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1. Before Logology, our art director spent 15 years inventing brands for big companies


2. In order to clarify the numerous onto-linguistic consequences that derive from the above-mentioned paradoxes, Burke proposes " Logology " (no doubt an old project that Novalis was quite fond of) as the empirical study of symbolic action

Linguistic, Logology

3. Logology may refer to: Logology (linguistics) in recreational linguistics is a wide variety of word games and wordplay Logology (science), the study of all things related to science Logology (theology), the study of words in search for divine truth

Logology, Linguistics

4. In theology, Logology deals with the verbal nature of doctrines in suggesting a further possibility that there may be analogies between "Logology" and theology


5. According to literary theorist Kenneth Burke, Logology works through the forms of religious language and its functions in the political sphere when rhetoric acts as a symbolic action

Literary, Logology, Language

6. Logology (countable and uncountable, plural logologies) (obsolete) Scientific study of words.

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7. Logology is a beautifully balanced word: It alternates between consonant and vowel throughout


8. It's so great to find great logo books such as Logology! This is one of the few that I have found worth buying

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9. Logology does not set itself up as a measure against which all others are to be judged


10. Definition of Logology in the dictionary


11. What does Logology mean? Information and translations of Logology in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


12. Logology ("the science of science") is the study of all aspects of science and of its practitioners —aspects philosophical, biological, psychological, societal, historical, institutional, financial


13. The term "Logology" is used here as a synonym for the equivalent term "science of science" and the semi-equivalent term " sociology of science".


14. Patho-Logology's companion-concept, terministic-affect screens, allows the description of ways of seeing that involve the pathē


15. Logology is a website where you can get a logo that you love

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16. Logos-doctrine of John's Gospel, for this Logology has seemed to afford support to the Arian and Athanasian formulae alike, and its interpretation is not settled.

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17. Logology is sometimes conceived of as a search for god/gods/religion.For example, Kenneth Burke tried to elucidate the divine roots of human motivations and orientations by studying theological words.


18. Logology wants to help early-stage founders to gain access to high-end quality logos

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19. Also known as Logology, wordplay, speech play, and verbal art


20. Logology is cast as the study of the knowledge acquired by the human being's aptitude for learning communication

Logology, Learning

21. Key concepts: Kenneth Burke dramatism Logology ontology epistemology symbolic action rhetoric.


22. Logology Since 2012 I've been writing the Language Games column for Babel: The Language Magazine , and I am a regular contributor of language-themed articles and puzzles to Lingo: The Language Magazine for Younger Readers , Games World of Puzzles (formerly Games Magazine ), Word Ways: The Journal of Recreational Linguistics , and other magazines.

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23. Logology was added by xavier_Logology in Jun 2020 and the latest update was made in Jun 2020

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24. It's possible to update the information on Logology or report it as discontinued, duplicated or spam.


25. As the name suggests, Logology Sells Logs and Lots of them

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26.Logology is a simple app with a simple purpose, that of giving meaning to your words


27. - Search for words - Mark words as favorite - Add notes to words Logology was built as a demonstration app for the book, Mastering PhoneGap Mobile Application Development written by Kerri Shotts and published…


28. Supported by Burke's theory of Logology, the article suggests it is language itself that propels the drive toward hierarchy until it arrives at an ultimate position

Logology, Language

29. What does logological mean? Of or pertaining to Logology; related to the study of words

Logological, Logology

30. Logology in general, and Word Ways in particular, owes much to Dmitri Borgmann; this issue, consisting entirely of his handiwork (except for this article and Colloquy), is a salute to his long-lasting devotion to the cause of wordplay

Logology, Long, Lasting

31. Logology uses writers and marketing specialists to provide informative and accurate information which can help promote other businesses.


32. Logology and Theology 23 a mythic account of origins with a theory of sanctions for a given order of governance


33. Third, I shall explore some of the implications that Logology has for the study of religion.


34. Burke's "Logology" does not refer directly to an object of inquiry or criticism, as does Derrida's "logocentrism"; instead, it refers to Burke's project or, even, a discipline that studies words (although, of course, the word *Logology* indicates its object of study in the same way that *biology* indicates its object of study while referring to

Logology, Logocentrism

35. Logology How Pepsi Got Suckered Into Every Hot Branding Trend The soda giant’s latest imitation project is a relaxation drink that deploys all the millennial branding tricks

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36. Ruining Logology by taklng uedtivity Oul of it


37. Logology: Bound in his definition of man: Moving from dramatism to philology, especically by way of theology


38. Logology® 2The Wonderland of Logo Design Attending to an international audience overwhelmed by data and information, the new logo generation will have to answer the urge for speed communication and recognition in both the physical and digital world


39. Logology; Brands; More from Marker


40. Start your review of The Rhetoric of Religion: Studies in Logology


41. Logology A set of logos I designed and which are included in Logology, a book about logo design by Victionary

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    What does the name logology mean?

    Logology (science), the study of all things related to science Logology (theology), the study of words in search for divine truth Lexicology, the study of word meaning and function This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Logology.

    What is logology in linguistics?

    Logology may refer to: Logology (linguistics) in recreational linguistics is a wide variety of word games and wordplay Logology (science), the study of all things related to science Logology (theology), the study of words in search for divine truth Lexicology, the study of word meaning and function

    What does ludolinguistics mean?

    Logology (or ludolinguistics) is the field of recreational linguistics, an activity that encompasses a wide variety of word games and wordplay. The term is analogous to the term "recreational mathematics".

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