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How to use Artificial Joint in sentence  See more »

  1: Most artificial joints are cemented into place
  2: Aseptic loosening of artificial joint is the important factor affecting the in - service life of prosthetic replacement

How to use Mdi in sentence  See more »

  1: To integrate MDI and Web Services
  2: When MDI and water are heated together there are reactions of decalescence and give out hot

How to use Mean Square Error in sentence  See more »

  1: The probabilistic distribution model of the relative mean square error was discussed when its hydrodynamic parameters fluctuate around criterion value on the proportional distributing
  2: The method focuses on minimizing the ensemble mean square error of the estimation

How to use Homogeneous Structure in sentence  See more »

  1: Heterogeneous structure which also has the merit of homogeneous structure can be constructed conveniently by instruction extension
  2: The first comprises types with a homogeneous structure of repeating elements; examples include Java arrays and classes implementing javautilList and javautilMap

How to use Burning Oil in sentence  See more »

  1: The coffee smelled like burning oil
  2: I could smell the burning oil steaming up from the motor

How to use Toe-out in sentence  See more »

  1: Incorrect toe-in or toe-out is the most frequent cause of rapid tire-tread wearing
  2: On most front-wheel-drive vehicles toe-out setting is required to provide a zero running toe

How to use Gemmiparous in sentence  See more »

  1: Spend completely whether does purity moisture gemmiparous rate accord with a country to rate standard
  2: " Qian Sheng money " get rich fond dream is very fast in his brain rooted and gemmiparous

How to use Refractivity in sentence  See more »

  1: The total refractivity content along the ray path is an important propagation parameter in space times
  2: Nonlinear refractivity and two-photon absorption of GaP are obtained by numerical fitting the experimental results

How to use Horsebean in sentence  See more »

  1: Compare horsebean only slightly a bit bigger
  2: The article studies processing technique of horsebean capsicum sauce

How to use Leakiness in sentence  See more »

  1: Leakiness in the roof caused a damp attic
  2: For the path of resulting in electromagnetic leakiness the concrete method of structure design is stated about electromagnetic shield

How to use Alkalization in sentence  See more »

  1: The salt alkalization of soil affects ecological environment and restricts the sustainable development of society and economy It becomes an environmental disaster
  2: The cause of grassland salinization and alkalization in Qiqiha'er were approached and the comprehensive control measure were raised

How to use Perylene in sentence  See more »

  1: Fluoranthene perylene pyrene benzopyrene and benzopyrene have been proposed as the input of terrigenous higher plant
  2: Recently Perylene tetracarboxylic derivatives have been widely studied to be applied as organic photoconductipg materials

How to use Hidatsa in sentence  See more »

  1: The Hidatsa rushed eagerly into hail storms and gathered hail stones to cool their tepid Missouri River drinking water
  2: She quickly became assimilated to the Hidatsa culture and learned to speak their language

How to use Combat Mission in sentence  See more »

  1: We flew over combat missions
  2: His very first authentic combat mission as commander

How to use Chorda in sentence  See more »

  1: Objective:To analyze the characteristics of anomalies of chorda tympani nerve
  2: Objective To investigate the ultrastructure of the chorda tympani nerve and analyze the taste and facial nerve functions in patients with cholesteatoma

How to use Almaty in sentence  See more »

  1: They were driving home from Almaty
  2: On top of this Almaty was prone to earthquakes

How to use Butyl in sentence  See more »

  1: Methyl tertiary butyl ether could work as substitute for lead but it is expensive
  2: Raw materials are n - butyl aldehyde and formaldehyde

How to use Capacity Management in sentence  See more »

  1: There are several techniques that provide better capacity management
  2: The second capacity management approach to consider is reducing data on primary disk storage via data deduplication or data compression

How to use Idesia in sentence  See more »

  1: The utilization of Idesia polycarpa oil in edible oil and bio-energy are studied by analyzing its component and the oil content of the seed
  2: The natural germination percent of Idesia polycarpa is nearly zero Treated seed germination rate can reach % at nursery

How to use Gemfibrozil in sentence  See more »

  1: The composition and processing of gemfibrozil capsules were selected with uniform design
  2: Objective To observe the effects of gemfibrozil on serum adipocyte fatty acid binding proteinAFABPconcentration and AFABP secretion by adipose tissue in hypercholesterolemia rabbits

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