lollygagger Cushion from Loll Design

Lollygagger, Line, Loll

33.  · The Lollygagger Bar Cart by Loll Designs will carry drinks and the ingredients for more around a deck or patio easily

Lollygagger, Loll

34. Bent Paddle Lollygagger Pale Ale, Pale Ale, Minnesota, United States


35. Lollygagger Links Rules & Regulations Please arrive 15-30 minutes prior to your tee time in order to check in and be ready to start on time

Lollygagger, Links

36. Http://


37. Pro Block or Report Block or report Lollygagger


38. Lollygaggers is pretty near Three Sisters Springs.This bar guarantees you good prawns, tacos and cheese steaks.Try nicely cooked Brezeln.A lot of visitors order delicious draft beer, margaritas or michelada.This place is famous for great tea.

Lollygaggers, Lot

39. The homely atmosphere of Lollygaggers allows guests to relax after a hard working day


40. From its easternmost (lower) intersection with Home Brew, Lollygagger snakes its way southwest, winding through deep boreal and hardwood forest

Lower, Lollygagger

41. Lollygagger Lane is a newcomer-friendly slum region with a lively arts and music scene

Lollygagger, Lane, Lively

42. Hobos, Amondeu Artisans, and Metaharpers have built a large array of free vehicles and other strange, whimsical content to play with on the SL road and waters Lollygagger Lane regions.

Large, Lollygagger, Lane

43. Listen to Lollygagger by The Blind Barbers on Apple Music

Listen, Lollygagger

44.  · The Lollygagger Sofa by Loll Designs delights as an expanded version of the already-renowned Lollygagger Outdoor Lounge Chair

Lollygagger, Loll, Lounge

45. Posted on November 24, 2021 by Lollygagger


46. Posted on November 24, 2021 by Lollygagger


47. From its easternmost intersection with Home Brew, Lollygagger snakes it's way southwest, winding through deep boreal and hardwood forest


48. Lollygagger () I'm just starting my #research for #RVingfulltime beginning in the #summerof2023


49. The Lollygagger Cushion (sold separately) is a soft seating option perfectly fitted for the Lollygagger Rocker


50. Shop the entire Lollygagger Collection


51. The Lollygagger€™s perfectly angled seat and back offer sublime comfort with a splash of colour, and with an integrated bottle opener hidden just under the right arm there is no need to do anything other than sink in and relax


52. Like the rest of the Loll Designs range, the Lollygagger lounge chair is crafted from Metem: a unique recycled

Like, Loll, Lollygagger, Lounge

53. Lollygagger TALL LOUNGE CHAIR Design Within Reach, TURQUOISE ACRYLIC STEMWARE Pier 1 Imports, Holmdel, 732.706.0660 IZNIK OUTDOOR MEL AMINE PL ATTER Williams Sonoma, Sea Girt, 732.449.5119

Lollygagger, Lounge

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to Lollygag?

lollygag (third-person singular simple present lollygags, present participle lollygagging, simple past and past participle lollygagged) (US) To dawdle; to be lazy or idle; to avoid necessary work or effort. (US, dated, 19th-20th centuries) To fool around, especially sexually.

What does the name Lollygag mean?

-·gagged·, -·gag·ging. Informal to waste time in trifling or aimless activity; fool around. Origin of lollygag. variant, variety of lallygag from uncertain or unknown; perhaps.

What does Lollygag mean?

To lollygag means to fool around or dawdle, primarily to avoid actual work or to start other unappealing activities. Children trying to avoid going to school may lollygag by eating their breakfast in dribs and drabs, or else spend an inordinate amount of time getting dressed or grooming.

What is the origin of the English word Lollygag?

The origins of lollygagging may have something to do with the word loll, which generally means to lie passively or leisurely around the premises. It is possible that "lolling around" became corrupted into "lolly" first, and then attached to the archaic word "gag" to indicate the habits of lazy sheep lying around a field.

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