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1. Merchandize Liquidators is a legacy wholesaler and distributor of closeout, liquidation and surplus merchandise servicing customers both in the USA and around the globe

Liquidators, Legacy, Liquidation

2. Welcome to Liquidators, the region’s leading closeout merchandise company Sell to usBuy our closeouts Over 16 years Experience helping liquidation clients worldwide sell their closeout merchandise.

Liquidators, Leading, Liquidation

3. Liquidators operate very differently from traditional wholesalers


4. When you call Local Liquidators, rest assured that we will help you in any way we can, even if it is just advice! We Can Make You A Cash Offer

Local, Liquidators

5. H & J Closeouts & W holesale Liquidators Has a History Of Service As The Large Seller of W holesale Merchandise Located in Des Plaines, Illinois, we store and ship all of our quality, low-priced wholesale merchandise worldwide no matter how big, or small an order might be.

Liquid, Large, Located, Low

6. Inventory Liquidators have been buying unwanted inventory from companies for many years, but Merchandise USA is a leader in the industry so if you inventory isn't selling please contact us today

Liquidators, Leader

7. Mobile Home Liquidators has spent over 30 years helping folks all across the Southeast realize the dream of owning their own home


8. A lot of sites advertise being "number one Liquidators in the country" and so on

Lot, Liquidators

9. The Liquidators team has finished up work on many of the bugs reported through the first 2 months of our release, as well as added some heavily requested features/solutions. Liquidators Update 11/30 Mon, November 30, 2020 5:16 PM PST


10. Liquidators Auto Sales - About Us - Easy In-House Finance in Houston, Texas Easy In-House Financing - 20 Minute Drive Out Guarantee! HELP US KEEP HOUSTON OPEN! We are here and open for business and excited to see your smiling faces behind your masks!


11. As a family owned and operated business, J&J Liquidators began serving the Phoenix area in 2014 out of a 3,000 sq.ft


12. Liquidators World is the pre-owned office furniture company you can turn to for exceptional service and fair prices


13. Furniture Liquidators is family owned and operated


14. At Bulldog Liquidators our goal is to provide both superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers


15. Bulldog Liquidators was created to save people 40-80% off retail pricing, making high-end products affordable for everyone.


16. At Epic Rv Liquidators we sell high quality Toy Haulers, Travel Trailers, 5th wheels Travel Trailers, Tent Trailers and Motor Homes at deeply discounted prices! We provide every customer 24 hour technical support for as long as they own the trailer they purchase from us

Liquidators, Long

17. Reverse Logistics (RL) Liquidators was designed from the ground up to meet the modern needs of today’s businesses, resulting in a true omni-channel liquidation company

Logistics, Liquidators, Liquidation

18. Everything about RL Liquidators was designed to provide unrivaled liquidation services to businesses in today’s retail product chain; from manufacturers down to e-commerce

Liquidators, Liquidation

19. Appliance Liquidators respects your privacy and use your information with discretion


20. Flooring Liquidators, Flooring Superstore


21. At Flooring Liquidators we've structured our business to provide the highest level of customer service in California

Liquidators, Level

22. The central detail of the Liquidators' medal, with traces of alpha (α) and beta (β) particles and gamma (γ) rays over a drop of blood


23. The Chernobyl Liquidators were the civil and military personnel who were called upon to deal with consequences of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster in …


24. Merchandize Liquidators love to take advantage of these situations and pass these savings on to you

Liquidators, Love

25. The Liquidators is the resource for beautiful, high-quality furniture and decor at unrivaled prices


26. Florida Liquidators is your number one source in Central Florida for quality name brand pre-owned and new office furniture


27. With factory outlet locations in VT, IN, CT, MA, Camper Liquidators offers wholesale or below pricing on discontinued, overproduced, pre-auction, and as is handyman campers, travel trailers, fifth wheels, and motorhomes

Locations, Liquidators

28. Boyd Liquidators, Middlesboro, Kentucky


29. 170 Liquidators Companies in Texas


30. Search or browse our list of Liquidators companies in Texas by category or location.

List, Liquidators, Location

31. Americas Liquidators has over 25 years of business experience


32. Liquidators synonyms, Liquidators pronunciation, Liquidators translation, English dictionary definition of Liquidators


33. Tasks carried out by the Liquidators were wide ranging and included building waste repositories, water filtration systems, and a “sarcophagus” to entomb reactor number four


34. There are so many Lumber Liquidators promo codes that you do not want to miss out on

Lumber, Liquidators

35. 50% off grout if you buy any tile flooring Even if you already have a Lumber Liquidators coupon, you can use these codes for even more savings.

Lumber, Liquidators

36. The Liquidators of Chernobyl accident is not only professional specialists


37. Lumber Liquidators, now known as LL Flooring, is a flooring company that offers laminate, tile, hardwood and vinyl flooring solutions

Lumber, Liquidators, Ll, Laminate

38. Because Lumber Liquidators Holdings is significantly overvalued, the long-term return of its stock is likely to be much lower than its future business growth, which averaged 1.2% over the past

Lumber, Liquidators, Long, Likely, Lower

39. Shed Liquidators offers low cost turnkey solutions for your outdoor storage needs, all that's left for you to do is paint! We even include free delivery* and onsite shed installation

Liquidators, Low, Left

40. Tool Liquidators started as a small business over 10 years ago and now operates 3 stores in Tacoma and Puyallup


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LIQUIDATORS [ˈlikwəˌdādər]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does liquidator mean?

liquidator - (law) a person (usually appointed by a court of law) who liquidates assets or preserves them for the benefit of affected parties. receiver.

What is the liquidation approach?

The liquidation approach is one of the primary business valuation methods available. It is used when the company is determined to no longer be a going concern and liquidating the assets would yield a higher value than the present value of its future earnings and cash flow potential.

What does 'in liquidation' mean?

Definition: Liquidation is the process of selling off assets to repay creditors and distributing the remaining assets to the owners. In other words, liquidation is the process of closing a business, paying off creditors, and giving the investors whatever is left over.

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