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Synonyms: 1. Gatehouse 2. Cottage 3. House 4. Cottage 5. Cabin 6. Chalet 7. Den 8. Lair 9. Hole 10. Sett 11. Retreat 12. Haunt 13. Shelter 14. Section 15. Branch 16. Chapter 17. Wing 18. Association 19. Society 20. Group ...21. Club 22. Union 23. Guild 24. Fraternity 25. Brotherhood 26. Sorority 27. Alliance 28. Coterie 29. League 30. Sodality 31. Submit 32. Register 33. Enter 34. Place 35. Advance 36. Lay 37. Present 38. Press 39. Bring 40. Prefer 41. Tender 42. Proffer 43. Record 44. Table 45. File 46. Deposit 47. Put 48. Bank 49. Entrust 50. Consign 51. Stash 52. Store 53. Stow 54. Stick 55. Catch 56. Wedge 57. Remain 58. Reside 59. Board 60. Stay 61. Live 62. Stop 63. Occupy 64. Room 65. Dwell 66. Sojourn 67. Abide 68. Accommodate 69. House 70. Board 71. Billet 72. Quarter 73. Shelter 74. Harbor 75. Entertain See more »
1. He'd already started construction on a hunting lodge
2. I shall lodge at the inn for two nights
3. Can you lodge us for the night?
4. Is there anywhere that I can lodge in the village tonight?
5. My father would occasionally go to his Masonic lodge
6. He was a member of a Masonic lodge
7. It is too late to lodge any objections
8. Such rights lodge in the general manager
9. I intend to lodge an official complaint
10. All visitors should report to the porter's lodge
11. The final decision should lodge with the chairman
12. We stayed at a lodge
13. If you wish to lodge a complaint you'd better get on to the manager
14. Authorities requisitioned hotel rooms to lodge more than sentencedictcom stranded Christmas vacationers
15. He has four weeks in which to lodge an appeal
16. You should lodge a copy of the letter with your solicitor
17. He turned in between the lodge gates and guided the Porsche down the winding drive
18. Cupid had at last managed to lodge an arrow in his stony heart
19. The king built a large hunting lodge in the mountains
20. Be sure to lodge a copy of the contract with your solicitor
21. The service at Heron lodge failed to live up to its reputation
22. We stayed in a rustic old lodge
23. Best apres ski: The obvious choice is Rainbow lodge
24. Two year-round residences near the lodge were damaged
25. This building was used to lodge prisoners of war
26. The lodge itself he said[wwwSentencedictcom] was nothing fancy
27. For romance you can't beat the Rainbow lodge
28. I drove out of the gates past the keeper's lodge
29. Every day a plane arrives to ferry guests to and from Bird Island lodge
30. Seasoned and Ready to Use. lodge cast iron comes seasoned and ready to use right out of the box. Just give it a quick rinse, hand dry, and start cooking. Step 2. Pre-Heat Your Skillet. To ensure even heating, gradually pre-heat the cast iron skillet on a similar-sized burner. Since cast iron holds heat, it's not necessary to use a heat setting
31. lodge definition is - to provide temporary quarters for. How to use lodge in a sentence.
32. [transitive] lodge something (with somebody) (against somebody/something) (formal) to make a formal statement about something to a public organization or authority synonym register, submit They lodged a compensation claim against the factory. Portugal has lodged a complaint with the International Court of Justice.
33. lodge cast iron is seasoned and ready to use. Every piece of lodge cast iron cookware comes seasoned and ready to use right out of the box. The easiest way to maintain this layer of seasoning is to use your cast iron pan.
34. A lodge dutch oven is surely one of the most versatile pots in any kitchen. You can use these iron beauties to prepare skillet dinners, cook pasta, braise roasts, and even bake bread! I love these pots because they can go from stovetop to oven, which is nice for recipes that need to finish with baking or broiling.
35. lodge says it comes "seasoned and ready to use," so I used it — and I was shocked when I made cornbread, and then steak, and then fried eggs. It all slid effortlessly out of the pan, no sticking.
36. Exclusive Use Accommodation There’s nothing better than getting fully immersed in the African bush, but imagine doing that with no one else around? Welgevonden offers seven lodges dedicated to exclusive use where you can escape with the family to a private villa, or as a group of friends, wedding party, or even business getaway. The
37. lodge cast iron cookware can handle any modern kitchen cooktop and the heat of an open campfire. Each of our cast iron pans comes seasoned and ready to use, right out of the box. Shop all seasoned cast iron
38. Fact: Unlike other companies that use paint for a black sheen, lodge seasoning is 100% natural. The oil is baked on during the manufacturing process, and the black patina that remains is a carbon deposit left by the oil on the skillet. Myth: You can't use cast iron on induction cooktops.
39. The perfect gift idea for the aspiring chef in your life or the cooking-curious, lodge Cast Iron sets provide the essential pieces anyone needs to stock a complete kitchen.
40. A proposal to use part of the lodge for homeless seniors on a temporary basis was rejected. The $10 million allocated for demolition and redevelopment through 2022 includes $1.4 million for dealing
41. Lodges roots lie in hardwearing heritage pans and skillets that were extremely conducive to outdoor use, and while advancements over the last century have hugely changed how we prepare and eat food while traveling or on the go, lodge nonetheless still produces a handful of items specifically made for use in the great outdoors, from camping to tailgating to overlanding.
42. As America’s oldest family-owned cast iron cookware foundry, lodge has been producing cast iron pots and pans since 1896. Triple seasoned and ready to use, these lightweight cast iron fry pans heat evenly at a lower heat setting, making them ideal for searing and browning.
43. USE & CARE – lodge SEASONED CAST IRON Our award winning foundry seasoning produces cast iron of equal quality to Grandma’s prized hand-me-downs. Lodge’s foundry seasoning is similar to a home- seasoning method, but on a larger scale. The cast iron is sprayed with a soy-based vegetable oil and then baked on at a very high temperature.
44. lodge is an established USA-based cookware brand specializing in pre-seasoned cast iron skillets, griddles, pans, woks, and dutch ovens. These cast iron products may yield delicious dinners, but their cleaning needs differ significantly from those of other pots and pans.
45. lodge use will be allowed with advance notice to Renter of at least one week. In the case of an emergency, as determined by the lodge in its sole discretion, the one week notice requirement shall be waived allowing for immediate use and access by the lodge. There is no limit on such use.
46. Various views of Grand Canyon lodge North Rim Lodging. Grand Canyon lodge provides the only lodging inside the National Park on the North Rim. Lodging is booked well in advance, so make 2021 reservations as far ahead as possible.; Lodging is usually available between May 15, and October 15, each year.
47. lodge has created an easy-to-use $5 tool that lets you scrub away rust and save your beloved cast iron skillet from certain doom. This magical tool is designed to save rusted cooking supplies of all types from being prematurely tossed and restore them to their former glory.

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