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1. Litigation definition is - the act, process, or practice of settling a dispute in a court of law : the act or process of litigating; also : a legal action or proceeding (such as a lawsuit)

Litigation, Law, Litigating, Legal, Lawsuit

2. Litigation: An action brought in court to enforce a particular right


3. When a person begins a civil lawsuit, the person enters into a process called Litigation

Lawsuit, Litigation

4. Litigation synonyms, Litigation pronunciation, Litigation translation, English dictionary definition of Litigation


5. Litigation is the process of engaging in a legal proceeding, such as a lawsuit

Litigation, Legal, Lawsuit

6. The word Litigation can also mean a lawsuit

Litigation, Lawsuit

7. To be in Litigation typically means to be engaged in a civil legal proceeding (as …

Litigation, Legal

8. Litigation is defined as a process for handling disputes and bringing lawsuits to court in order to enforce a particular right

Litigation, Lawsuits

9. During Litigation, a judge makes the final decisions for the parties unless they settle before trial


10. Settlement can happen at any point during the Litigation process.


11. Litigation Litigation is a process for handling disputes in the court system


12. Litigation is a contested action, where someone else, such as a judge may make the final decisions for the parties unless the parties settle before trial


13. If Litigation is not the right path for you, we can strategize to find a resolution outside of court through a number of alternative dispute resolution methods


14. He specializes in Litigation, conducting jury trials in complex cases and in helping businesses and companies in


15. Disciplinary Actions / License Litigation The professional licensing boards, commissions, and committees within the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency are charged with the responsibility of disciplining licensees who have violated practice standards, acted dishonestly, or acted unethically.

License, Litigation, Licensing, Licensees

16. Find 10 ways to say Litigation, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


17. Litigation is what goes on in court; it is the name for the process of suing someone or trying them for a crime


18. When families fight over their inheritance, the assets they want may end up being tied up for decades in Litigation.


19. What does Litigation mean? Litigation is defined as an argument being resolved in court, often with lawyers

Litigation, Lawyers

20. (noun) An example of Litigation is a l


21. The list below provides links to Litigation releases concerning civil lawsuits brought by the Commission in federal court

List, Links, Litigation, Lawsuits

22. Litigation is the process of taking a case to court


23. The Litigation process is usually connected to civil lawsuits—where one party sues another

Litigation, Lawsuits

24. However, in the general sense, the same Litigation process works in criminal cases, in which laws are broken.

Litigation, Laws

25. Litigation is a legal dispute between several parties, the “litigants,” that is ultimately heard by a judge, mediator or arbitrator

Litigation, Legal, Litigants

26. Attorneys who participate in Litigation are called litigators

Litigation, Litigators

27. Litigation is the most common practice area in the legal profession.

Litigation, Legal

28. Litigation is an ancient process that involves determining issues through a court, with a judge or jury


29. Appellate Services is responsible for conducting all appellate Litigation where the EEOC is a party


30. License Litigation The professional licensing boards, commissions, and committees within the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency are charged with the responsibility of disciplining licensees who have violated practice standards, acted dishonestly, or acted unethically.

License, Litigation, Licensing, Licensees

31. The Litigation and Disputes section of FindLaw's Corporate Counsel Center provides information on matters such as Civil Litigation, Criminal Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and more.


32. The Litigation process is long and complex, and exactly how involved a litigator is in each step of the process depends on where they work

Litigation, Long, Litigator

33. Sole proprietors or litigators in small firms may be highly involved in each step of Litigation

Litigators, Litigation

34. Definition of Litigation and Appeals


35. Litigation is the process of going to court to argue your case


36. The conduct of a lawsuit is called Litigation

Lawsuit, Litigation

37. Litigation Litigation Attorney Litigation friend pending Litigation Post-conviction Litigation pre-Litigation letter To avoid Litigation IT IS the most important securities-Litigation clash for a generation - English Only forum keep me in Litigation for years - English Only forum Litigation - English Only forum Litigation plan - English Only forum

Litigation, Letter

38. Litigation (n.) "act of carrying on a lawsuit," 1640s, from Late Latin Litigationem (nominative litigatio), noun of action from past-participle stem of Latin litigare "to dispute, quarrel; sue, go to court," from phrase litem agere "to drive a suit," from litem (nominative lis) "lawsuit, dispute, quarrel, strife" (which is of uncertain origin) + agere "to set in motion, drive forward" (from

Litigation, Lawsuit, Late, Latin, Litigationem, Litigatio, Litigare, Litem, Lis

39. Litigation law refers to the rules and practices involved in resolving disputes in the court system

Litigation, Law

40. The term is often associated with tort cases, but Litigation can come about in all kinds of cases, from contested divorces, to eviction proceedings


41. Likewise, most people think of Litigation as synonymous with trial work, but the Litigation

Likewise, Litigation

42. When a reasonable expectation of Litigation exists, organizations are required to preserve electronically stored information (ESI), including email that's relevant to the case


43. The firm’s corporate governance practice is pleased to present the 2020 Delaware Corporate Law and Litigation Year in Review, which highlights the recent Delaware law developments that will be of most interest to our clients.As in prior years, 2020 involved many significant Delaware law developments that will continue to shape business decisions for companies, boards, and investors in the

Law, Litigation

44. Our Litigation Department is recognized as one of the largest and most comprehensive in the nation, with a team that consists of over 400 attorneys and more than a dozen individual practice groups across the country

Litigation, Largest

45. Our attorneys understand the challenges and risks of dispute management — whether Litigation, alternative dispute resolution


46. Litigation risk is the risk an individual or company will face legal action

Litigation, Legal

47. The practice of commercial real estate Litigation concerns income-producing real estate properties and projects of a wide variety, including office buildings, retail centers, apartment buildings and condominium developments, hotels, and industrial and specialty properties.


48. Multidistrict Litigation is a specialized process used by the U.S


49. What We Do The Office of Litigation and Enforcement provides advice and legal counsel for Litigation in which the Department is a party or has an interest

Litigation, Legal

50. The Office oversees all Supreme Court cases and appellate cases involving the Department and provides legal advice concerning Litigation risk, pre- and post-Litigation policy decisions, and antitrust issues.

Legal, Litigation

51. Litigation costs, unlike other costs of doing busi-ness, are seldom estimated on an annual basis


52. This research attempts to shed light on how small busi-ness fares under the constraint of Litigation and cal-culates annual Litigation costs

Light, Litigation

53. Overall Findings • Litigation is costly to small business owners both in time and money.


54. Litigation hold duration (days) - Use this box to create a time-based hold and specify how long mailbox items are held when the mailbox is placed on Litigation Hold

Litigation, Long

55. Litigation is generally something people seek to avoid


56. Because Litigation is so inefficient for most of us, alternative dispute resolution, such as arbitration and mediation, has become


57. Antitrust Litigation, Pharmaceutical Fraud: Interim Lead Counsel : 11/17/2017 : Active : Allstate Insurance Total Loss Claims: Consumer Rights: 04/18/2018 : Active : Amazon E-Books Price-Fixing: Antitrust Litigation, Consumer Rights: 01/14/2021 : Active : Antitrust

Litigation, Lead, Loss

58. Litigation of IP matters takes several forms


59. Patent infringement refers to the unauthorized use of a patented invention, at which point Litigation can arise.


60. Litigation definition: Litigation is the process of fighting or defending a case in a civil court of law

Litigation, Law

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