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1. Little describes something that is small in size. Little also describes a short time


2. And Little can refer to a small amount of something. Little has many other senses as an adjective, adverb, and noun.


3. Find 175 ways to say Little, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


4. A disappointingly uneven but overall agreeable spin on a familiar formula, Little benefits from a big heart -- and a story that makes good use of its talented, well-matched cast


5. #LittleMovie in theaters April 12


6. --Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: http://unvr

Littlefb, Littletw

7. The Little Caesars® Pizza name, logos and related marks are trademarks licensed to Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc

Little, Logos, Licensed

8. Focusing on fun, Little Angel burst onto the online scene as a YouTube channel in 2015


9. With a fresh and fun approach to children’s entertainment, Little Angel guarantees hours of high-quality


10. Little offers quality children's clothing, toys, and furniture, that are playful, classic and, most importantly, special.


11. Little ( 10,596 ) IMDb 5.5 1 h 48 min 2019 X-Ray PG-13 When a bullying boss wakes up one morning back in her 13-year-old body, she learns some valuable life lessons.

Little, Learns, Life, Lessons

12. A Little chooses their methods to engage in Littlespace so it can vary widely and is based primarily on personality and preference versus standards or commonalities

Little, Littlespace

13. Adult Littles may also allow sexual interaction from their caregiver while engaging in Littlespace time

Littles, Littlespace

14. If this occurs then the Little adult typically takes a submissive role


15. Little is an irreverent new comedy about the price of success, the power of sisterhood and having a second chance to grow up — and glow up — right.


16. 101 synonyms of Little from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 220 related words, definitions, and antonyms


17. Little (2019) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.


18. "The cartoon series on the 'Little Fox' platform are related to everyday life

Little, Life

19. Little adjective (SMALL) A1 small in size or amount: It came in a Little box.


20. A Little, a few with a noun We use a Little with singular uncountable nouns


21. We use a few with plural countable nouns: Mary said nothing, but she drank some tea and ate a Little bread.


22. Watch Little available now on HBO


23. Little King Deli and Subs in Nebraska serves delicious subs, sandwiches and soups


24. Little Knits, based in Seattle, is committed to providing the highest quality yarn and knitting supplies at the best value to our customers


25. Small in size: a Little dining room


26. Small in quantity or extent: a Little money; a Little work on the side


27. Short in extent or duration; brief: There is Little time left

Little, Left

28. Unimportant; trivial: a Little matter


29. Little (comparative less or lesser or Littler, superlative least or Littlest)

Little, Less, Lesser, Littler, Least, Littlest

30. Play Little Big Snake unblocked on the official website for free


31. At Little Giant, we are taking steps to make ladders safer

Little, Ladders

32. Little Diversified Architectural Consulting, an international architecture and design firm, is recognized for developing exceptional design solutions that generate business results in the workplace, community, healthcare and retail industries


33. Little delivers results beyond architecture by combining expertise in architecture, engineering


34. Little Green Light's all-in-one donor management software is built to help you transform your work with ease

Little, Light

35. See why 6,500 nonprofits choose Little Green Light.

Little, Light

36. A sexual Little is a lg or lb in a DD/lg or MD/lb relationship, who only becomes a Little when having sexual relations

Little, Lg, Lb

37. They only want to be treated like a Little in the bedroom.

Like, Little

38. Visit The Little Clinic website to schedule a Virtual Care Visit


39. How many syllables in Little? 4 3 1 7 6 8 5 2 9 syllables


40. Divide Little into syllables: lit-tle Stressed syllable in Little: lit-tle How to pronounce Little: lit-l How to say Little: How to pronounce Little

Little, Lit

41. Wondering why Little is 4 3 1 7 6 8 5 2 9 syllables? Contact Us! We'll explain.

Little, Ll

42. Little Women, novel for children by Louisa May Alcott, published in two parts in 1868 and 1869

Little, Louisa

43. The novel has two sequels: Little Men (1871) and Jo’s Boys (1886).


44. Founded in 1939, Little League Baseball and Softball is the world’s largest organized youth sports program, with millions of players and more than one million adult volunteers in every U.S

Little, League, Largest

45. Little League® International has assembled an online resource page dedicated to baseball bat information, that includes the latest bat information, current Little League Baseball® rules and regulations governing bats, and a series of frequently asked questions.

Little, League, Latest

46. Little Diversified Architectural Consulting, an international architecture and design firm, is recognized for developing exceptional design solutions that generate business results in the workplace, community, healthcare and retail industries.


47. See: (a Little/bit) rough and ready (a Little/bit) rough around the edge (a Little/bit) rough around the edges (as) sure as God made Little green apples (it's) Little wonder (it's) no wonder (it's) small wonder (Little) tin god (Little) white lie (one's) Little finger told (one) that a Little a Little (bit) (too) rich for (one's) blood a Little

Little, Lie

48. “(Little Steven’s) TeachRock program brings an essential curriculum of music and culture into school and makes it available at no cost to educators


49. "Little Passports is the perfect gift for aunts like me or grandparents to help mix up things for busy parents

Little, Like

50. Things to Do in Little Rock, Arkansas: See Tripadvisor's 67,314 traveler reviews and photos of Little Rock tourist attractions


51. We have reviews of the best places to see in Little Rock


52. At first blush, Little Women is just another docusoap about a group of smart, dynamic friends living in Los Angeles

Little, Living, Los

53. Little Tikes manufactures kid’s toys, playhouses, ride on cars and so much more! Use our Buy Now button on product pages to find the right gift for your child.


54. Little Rock has all the ingredients of a perfect weekend getaway


55. A Little Tikes playhouse means quality! Playhouses promote physical and social play


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LITTLE [ˈlidl]

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