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Sated [sāt]

Looking for sentences with "Live"? Here are some examples.

Synonyms: 1. Exist 2. Be 3. Breathe 4. Die 5. Behave 6. Experience 7. Spend 8. Pass 9. Lead 10. Have 11. Undergo 12. Survive 13. Subsist 14. Flourish 15. Prosper 16. Thrive 17. Reside 18. Lodge 19. Board 20. Inhabit ...21. Occupy 22. Populate 23. Stay 24. Dwell 25. Sojourn 26. Bide 27. Living 28. Alive 29. Breathing 30. Animate 31. Organic 32. Biological 33. Sentient 34. Existing 35. Existent 36. Extant 37. Quick 38. Dead 39. Inanimate 40. Personal 41. Actual 42. Unedited 43. Recorded 44. Electrified 45. Charged 46. Powered 47. Connected 48. Active 49. Hot 50. Inactive 51. Unexploded 52. Explosive 53. Active 54. Loaded 55. Charged 56. Primed 57. Unstable 58. Volatile 59. Inactive 60. Hot 61. Glowing 62. Aglow 63. Smoldering 64. Burning 65. Alight 66. Flaming 67. Aflame 68. Blazing 69. Fiery 70. Ignited 71. Afire 72. Topical 73. Current 74. Contemporary 75. Burning 76. Pressing 77. Important 78. Vital 79. Relevant 80. Pertinent 81. Controversial 82. Debatable 83. Unsettled 84. Legal See more »
1. Marry in lent and you’ll live to repent 
2. Man does not live by bread alone 
3. Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones 
4. He that cannot ask cannot live 
5. Better die with honour than live with shame 
6. It matters not how long we live but how 
7. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones 
8. Better die standing than live kneeling 
9. Better to die in glory than live in dishonour 
10. One should eat to livesentencedictcom not live to eat 
11. They who live longest will see most 
12. They that live longest must die at last 
13. Lovers live by love as larks live by leeks 
14. They that or who live longest see most 
15. live for today for tomorrow never comes 
16. Medicines are not meant to live on 
17. live to learn and learn to live 
18. They die well that live well 
19. They who live in a worryInvite death in a hurry 
20. To live is to function That is all there is in living 
21. We should so live and labor in our time that what came to us as seed may go to the next generation as blossom and what came to us as blossom may go to them as fruit This is what we mean by progress 
22. Other men live to eat while I eat to live 
23. To live long is almost everyone's wish but to live well is the ambitiion of a few 
24. See listen and be silent and you will live in peace 
25. Men will wrangle for religion write for it fight for it die for it anything but live for it Charles Caleb Colton 
26. No man is so old but thinks he may yet live another year 
27. With live Listen, your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch can act like a microphone that sends sound to your AirPods, AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, or Powerbeats Pro. live Listen can help you hear a conversation in a noisy area or even hear someone speaking across the room.
28. To use live captions in a meeting, go to your meeting controls and select More options > Turn on live captions. To stop using live captions, go to the meeting controls and select More options > Turn off live captions. Get the most out of your captions. To make sure your live captions are as accurate as possible, try to follow these best
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30. You can create live events using Microsoft Stream across the organization. You can schedule, produce, and deliver live events for a variety of scenarios such as companywide events, leadership updates and more. live events enable producers to curate and control the content that is broadcast to an audience.
31. live View is the magic bullet in these situations, as you can use it not just to frame your shot, but to zoom in close on a specific area to make sure it is focused. Think of this as though you were holding a magnifying glass up to your camera’s viewfinder when focusing on your subject, and using that as the basis for judging whether it is
32. Produce the live event using an external hardware or software encoder via Microsoft Stream. Use this option if you already have a production setup (for example, media mixers) that supports streaming to an RTMP service. This method is typically used in auditorium events, such as town halls, where a stream from a media mixer is broadcast to the
33. live resin is a type of cannabis concentrate that is produced using a unique technique—freshly harvested cannabis is frozen to a subcritical temperature prior to and throughout the extraction
34. LiveSplit is a timer program for speedrunners that is both easy to use and full of features.
35. With live Share, versatility is the name of the game. Gone are the days of using multiple tools for collaboration and context switching. live Share not only works for multiple use-cases, but also has an extensibility model that allows you to add your own customization to it.
36. Stream live TV channels, shows, news and sports online. With cloud DVR, never miss new episodes, games, or breaking stories again. Watch live TV or on-demand, when you want, where you want. Commitment Free. Start a 7 day free trial and review the monthly cost on this page.
37. Use the join command. Simply go to File > Join live Share Session. Paste the invite link. Paste in the invite URL you were sent and confirm. Collaborate! That's it! You should be connected to the collaboration session momentarily. You will see the "live Share" button transition to convey a "Session State".
38. Go live from anywhere Anybody can go live from a mobile phone or Portal. It's the perfect way to check in with your team, especially when you can't be together in person. And unlike email, you can get feedback or answer questions in real time through comments, likes and reactions.
39. Use the computer's built-in microphone or an external microphone. If your camera isn't supported for USB streaming, you may be able to use your camera to live stream using the HDMI® port. If your camera has a USB Power Supply option, set it to ON. We recommend to disable the sleep mode of the computer before using Imaging Edge Webcam software.
40. live at an address, in a house or city, on a street, with other people. Unnecessary Prepositions. In everyday speech, we fall into some bad habits, using prepositions where they are not necessary. It would be a good idea to eliminate these words altogether, but we must be especially careful not to use them in formal, academic prose.
41. If you are facing any issue while adding a person using their live ID, you can send them an invitation link. Once they click on the link, they will be able to chat with you on Skype. And when that
42. Click or tap Share live (when live) or Share From Beginning (when in replay mode) to Tweet, Direct Message, or copy the link of a full live video or replay from the beginning. Click or tap Share from… to Tweet, Direct Message, or copy the link of a live video or replay starting at a point chosen using the selection bar.
43. live Translate is easy to use, and we’ll show you how, but there are some restrictions to keep in mind. First, the feature is only available on Echo devices in the U.S.Specifically, Amazon says

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