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1. Loincloth, usually, a rectangular piece of cloth draped around the hips and groin


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4. Color me a little bit freaked out, but there seems to be a new swimsuit trend popping up everywhere, which I'm not sure how to categorize except as "Loincloth-esque." Ruched or smocked, this body-baring swimsuit bottom style seems to be the bikini of summer for a certain subset of trendsetters

Little, Loincloth

5. Join the conversation: The Loincloth Site's Talk Forum Recent Additions: Black Pearl: 10,000 A.D


6. Surprised and attractive woman in Loincloth with a helmet


7. Mature african woman in Loincloth, talking and looking surprised while having hand gesture while

Loincloth, Looking

8. Ama (海女 in Japanese), literally means ‘woman of the sea’ and is recorded as early as 750 in the oldest Japanese anthology of poetry, the Man’yoshu.These women specialised in freediving some 30 feet down into cold water wearing nothing more than a Loincloth.

Literally, Loincloth

9. Loincloth front and back Man thong,Man custom bikini,Thong Bikini,G string,Man Panties,Men String Bikini,Men Thong,Underwear,G string Dorsiana


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Loincloth, Lingerie, Lgbt

11. The Loincloth style in men’s underwear was in vogue almost 7000 years back


12. Loincloth (and a form of Loincloth - a breechcloth) is a type of clothing that is draped around the hips and groin


13. Some Loincloth can be made from one piece of cloth that is 3 meters wide.


14. Want to discover art related to Loincloth? Check out inspiring examples of Loincloth artwork on DeviantArt, and get inspired by our community of talented artists.


15. Loincloth with Feather Motifs, 1000-1532


16. Loincloth Cat(ねこななふん neko nanafun) is an enemy that appears inLegend Stages


17. 1 Enemy 2 Encounters 2.1 Event Stages 3 Stats 4 Reference Loincloth Cat has pretty low health and attack damage compared to other Awakened enemies

Loincloth, Low

18. Sometimes it is also called a breechclout, Loincloth, skin clout, or just a flap


19. The Loincloth is a legs armor in Dark Souls III: The Ringed City

Loincloth, Legs

20. Thus, Yorgesson -- replete with a costume consisting of logger boots, an exotic Loincloth, a plaid lumberjack shirt, and a Hindu turban -- became a radio and recording star -- his novelty 78 on S&G Records (“My Clam Digger’s Sweetheart”) became a sizeable enough hit in 1948 to prompt the new (and soon-to-be big-time label) Capitol Records

Logger, Loincloth, Lumberjack, Label


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22. A tailor measuring a Loincloth - men in Loincloths stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Loincloth, Loincloths

23. Zulu man in kwazulu-natal, south africa - men in Loincloths stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images


24. And surprisingly, the sequel included an underwater nude scene with Tarzan in a Loincloth and Jane completely nude


25. Definition of Loincloth : a cloth worn about the loins often as the sole article of clothing in warm climates Examples of Loincloth in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web In the ring, the imposing Mr

Loincloth, Loins

26. Harris stomped about barefoot, sported a Loincloth,


27. (A Loincloth can have a wider waistband and even pockets.) The Belgariad: Garion is forced to wear a skimpy Loincloth during his brief Go-Go Enslavement in Nyissa's Decadent Court, thanks in no small part to Queen Salmissra's chemically induced Extreme Libido

Loincloth, Libido

28. / ˈlɔɪnˌklɔθ / a piece of cloth that hangs down from the waist and covers the loins, sometimes worn by men in hot countries (Definition of Loincloth from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © …

Loins, Loincloth

29. Translations in context of "Loincloth" in English-Romanian from Reverso Context: In appearance, he resembled Mahatma Gandhi, minus the Loincloth, plus orthopedic boots.



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31. This set has many treasures inside you may find the faun legs, the top, the Loincloth, the skin, the tail

Legs, Loincloth

32. Loincloth synonyms, Loincloth pronunciation, Loincloth translation, English dictionary definition of Loincloth


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Loincloth, Langot, Leather

34. Loincloth is a Legging in Dark Souls 3.There are two versions of this item, one of them was added with The Ringed City DLC.

Loincloth, Legging

35. Find 3 ways to say Loincloth, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


36. Loincloth - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums


37. Strategically placed rectangular pieces of fabric, Loincloths are an early form of men's clothing


38. Some types of Loincloth or breechcloth consist of one piece of fabric measuring 10 inches by 10 to 12 feet that covers the genitals but leaves the buttocks partially exposed.

Loincloth, Leaves

39. "Aware of his image as an Evergreen State Tarzan, Scott wore a mask of rare bird feathers and a Loincloth to a Halloween party last year," the Times reporter wrote

Loincloth, Last

40. 13 This is what the Lord said to me: “Jeremiah, go and buy a linen Loincloth

Lord, Linen, Loincloth

41. [] Then put it around your waistDon’t let it get wet.” 2 So I bought a linen Loincloth, just as the Lord told me to do, and I put it around my waist

Let, Linen, Loincloth, Lord

42. 4 This was the message: “Jeremiah, take the Loincloth you bought and are


43. Hovering in the sky over Edo City with a Loincloth! This jet pack firefighting 3D action game has the most mysterious operation feeling ever! Read more


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45. Today's crossword puzzle clue is a quick one: Loincloth


46. Here are the possible solutions for "Loincloth" clue


47. A turban and Loincloth soaked in blood had been found; also a staff


48. Loincloth usually doesn’t cover as much as your regular bikinis


49. Loincloth bikinis will definitely be a big hit this summer.


50. The Loincloth -does- still drop in RFC, as the list says, but there are perhaps 1/4 of the number of mobs as pre-MoP

Loincloth, List

51. 13 Thus said the Lord to me, “Go and buy yourself a linen Loincloth, and put it on your loins, but do not dip it in water.” 2 So I bought a Loincloth according to the word of the Lord, and put it on my loins

Lord, Linen, Loincloth, Loins

52. 3 And the word of the Lord came to me a second time, saying, 4 “Take the Loincloth that you bought and are wearing, and go now to the Euphrates, [] and hide it

Lord, Loincloth

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LOINCLOTH [ˈloinˌklôTH]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does loincloth mean?

Definition of loincloth : a cloth worn about the loins often as the sole article of clothing in warm climates : a piece of cloth worn to cover the sexual organs especially by men in very hot parts of the world

What is loincloth made from?

Loincloths were made out of strips of fabric wound around the waist and between the legs, leaving flaps hanging in the front and back.

What is the plural of loincloth?

loincloth (plural loincloths) A garment that covers the loins (crotch). 1927, F. E. Penny, chapter 4, in Pulling the Strings: The case was that of a murder. It had an element of mystery about it, however, which was puzzling the authorities.

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