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1. DGPS related messages - Loggings and software


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3. Drill hole Loggings and previous surface mapping marks Los Azules area as coherent with a porphyry copper system in close connection with the high sulphidation system (epithermal), observed on the summits of the range mountain, located east

Loggings, Los, Located

4. What does Loggings mean? Plural form of logging

Loggings, Logging

5. A mix of lower than average conditions and inactivity brought that short list of Loggings which include some shortwave entries up to the 49m band.

Lower, List, Loggings

6. Loggings, stating its location and owner and with their permission if required

Loggings, Location

7. A remote listener may NOT also use another receiver, local or remote, to make further Loggings for the same CLE)" __._,_.___ These listening events serve several purposes

Listener, Local, Loggings, Listening

8. Loggings preceded with the designations: Dx, TA, TP, will be posted in the color RED


9. (probably anything over 1000 miles) Also, Loggings preceded with SRS (sunrise/sunset) will post in GREEN, and Loggings preceded with Au (aurora) will post in Purple.


10. Other Loggings on 452.975 [d152] include a 26th floor, and 4 TV's and a fan on at the 19th floor


11. To Henry by John Henry Parker (1859) " and stately Loggings.


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