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1. A file with the LOG file extension is a Log Data file (sometimes called a logfile) used by all kinds of software and operating systems to keep track of something that has occurred, usually complete with an event detail, date, and time. It could really be used for anything that the application deems appropriate to write down.


2. The Logfile provider has a great many options to tune its actual behavior


3. The $Logfile is called the 'transaction logging file' and unless you have decided that the NTFS file system used by Vista is not what you want, it's an integral part of your computer system, and cannot be safely disabled

Logfile, Logging

4. $Logfile is an NTFS metadata file which catching all changes to your file system. It is not only be used by System, but also by your programs e.g


5. The directory C:\Windows\System32\Logfiles\WMI\RtBackup stores ETW trace files (extension.etl) for real time event trace sessions


6. >>Logfile.txt redirects stdout into a log file by appending every text output to stdout (standard output) to the file

Logfile, Log

7. The add_Logfile procedure has the following parameters


8. Overview The <Logfile> element is used to configure the activity logging options for an FTP site

Lt, Logfile, Logging

9. The.Logfile command determines whether a log file exists and displays the file's status.

Logfile, Log

10. A log file is always created unless the NOLogfile parameter is specified


11. File 2 is $Logfile, which contains transaction records to guarantee data integrity in case of a system failure


12. Logfiles contain information about events that occurred during a scenario


13. When running an experiment, Logfiles are written to disk when a scenario ends unless the no_Logfile header parameter is true


14. If you are running a scenario directly from the editor, Presentation does not create Logfiles.


15. On the same tab, enable 'Limit size of Logfile' and enter the desired value in Mebibyte (MiB)

Limit, Logfile

16. V$Logfile contains information about redo log files.

Logfile, Log

17. Download procmon Process Monitor - Windows Sysinternals and setup a filter for Path contains ac-system-Logfile- and let it run

Logfile, Let

18. See _Logfile.txt and _except.txt for details" error message is generally displayed

19. Public Logfile (String path, String url, boolean isCompressed, LogDataType type, long size) Construct a Logfile with filepath, URL, and LogDataType metadata

Logfile, Logdatatype, Long

20. Variation of Logfile#Logfile(String, String, LogDataType) where the compressed state can be set explicitly because in some cases, we manually compress the file but we want to keep the original type for tracking purpose.

Logfile, Logdatatype

21. The $Logfile is a special NTFS system file


22. ERROR at line 1: ORA-01609: log 5 is the current log for thread 1 - cannot drop members ORA-00312: online log 5 thread 1: 'Logfile name' ORA-00312: online log 5 thread 1: 'Logfile name' Solution -> You can just clear the standby redo log group before dropping it.

Line, Log, Logfile

23. GamutLogViewer© is log file, Logfile, viewer that works with Log4J, Log4Net, NLog, and user defined formats including ColdFusion

Log, Logfile

24. The Logfile providers allows you to write message streams to plain-text files, by default, in a CSV format


25. To use the Logfile provider, you’ll first have to tell PSFramework to not use the default provider (filesystem) and to set a file to record messages to

Logfile, Ll

26. Definition of Logfile in the dictionary


27. What does Logfile mean? Information and translations of Logfile in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


28. Zmore Logfile.gz Searching inside compressed files with zgrep


29. The corrupt redo Logfile belongs to the current group


30. Sql>alter database clear unarchived Logfile group 3; This statement clears the corrupted redo logs and avoids archiving them.

Logfile, Logs

31. Type Logfile struct { // Flags override default behaviour (see also command line flag -lognostderr) Flags int // FileName to write to

Logfile, Line, Lognostderr

32. // See also the -Logfile command line flag FileName string // FileMode for any newly created log files FileMode os

Logfile, Line, Log

33. Logfile_CompensationlogRecord.csv All decodes of CompensationlogRecord


34. The database contains 5 tables: DataRuns IndexEntries Logfile LogfileTmp (temp table used when recreating dataruns)

Logfile, Logfiletmp

35. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the Logfile and LogDir parameters, if necessary

Logfile, Logdir

36. To create a log file for a program at the command line, apply parameters before any command, for example: vnclicense.exe -Log=*:file:100 -Logfile=license.log -add …

Log, Line, Logfile, License

37. Logfile is a position-independent config.txt directive that can be used to customize the name of your EZproxy log file

Logfile, Log

38. The Logfile integer value measure the importance of the channel ; the lower the number, the more important the messages sent to the Logfile

Logfile, Lower

39. Concretely, a message will effectively be logged only if it targets a Logfile whose integer value is less or equal to the current verbosity ( config.level ) ; the other messages are filtered out.

Logged, Logfile, Less, Level

40. The NI-CAN Logfile Specification was designed to meet the following characteristics: Simple: The format of each event (frame) in the Logfile is analogous to the frame format used by NI-CAN, and also the LabVIEW FPGA I/O interface for CAN (CompactRIO CAN module).This makes application development easier and more efficient.

Logfile, Labview

41. This is the same as ‘ -o ’, only it appends to Logfile instead of overwriting the old log file

Logfile, Log

42. If Logfile does not exist, a new file is created.


43. GOOD: My favorite solution is to automatically open a pipe that will receive from the standard output and redirect to the Logfile


44. With this solution, I can programmatically define my Logfile name inside the script (based on the script name and input parameters for example) and forget about redirecting the output everytime that I run a command.


45. Download The PM Podcast PDU Logfile (XLSX) and track each PM Podcast episode you listen to

Logfile, Listen

46. So if we add standby Logfile, Data guard writes the Primary’s current redo log to a “standby redo log” allowing complete recovery in case of Primary site is lost.

Logfile, Log, Lost

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does log file mean?

- Definition from Techopedia Definition - What does Log File mean? A log file is a file that keeps a registry of events, processes, messages and communication between various communicating software applications and the operating system.

What is log's?

A log, in a computing context, is the automatically produced and time-stamped documentation of events relevant to a particular system. Virtually all software applications and systems produce log files. A few common examples of logs:

Is 'log' recognized as the name of a file?

Log : The term 'Log' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, script file, or operable program. Check the spelling of the name was included, verify that the path is correct and try again. Do you have a log Function too? – Hecatonchires Jun 1 '17 at 5:30 Then replace your Write-host calls with LogWrite.

How do web servers use log files?

Web servers use log files to record data about website visitors. This information typically includes the IP address of each visitor, the time of the visit, and the pages visited. The log file may also keep track of what resources were loaded during each visit, such as images, JavaScript, or CSS files.

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