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1. See the Locach surname, family crest & coat of arms


2. Uncover the Locach surname history for the English Origin


3. What is the history of the last name Locach?

Last, Locach

4. Pronunciation of Locach with and more for Locach


5. _____ Applications - Locach is looking for skilled programmers! You might just be one of them!

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6. Lochac, Locach or Locat is a country far south of China mentioned by Marco Polo

Lochac, Locach, Locat

7. Lochac, Locach or Locat is a country far south of China mentioned by Marco Polo.The name is widely believed to be a variant of Lo-huk: the Cantonese name for the southern Thai kingdom of Lopburi (also known as Lavapura and Louvo), which was a province of the Khmer Empire at the time.

Lochac, Locach, Locat, Lo, Lopburi, Lavapura, Louvo

8. Locach: Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia [home, info] Words similar to Locach Usage examples for Locach Words that often appear near Locach Rhymes of Locach Invented words related to Locach: Search for Locach on Google or Wikipedia


9. Locach and Abraham Ortelius · See more » Dieppe maps


10. New!!: Locach and Dieppe maps · See more » Dirk Hartog


11. Hi there! 👾 Below is a list of Locach words - that is, words related to Locach

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12. There are 25 Locach-related words in total, with the top 5 most semantically related being china, marco polo, zhenla, thai people and lavo kingdom.You can get the definition(s) of a word in the …

Locach, Lavo

13. Locach was Lavopura, now Lopburi in Thailand, but in Marco Polo's day the western part of Kamboja, the Khmer empire (Cambodia)

Locach, Lavopura, Lopburi

14. (38) Polo's description of Locach was very similar to that of Wang Dayuan, a Chinese traveller to Southeast Asia during 1330-1339; both descriptions were apparently drawn from a common original Chinese account.


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 · Mary Locach was born circa 1900, at birth place, to Anna Locach


18. Mary had 2 siblings: Joseph Locach and one other sibling


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Which is the best definition of a loach?

Definition of loach. : any of a family (Cobitidae) of small Old World freshwater fishes related to the carps.

What was the name of the loach movie?

Loach, in the Hartlepool goal, was again on hand to deny the visitors as Tyrone Williams saw his headed effort at the back post denied within the opening 10 minutes. Loach - whose films include I, Daniel Blake and Kes - receives the Realta accolade for outstanding contribution to cinema.

What do the barbules on a loach mean?

Loach (noun) any one of several small, fresh-water, cyprinoid fishes of the genera Cobitis, Nemachilus, and allied genera, having six or more barbules around the mouth. They are found in Europe and Asia. The common European species (N. barbatulus) is used as a food fish

What kind of fish abounds in loach?

It abounds in loach, and there are valuable salmon fisheries. This Loach is a Cobitis propria, it has the usual form of that genus, the spots are disposed irregularly, rarely becoming banded. At times he wants to eat a dish of loach from Phalerum; I seize my dish and fly to fetch him some.

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