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1. Loll definition is - to hang loosely or laxly : droop

Loll, Loosely, Laxly

2. Did You Know? Synonym Discussion of Loll.


3. Loll definition, to recline or lean in a relaxed, lazy, or indolent manner; lounge: to Loll on a sofa

Loll, Lean, Lazy, Lounge

4. Loll designs and manufactures durable, all-weather outdoor furniture made from recycled plastic – mostly from single-use milk jugs


5. Loll’s modern outdoor furniture adds a …


6. Lolled, Loll·ing, Lolls v.intr

Lolled, Loll, Lolls

7. To hang or droop laxly: a pennant Lolling from the mast

Laxly, Lolling

8. To permit to hang or droop laxly: Lolled his head on the armrest

Laxly, Lolled

9. [Middle English Lollen, probably from Middle Dutch, to doze.] Loll′er n

Lollen, Loll

10. 31 synonyms of Loll from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 48 related words, definitions, and antonyms


11. Loll: to be limp from lack of water or vigor.

Loll, Limp, Lack

12. Find 31 ways to say Loll, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


13. Loll Designs manufactures its pieces from 100 percent recycled plastic sheet material reclaimed mostly from millions of single-use milk jugs


14. TrueRide, Loll’s former sister company, originally sourced the material as a durable, all-weather, maintenance-free alternative to plywood for municipal skate parks


15. All Loll furniture is designed in


16. Loll Designs is a designer and manufacturer of durable, all-weather, outdoor furniture and accessories made from 100% recycled plastic – mostly from single-use milk jugs


17. “We make outdoor furniture for the modern Lollygagger,” explains Loll Designs’ founder Greg Benson.

Lollygagger, Loll


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 · With roots in Duluth, Minnesota Loll has been breaking the mold of angle, shape, and color with modern outdoor furniture since 2003


19. At the heart of Loll is a commitment to the environment since Loll donates 1% of their gross sales to the For The Planet movement and all Loll products are made from 100% recycled materials that are also 100% recyclable.


20. The Crossword Solver found 40 answers to the Loll crossword clue



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22. Loll Designs outdoor furniture came about in 2003 as a way to repurpose all the ramp material that was left over from the construction of municipal skate parks

Loll, Left

23. Loll PC is a law firm located in the heart of Beaver County

Loll, Law, Located

24. Loll Trade, a division of Loll Designs, manufactures commercial-grade furniture and accessories made with recycled and recyclable high-density polyethylene that is reclaimed primarily from plastic milk jugs


25. Loll products are durable, all-weather and maintenance free.


26. Loll Designs, a Minnesota-based company founded by a team of skateboard park designers, began with a mission to repurpose excess skateboard ramp material into stylish modern outdoor furniture


27. Loll Designs co-founder and CEO Greg Benson sits in a Loll Designs chair surrounded by pink flamingo lawn ornaments cut from the same recycled sheet material Loll uses to produce its furniture.

Loll, Lawn

28. Camp Loll is located one mile south of the Yellowstone Park boundary and four miles north of Grand Teton National Park

Loll, Located

29. The angle of heel at which this occurs is referred to as the angle of Loll and may be defined as the angle to which a ship with negative initial metacentric height will lie at rest in still water

Loll, Lie

30. If the ship should now be inclined to an angle greater than the angle of Loll, as shown in Figure, the righting lever will be positive, giving a

Loll, Lever

31. Loll Designs makes outdoor furniture for the "modern Lollygagger," people who play hard, work hard, relax hard, and appreciate the outdoors

Loll, Lollygagger

32. The founders of Loll Designs joined forces in 1997 as TrueRide, designing municipal skate parks around the world.


33. Angle of Loll is the state of a ship that is unstable when upright (i.e


34. Synonyms for Loll include lounge, flop, loaf, relax, slump, sprawl, laze, slouch, idle and lie

Loll, Lounge, Loaf, Laze, Lie

35. Coach Loll has also done some summer baseball games and local community events

Loll, Local

36. Coach Loll Sports also the ability to add additional announcers and advertising to it's webcasts adding to the viewer enjoyment


37. Coach Loll Sports uses the YouTube platform along with OBS software to …


38. Dream of the fjords, of crystal clear, ice-cold lakes, and majestic nature with Loll Designs, a Scandinavian design company that provides some clean, simple designs for your home and outdoor space

Lakes, Loll

39. ‘You can't just Loll around all day moaning about your head.’ ‘Now there is a great reason to Loll around Starbucks, in addition to WiFi.’ ‘Or you can just Loll around Hafton's magnificent indoor pool with a glass of champagne for company.’


40. Definition of Loll in the dictionary


41. What does Loll mean? Information and translations of Loll in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


42. Nick, 64, and Loll, 59, are looking to raise cash on Teesside for a new programme, including a school setting up its own veg gardens

Loll, Looking

43. The company created Loll Designs, and in 2006 introduced its first modern versions of the classic Adirondack chair.


44. Loll furniture will not warp, rot, require paint or stain or any ongoing maintenance


45. 6 hours ago · Loll, a Huntsville resident and former member of the Huntsville City Council, is the Vice President of Compliance and Quality, Health, Safety and Environment for …


46. Loll at 10:00 37 comments: Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest


47. In a seaway, such a ship will oscillate between the angle of Loll on SB and the one on PS


48. Loll about, Loll around vi phrasal phrasal verb, intransitive: Verb with adverb(s) or preposition(s), having special meaning and not taking direct object--for example, "make up" [=reconcile]: "After they fought, they made up." (lie, lounge idly)

Loll, Lie, Lounge

49. Loll Designs We’re proud to join forces with Loll Designs to offer Americana and Glide, two seating elements, plus the Harvest table - offered in two heights—standing height and dining height—with corresponding benches


50. These collaborations continue to express a passion that both we and Loll Designs share—a mission to enhance outdoor


51. I'll just Loll about for a while in the common area until you're finished with your class

Ll, Loll

52. I can't wait to go on my vacation and Loll about the beach for two weeks! 2


53. Loll Designs Coupons, Deals and Promo Codes 2021 go to

Loll, Lolldesigns

54. Total 14 active Promotion Codes & Deals are listed and the latest one is updated on March 12, 2021; 5 coupons and 9 deals which offer up to 15% Off , $131 Off , Free Shipping , Free Sample and extra discount, make sure to use one of them when you're

Lolldesigns, Listed, Latest

55. Loll Designs 873 followers on LinkedIn

Loll, Linkedin

56. Outdoor furniture for the modern Lollygagger


57. Loll designs and manufactures durable, all-weather outdoor furniture made from 100% recycled plastic


58. Loll is a professor in the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at Drexel University College of Medicine


59. Lolled, Loll·ing, Lolls v.intr

Lolled, Loll, Lolls

60. To hang or droop laxly: a pennant Lolling from the mast

Laxly, Lolling

61. To permit to hang or droop laxly: Lolled his head on the armrest

Laxly, Lolled

62. [Middle English Lollen, probably from Middle Dutch, to doze.] Loll′er n

Lollen, Loll

63. Aga taaskord, mitte seepärast, et ta on "Loll" vaid seepärast, et ta "segas konverentsi".tatsutahime Diary Entry


64. Cattle, sheep, and dogs do not sweat as horses do, they "Loll;" that is, water or slobber runs from their tongues; hence, they are not liable to take cold as the horse is.American Woman's Home

Loll, Liable

65. Garage Loll 6 Grand Rue 68870 Bartenheim - Réparation multiple sur tous types de véhicules, utilitaire - Contrôle technique - Location

Loll, Le, Location

66. Summary: Kari Loll is 47 years old and was born on 01/06/1974


67. Kari Loll currently lives in Placentia, CA; in the past Kari has also lived in Maple Grove MN and Orange CA

Loll, Lives, Lived

68. Kari L Nelson, Kari Lynn Loll, Teri L Loll, Kari L Loll and Kari Lynn Nelson are some of the alias or nicknames that Kari has used.

Lynn, Loll

69. Loll is an exciting Australian brand of wearable beach towels for grownups, well adults you don't have to be a grownup!


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LOLL [läl]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of loll?

Definition of loll. (Entry 1 of 2) intransitive verb. 1 : to hang loosely or laxly : droop a dog with its tongue lolling out. 2 : to act or move in a lax, lazy, or indolent manner : lounge He lolled around in his pajamas all day.

Is Loll a verb?

In its "recline" or "lean" sense, loll shares synonyms with a number of "l" verbs, including loaf, lounge, and laze. Verb a dog with its tongue lolling out Her head was lolling to one side. She was lolling by the pool. He lolled about in his pajamas all day. Recent Examples on the Web: Verb But unlike most of us, the Hadza do not loll in chairs.

What is an angle of loll?

Angle of loll is the state of a ship that is unstable when upright (i.e. has a negative metacentric height) and therefore takes on an angle of heel to either port or starboard.

What is another word for loll on the sofa?

SEE SYNONYMS FOR loll ON THESAURUS.COM. to recline or lean in a relaxed, lazy, or indolent manner; lounge: to loll on a sofa. to hang loosely; droop; dangle: The dog stood in the heat with his tongue lolling out of his mouth.

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