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1. Localizedmessage If the Accept-Language header in the incoming request is not "English", then errors returned by the Apps Script API include this message

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2. Public class Localizedmessage extends Object implements Message, LoggerNameAwareMessage Provides some level of compatibility with Log4j 1.x and convenience but is not the recommended way to Localize messages

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3. Localizedmessage (int lineNo, int columnNo, int tokenType, String bundle, String key, Object [] args, SeverityLevel severityLevel, String moduleId, Class <?> sourceClass, String customMessage) Creates a new Localizedmessage instance.

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4. Localizedmessage (Class clazz, String textKey, String defaultMessage, Object [] args)


5. The getLocalizedmessage () method of Throwable class is used to get a locale-specific description of the Throwable object when an Exception Occurred. It helps us to modify the description of the Throwable object according to the local Specific message.

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6. Localizedmessage Localizedmessage is provided primarily to provide compatibility with Log4j 1.x


7. Constructs a new Localizedmessage using resource as the base name for the RessourceBundle and id as the message bundle id the resource file


8. Localizedmessage (java.lang.String resource, java.lang.String id, java.lang.Object [] arguments)

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9. While the message field in google.rpc.Localizedmessage can be localized, ensure that the message field in google.rpc.Status is in English

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10. All we need to do is create a ResourceBundle for our messages, then implement getLocalizedmessage in our Exception subclasses

11. As everybody has mentioned above — To my understanding, getMessage() returns the name of the exception.getLocalizedmessage() returns the name of the exception in the local language of the user (Chinese, Japanese etc.)

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12. In order to make this work, the class you are calling getLocalizedmessage() on must have overridden the getLocalizedmessage() method

13. Public sealed class Localizedmessage : IMessage<Localizedmessage>, IMessage, IEquatable<Localizedmessage>, IDeepCloneable<Localizedmessage>

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14. This code defines a string resource, Localizedmessage, of type String, from the System namespace in mscorlib.dll


15. On line 148 (before 02e6ed4) there was a constuctor Localizedmessage with 9 parameters; on line 181 there was a constructor with 8 parameters; and on line 213 there was a constructor Localizedmessage with 8 parameters.

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16. Localizedmessage; Key Resources


17. Issue #4930: Localizedmessage should use ModuleName in compareTo method #8192


18. Open Issue #4930: Localizedmessage should use


19. All Implemented Interfaces:,


20. Log.d(TAG, e.Localizedmessage) } 4

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21. Localizedmessage : MockDispatcher : Parameter.Empty : Parameter.File : Parameter.Request : PrepareOperations: Contains preparation operations for a request before execution


22. Localizedmessage PreconditionFailure PreconditionFailure_Violation QuotaFailure QuotaFailure_Violation RequestInfo ResourceInfo Response A gRPC response


23. Log.d("log_tag", "==> ${it.Localizedmessage}", it) this.shortLink.value = it.Localizedmessage } Part 2: To Receive Dynamic Links Step 1: Add an intent filter in …

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24. <vim25:fault xsi:type="ConverterNoDefaultHost Fault"></vim25:fault><vim25:Localizedmessage>Unable to find the default host system.</vim25:Localizedmessage> And then in the vmware-converter-worker.log, I'm seeing a bunch of these: 2013-06-18T11:41:47.490-04:00 [02836 info 'Default'] Host vim.HostSystem:host-28183 skipped as unusable for target

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between subclasses and localizedmessage?

The difference is that subclasses should override getLocalizedMessage to provide a locale-specific message. For example, imaging that you're adapting code from an American-English speaking company/group to a British-English group.

What does getlocalizedmessage mean?

To my understanding, getMessage () returns the name of the exception. getLocalizedMessage () returns the name of the exception in the local language of the user (Chinese, Japanese etc.). In order to make this work, the class you are calling getLocalizedMessage () on must have overridden the getLocalizedMessage () method.

How does localizedmessage work in Log4j 1 . x?

LocalizedMessage is provided primarily to provide compatibility with Log4j 1.x. Generally, the best approach to localization is to have the client UI render the events in the client's locale. LocalizedMessage incorporates a ResourceBundle and allows the message pattern parameter to be the key to the message pattern in the bundle.

What is localization section?

The localization section contains a string table section for each locale that you support. The following example shows how to define a string table. You must specify the string's id and value attributes. You use the value of the id attribute to reference the string in your manifest. The value attribute contains the localized string.