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1. Files for Locatedb, version 1.0.0; Filename, size File type Python version Upload date Hashes; Filename, size Locatedb-1.0.0.tar.gz (3.3 kB) File type Source Python version None Upload date Nov 23, 2014 Hashes View


2. Find(1), locate(1), Locatedb(5), xargs(1) The full documentation for updatedb is maintained as a Texinfo manual

Locate, Locatedb

3. You can read the man page for locate, which says the default location is /var/cache/locate/Locatedb

Locate, Location, Locatedb

4. You can use locate itself to search for files named "updatedb" or "Locatedb"

Locate, Locatedb

5. GNU findutils’ is documented in Locatedb(5), and is pretty much just a list of files (with a specific compression algorithm); mlocate’s is documented in mlocate.db(5), and can also be considered a list of directories and files (with metadata).

Locatedb, List

6. [email protected] MINGW64 ~ $ updatedb /usr/bin/updatedb: line 323: /usr/var/Locatedb.n: No such file or directory Failed to generate /usr/var/Locatedb.n Can I fix that by …

Line, Locatedb

7. Unable to Locate or update Locatedb Mac OS El Capitain, Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave! Ask Question Asked 2 years, 4 months ago

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8. Instead of searching the default locate database /usr/local/var/Locatedb, locate searches the file name databases in path, which is a colon-separated list of database file names

Locate, Local, Locatedb, List

9. Locatedb statistics [email protected]:~> locate -S Database /var/lib/Locatedb is in the GNU LOCATE02 format

Locatedb, Locate, Lib

10. What would you enter at the command prompt to update the /var/log/Locatedb file? find, locate

Log, Locatedb, Locate

11. Locatedb - front-compressed file name database which is the additional number of characters of prefix of the preceding entry to use beyond the number that the preceding entry is using of its predecessor


12. Apple: Unable to Locate or update Locatedb Mac OS El Capitain, Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave!Helpful? Please support me on Patreon:

Locate, Locatedb

13. Apple: How to have Locatedb created / updated automatically?Helpful? Please support me on Patreon: thanks & praise


14. I noticed my Locatedb hasn't been updated in ~34 days


15. The update-Locatedb.service is failing


16. Updatedb updates the index file (/var/log/Locatedb)

Log, Locatedb

17. [email protected]:~> locate -S Database /var/lib/Locatedb is in the LOCATE02 format

Linux, Locate, Lib, Locatedb

18. NAME¶ Locatedb - front-compressed file name database DESCRIPTION¶ This manual page documents the format of file name databases for the GNU version of locate.The file name databases contain lists of files that were in particular directory trees when the databases were last updated.

Locatedb, Locate, Lists, Last

19. The default location for the locate database depends on how findutils is built, but the findutils installation accompanying this manual uses the default location /usr/local/var/Locatedb

Location, Locate, Local, Locatedb

20. If no database exists at /usr/local/var/Locatedb but the user did not specify where to look (by using ‘ -d ’ or setting LOCATE_PATH ), then locate will

Local, Locatedb, Look, Locate

21. I also concur with @bmix that Locatedb looks extremely promising as a drop-in replacement for mdfind, which is just macOS's command-line version of Spotlight.

Locatedb, Looks, Line

22. Find(1), locate(1), Locatedb(5), updatedb(1), fork(2), execvp(3), kill(1), signal(7), The full documentation for xargs is maintained as a Texinfo manual

Locate, Locatedb

23. The default database used by locate is stored in the /var filesystem, in a location such as /var/lib/Locatedb

Locate, Location, Lib, Locatedb

24. Answer: On each local machine use DB Locatedb "path", where "path" is the path to the DB folder on the network drive

Local, Locatedb

25. Use updatedb to update the /var/log/Locatedb index file

Log, Locatedb

26. The locate command is much faster than the find command because it searches /var/log/Locatedb as the index file

Locate, Log, Locatedb

27. Where Is The Object Locatedb What Is The Magnification Of The Mirror


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