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1. What is Live load? Refers to loads that do, or can, change over time, such as people walking around a building (occupancy) or movable objects such as furniture. Live loads are variable as they depend on usage and capacity

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2. The Live load on a structure is any loading that is not always consistently exerted on the structure.

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3. When you do a Live load shipment, you are taking an empty trailer to the place of origin

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4. Many truckers do not like Live loads because it means they have to spend two or three hours waiting at the …

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5. A ' Live load ' - An International Transportation Company's driver should get a sea freight container to your place of load

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6. There is a free loading time limit for Live loads

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7. Live load refers to occupational forces from occupancy and intended use

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8. IBC provides a different definition for Live load and roof Live load in Chapter 16 compared to that given in ASCE 7 Chapter 4

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9. IBC 2012 defines Live load (L) as "roof Live load greater than 20 psf and floor Live load"

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10. Roof Live load (L r) is defined as "roof Live load of 20 psf or less"

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11. The house acts as a structural system resisting dead loads (weight of materials), Live loads (weights imposed by use and occupancy), like snow loads and wind loads

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12. Use Live load (psf) (N/m 2); Attics, no storage with roof slope no steeper than 3 in 12: 10: 479: Attics, limited storage: 20: 958: Balconies: 60: 2873: Decks: 40

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13. Live load is a civil engineering term that refers to a load that can change over time

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14. Anything in a building that is not fixed to the structure can result in a Live load, since it can be moved around

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15. The might of the dead load, or lack thereof, often defines how much Live load it can handle

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16. Structural steel offers much less of a dead load and provides superior support for Live loads in multi-story buildings.

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17. Table R301.5 (or Table 5301.5 in the Massachusetts building code, in my jurisdiction) lists the minimum uniformly distributed Live load for residential construction in a variety of situations.

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18. Live load reductions are not permitted for specific types (see code)

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19. A Live load can be expressed either as a uniformly distributed load (UDL) or as one acting on a concentrated area (point load )

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20. Live load synonyms, Live load pronunciation, Live load translation, English dictionary definition of Live load

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21. Live loads refer to the transient forces that move through a building or act on any of its structural elements

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22. The probability of simultaneous full Live load being applied to structural elements that support large area, in many occupancies is very low

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23. ASCE 7-05 recognizes this and allows for a reduction in design Live load that is based on the size of area supported.

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24. Live load reduction: Floor Live load reduction: (ASCE 7-05/10, IBC 2006/2009/2012) For Live load not exceeding 100 psf, not in passenger garages, not in assembly uses, with K LL x A T more than 400 square ft 2, Live load can be reduced by the following equation

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25. Live loads (also known as applied or imposed loads, or variable actions) may vary over time and often result from the occupancy of a structure

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26. Typical Live loads may include; people, the action of wind on an elevation, furniture, vehicles, the weight of the books in a library and so on.

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27. Live loads are loads that may or may not act, fully or partially, and vary with time and exact location on the structure

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28. The Live load is the weight of the people, and household furniture etc.

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29. It is necessary to determine what the dead load of a building will be before any of the Live loads are taken inside

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30. Most people forget to include systems like the HVAC, ductwork, elevators, plumbing, and even fixed manufacturing equipment into the Live load calculation.

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31. Live load definition, See under load (def

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32. Live loads are exerted in the vertical plane

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33. Live loads are variable as they depend on usage and capacity, therefore the AS 1170 table provides allowances which are based on conservative estimates

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34. For example, the Live load for a floor in a house is given as 1.5 kPa compared to …

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35. Live loads are different for different buildings and structures

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36. Examples for Live loads are weight of persons, movable partitions, dust loads, weight of furniture etc.

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37. That's a Live load! Nyman, Oct 6, 2011

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38. The Live loads for members supporting two or more floors are permitted to be reduced by a maximum of 20 percent, but the Live load shall not be less than L as calculated in Section 1607.10.1.

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39. The design Live load for any structural member sup- porting 150 square feet (13.94 m2) or more is per- mitted to be reduced in accordance with Equation 16-24

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40. A detailed Live load survey was carried out on floors of the library and newspaper archive at a public library in Mexico City

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41. At a Live load or unload facility, the driver normally must make a specific appointment time

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42. As a result, the Live load, dead load and distribution of forces are different

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43. Unlike the trussed roof, Live load and dead load of the rafters and ceiling joists must be accounted for as separate systems

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44. Since it is possible to use the attic for storage, the Live load of the attic floor is …

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45. For a residential deck, the code requires it be designed to support a minimum 40-psf Live load.The Live load is the external force applied to a deck due to the activities of its use

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46. People, furniture and any other movable, physical objects on the deck are covered under Live load.

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47. The movable and unstable loads are called Live load

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48. The design vehicular Live load HL-93 shall be used

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49. Engineering is simpler; the span can be larger because of the lighter Live load

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50. If you do not have a commercial application like a restaurant, school, etc., the light Live load of the roll forming louver will be an advantage for you

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51. Live load =A moving, variable weight added to the dead load or intrinsic weight of a structure or vehicle

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52. "if I can limit the Live load to 20 PSF rather than code required 50 PSF" You've already answered your own question right here

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53. The code specifies the "minimum" design Live load for the floor

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54. In the moving and transportation industry, a "Live load" means that you are forced to load or unload your items in short period of time, often while the driver of the truck or trailer waits

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55. A Live load is common for storage containers and moving trailers in big cities, like New York City, Seattle and Chicago, where parking is limited

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56. A Live load is almost always required for international

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57. I > 400 Sq.ft., the Live load may be reduced according to the Live load reduction equation: Element K L = L o {0.25 + (15 / √A I)} Where L = Reduced Live load L o = Code specified design Live load A I =Influence Area =K LL (A T) K LL = Live load Element Factor (See Table) Table – Live load element factor, K LL LL Interior columns 4

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58. Step 1 Check The Code: First check the local code for allowable Live load, dead load, and deflection (see Figure #2)

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59. This sets an allowable first-floor Live load of 40 psf, a dead load of 10 psf, and a …

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60. F-6 Live load of 50 psf plus dead load of 20 psf .

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61. 9 F-7 Live load of 60 psf plus dead load of 20 psf .

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62. Specifications for Live load Distribution to Buried Structures” • “The results of the comparison of predictions from computer models with data from actual field test was often poor; extenuating circumstances are discussed in Section 2.1.3.”

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63. Live load Calculations • Live load Distribution Factors (LLDF) • How much truck is carried by each beam or strip of slab

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64. Axle • Be consistent with LLDF and Live load moment • See Section 3.23 AASHTO Standard Specifications for Highway Bridges for wheel Live load distribution factors.

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65. 10 hours ago · A pad seen in Fig.2 carries 400N-dead load (including weight of footing, and 380KN-Live load

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LIVE LOAD [ˌlīv ˈlōd]

live load (noun) · live loads (plural noun)

  • the weight of people or goods in a building or vehicle.Often contrasted with dead load.
Synonyms: dead load .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a live load and a dead load?

Answer Wiki. Briefly, and quite simply: Dead load is the load from the self weight of the structure and whatever is permanently attached to it and acts always. Live loads are loads that may or may not act, fully or partially, and vary with time and exact location on the structure.

What does live load mean?

Live load is a civil engineering term that refers to a load that can change over time. The weight of the load is variable or shifts locations, such as when people are walking around in a building.

What is the dead load and live load of a structure?

Dead load - The dead load is a self weight of the beam, column and slab in a structure which are fixed and doesn't change position during life of the structure. Live load - The live load is a weight of the person, furniture, and other stuffs which carries some weight on slab and these loads are variable during the life of the structure.

What are some examples of dead load?

In a structure like a hospital, for example, the dead load would include the building itself, along with medical imaging devices that are bolted down or otherwise fixed, fixed cabinetry, and similar objects.