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2. Logoffs - definition of Logoffs by The Free Dictionary.


3. The free Lurk From Home tool automatically keeps you available on your company IM and prevents desktop Logoffs when you step away from your desk

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4. Logoffs meaning Plural form of logoff.

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5. Windows 10 Pro x64 With All Patches Surface Pro 4 1TB I see a lot of anonymous logons/Logoffs that appear from the detailed time stamp to be logged in for a very short period of time: TimeCreated SystemTime="2016-05-01T13:54:46.696703900Z TimeCreated SystemTime="2016-05-01T13:54:46.697745100Z · Well do you have password sharing off and open shares

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6. Force user Logoffs Synchronize file security attributes


7. I see the following quantities of logins versus Logoffs vs Logoffs by cleanup in a database: SQL> select action_name, count(*) qty from Dba_audit_session group by action_name order by 1; 2

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8. Force user Logoffs Synchronize file security attributes


9. Show recent Logoffs Show user name, logon and logoff times of all users who have logged off, or been logged off, the selected computer (s) in the last x hours where x is an argument defaulting to 48

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10. Forcing Afterhours User Logoffs ‎Apr 04 2019 04:15 PM


11. Words created with Logoffs, words starting with Logoffs, words start Logoffs


12. Bug with Logoffs on Windows 10, v1909 Tuesday, January 14, 2020 by LightStar Discussion: WindowBlinds

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13. If any of the tabs (succesful logins, failed logins, timedout Logoffs or Logoffs) are disabled, the database is currently not auditing that action

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14. Quest InTrust is smart, scalable event log management software that lets you monitor all user workstation and administrator activity from logons to Logoffs and everything in between

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15. Tracking User Logons/Logoffs

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16. I'm using OnSessionChange, but on Logoffs and on RemoteDisconnects the session ID returned is the one associated with the user SYSTEM


17. I can correctly get the username for the SessionLogon, RemoteConnect and Lock/Unlock, but not for disconnects/Logoffs.

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18. PowerShell script that gathers data about logons and Logoffs from Event Logs

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19. Get out-of-the-box reports and alerts on Unix logons and Logoffs, user accounts, Unix mail and file servers, all errors and security related events, and much more

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20. How to restrict access to an SMA 100 series portal by enabling scheduled logins and Logoffs

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21. Posted - 2007.01.01 23:01:00 - its good u showed it, its Logoffs like these that make me sad as to what Eve is becoming

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22. The agent reports detected Logoffs to Firepower Management Center version 6.2.3 or later

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23. Logoffs might not be immediately detected


24. Only with Quest InTrust, you can monitor all user workstation and administrator activity from logons to Logoffs and everything in between

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25. Such activity would include, but is not limited to, logons and Logoffs, file accesses, updates, edits and printing

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LOGOFFS [ˈlôɡˌout, ˈläɡˌout]


  • an act of exiting a computer system or program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the LOGON / LOGOFF event appear in the security log?

When the user logs on to a workstation’s console, the workstation records a Logon/Logoff event. When you access a Windows server on the network, the relevant Logon/Logoff events appear in the server’s Security log.

What is automatic logoff implementation?

The automatic logoff implementation specification is addressable. (80) If the number of devices streaming is already at capacity, any additional attempts to login will receive a message that "too many people are logged onto your account right now," and will not be able to access the content until other devices logoff.

How can I tell the type of Logon I have?

Second, these events reveal the type of logon, which you can’t determine from Account Logon events. Logon/Logoff events also provide the IP address of the client computer, which is useful information for NTLM-based logons because NTLM Account Logon events don’t provide the IP address.