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1. The Lithe body of a dancer the Lithe blade of a fencing foil Recent Examples on the Web This week’s pick is the Newfound Wines Gravels Grenache 2018 ($30, 13.9%), a delicate, Lithe, energetic red wine …


2. Lith·er, lith·est 1. Readily bent; supple: Lithe birch branches. 2.

Lith, Lithe

3. Lithe definition, bending readily; pliant; limber; supple; flexible: the Lithe body of a ballerina

Lithe, Limber

4. / lɑɪð, lɑɪθ / (of a body) thin and attractive, and able to move easily and gracefully, or (of movements) easy and graceful: He was a fabulous athlete, full of Lithe, quick movements


5. Peter, as Lithe as a cat, was on his feet again almost at once, with a torn collar and an ugly mark on his face


6. PHILLIPS OPPENHEIM The animals are quite as large as ordinary horses, are Lithe, active, and literally unhurtable

Large, Lithe, Literally

7. Lithe Audio wins 'Best new product' award at the Electrical wholesaler awards for it's innovative all-in-one ceiling speaker with Amplifier and Bluetooth built in to a easy to install unit


8. LitheSpeed's expert Agilists provide Agile and Lean training, coaching and consulting.

Lithespeed, Lean

9. Search Lithe is a Teachable Perk unique to Feng Min. It can be unlocked for all other Characters from Level 35 onwards: Perk descriptions may …

Lithe, Level

10. 30 synonyms of Lithe from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 64 related words, definitions, and antonyms


11. Lithe: able to bend easily without breaking.


12. The definition of Lithe is a graceful, flexible body. An example of Lithe is the body of a gymnast or dancer.


13. Lauren Boggi, creator of Lithe®, is a fitness and lifestyle expert and celebrity trainer with more than 15 years of experience in the health/fitness industry

Lauren, Lithe, Lifestyle

14. Recently noted as one of the "Best Workouts: Coast to Coast" by Daily Candy, and one of the “best ways to get fit for fall” by Yahoo Health and Prevention Magazine, Lithe is an innovative workout regimen that combines Cardio-Cheer


15. Definition of Lithe gracefully flexible, and often accompanied by being thin and long Examples of Lithe in a sentence While Corinne has the Lithe, agile body that would be perfect for gymnastics, she is too tall to manage some of the events

Lithe, Long

16. Lithe 'Lithe' is a 5 letter word starting with L and ending with E Crossword clues for 'Lithe' Clue Answer; Supple and graceful (5) Lithe: Loose-limbed (5) Flexible or supple (5) Slim, supple (5) Showing effortless grace (5) Able to move and bend gracefully (5) Flexible, supple (5)

Lithe, Letter, Loose, Limbed

17. I would highly recommend Lithe Lashes for anyone looking for an everyday pair of lashes! Coco Miko Graphic Designer, Vancouver Love, love, love these lashes! I've never used false lashes before and these were so easy and perfect to use! My style is simple …

Lithe, Lashes, Looking, Love

18. My experience prior to Lithe Solutions includes managing, architecting, and writing the Forums, Friends pages, Events, and realtime Web Messenger for


19. Lithe (adj.) Old English liðe "soft, mild, gentle, calm, meek," also, of persons, "gracious, kind, agreeable," from Proto-Germanic *linthja-(source also of Old Saxon lithi "soft, mild, gentle," Old High German lindi, German lind, Old Norse linr "soft to the touch, gentle, mild, agreeable," with characteristic loss of "n" before "th" in English), from PIE root *lento-"flexible" (source also of

Lithe, Li, Linthja, Lithi, Lindi, Lind, Linr, Loss, Lento

20. Lither synonyms, Lither pronunciation, Lither translation, English dictionary definition of Lither


21. Readily bent; supple: Lithe birch branches


22. Marked by effortless grace: a Lithe ballet dancer


23. Lithe Foods provides portable, organic nutrition for people on the go. Our products are formulated to optimize your in-studio results, and our philosophy is simple: we believe in Eating Lithe (eating clean), insist on a organic (whenever possible), locally sourced, plant-rich …

Lithe, Locally

24. ‘His Lithe, muscular body shifted under the black chain mail he wore over a thin tunic.’ ‘There was altogether a Lithe gracefulness about him that was quite un-doglike.’ ‘One of my coworkers is a tall, lanky guy who is amazingly Lithe and flexible.’ ‘With one hand on the hilt of her short sword, the Lithe

Lithe, Lanky

25. Lithe is an experimental programming language created in 1982 by David Sandberg at the University of Washington which allows the programmer to freely choose their own syntax

Lithe, Language

26. Lithe combines the ideas of syntax-directed translation and classes in a novel manner that results in a remarkably simple yet powerful language.

Lithe, Language

27. Lithe Intelligent Automation is a cloud-based BPaaS platform that allows large enterprises, BPOs and Shared Service Centers to execute standardized processes at scale while efficiently supporting process variants for each customer, region or subsidiary.

Lithe, Large



29. The Lithe tortoiseshell regarded the offending human, then ambled toward the porch rail with nonchalant disgust and mounted it without disturbing a whisker


30. The Lithe spirit is somewhat changed for the Sixth Concerto which is a full blown four movement work containing much barnstorming and …


31. Lithe definition: A Lithe person is able to move and bend their body easily and gracefully


32. A Lithe, bronzed young man strode purposefully between clumps of sunbathers, arrived at a group of equally beautiful people, shook hands seriously with each in turn, spread his towel, removed his clothes to reveal a blue bikini, folded everything carefully, then …


33. How to say Lithe in English? Pronunciation of Lithe with 3 audio pronunciations, 26 synonyms, 3 meanings, 13 translations, 5 sentences and more for Lithe.


34. Lithe improves citizen service delivery by helping our Public Sector clients automate more processes, deliver better digital services and improve the citizen experience throughout


35. Lithe Sebesta: Shelley Geiler and her father have a rich family history, both in California and from their extensive travels to Argentina to play polo


36. Proud to be 100% Women-Owned Small Business, shop Lithe Collective now for beautiful gifts, jewelry & accessories


37. Definition of Lithe written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels.

Lithe, Language, Learners, Learner, Labels

38. Lithe and quick as an eel, Jack squirmed up to the man's chest and gripped the yorker's throat in his hands


39. Lithe and poised, he was the epitome of leashed and controlled action

Lithe, Leashed

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