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1. Liquid crystals (LCs), an intermediate phase between a liquid and a crystalline solid, were first observed in 1888 by Reinitzer

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2. It may have several possible orderings, called "phases." Liquid crystals can be be manipulated by heat and cold


3. Liquid crystals: The Story Behind the Technology Did you know that Liquid crystals were discovered by a botanist studying carrots? Liquid crystals, most commonly known today for their presence in liquid crystal displays (LCDs), have a molecular makeup somewhere in between a solid and a liquid

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4. Browse the list of issues and latest articles from Liquid crystals

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5. Liquid crystals (LCs) photonics is an emerging field of research in which the strong electro-optic properties of Liquid crystals are harnessed for photonic non-display applications such as the use of LC spatial light modulators (LCSLMs) in imaging, tunable focus LC lenses, tunable filters, and polarization control devices in optical

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6. Liquid crystals can be divided into thermotropic, lyotropic and metallotropic phases

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7. Thermotropic and lyotropic Liquid crystals consist mostly of organic molecules, although a few minerals are also known

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8. Liquid crystals that could be brought about by solvation are called lyotropic; those of the type that Reinitzer and Lehmann discovered were the result of heating and are called thermotropic Liquid crystals 5]

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9. Thus, when [considering mesophases (Liquid crystals), it is perhaps


10. Liquid crystals can be first organized into thermotropic (temperature dependent) and lyotropic (concentration dependent)

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11. Within thermotropic Liquid crystals there are high molar mass materials (suitable for polymer) and low molar mass materials

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12. Liquid crystals have become very common in the last 20 years as displays for electronic devices

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13. This is the result of the unusual optical and electrical properties of Liquid crystals


14. Liquid crystals are widely used in technologies such as displays, which manipulate their orientation to display colors across the spectrum


15. In traditional displays, Liquid crystals are stationary and uniform, free of defects


16. Liquid crystals - A simple classification


17. Liquid crystals may be first classified according to the manner in which the order of the solid state is destroyed to form the different mesophases


18. Thus, in thermotropic Liquid crystals, it is the primary action of heat, driving temperature changes, which …


19. Cholesteric Liquid crystals are also used extensively in cosmetic products to provide a shining, shimmering appearance and creamy texture in lip gloss and skin moisturizers

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20. Cholesteric Liquid crystals are also known as chiral nematic Liquid crystals.


21. A brief description of how Liquid crystals are identified courtesy Kent State University's Liquid Crystal Institute


22. Introduction to Liquid crystals


23. Liquid crystals are a unique state of matter, between solid (crystalline) and liquid (isotropic) phases some compounds form a distinct, different intermediate phase, sometimes referred to as …


24. The following year, our brand of highly reliable Liquid crystals – licristal® – was on the market, and we haven’t stopped innovating liquid crystal materials and technologies

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25. Active Liquid crystals are aqueous in vitro suspensions of cytoskeletal proteins that self-assemble into elongated fibers and develop sustained flows at the continuous expense of ATP


26. When they condense on soft interfaces, the aligned fibers organize into nonequilibrium analogs of passive Liquid crystals


27. Liquid crystals are highly structured liquids, with the orientational (nematic, cholesteric) and positional (smectic) order of constituent molecules

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28. Prev Next: Textures of Cholesteric Liquid crystals: The cholesteric LCs can be considered as the twisted nematics.The twist can vary in wide range

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29. Liquid crystals are also an essential part of all life forms

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30. Lyotropic Liquid crystals are essential organic substances, DNA, lipids of cellular Membranes and proteins are some examples of well known Liquid crystals

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31. In Liquid crystals drug delivery crystalline solids exhibit short …


32. Liquid crystals DEFINITION: It was observed by an Austrian botanist; Freidrich Reinitzer that solid cholesteryl benzoate on heating becomes a hazy liquid at 145.50C and on further heating turns into a clear, transparent liquid at178.50C


33. This book on Liquid crystals reports on the new perspectives that have been brought about by the recent expansion of frontiers and overhaul of common beliefs.First, it explores the interaction of light with mesophases, when the light or matter is endowed with topological defects

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34. Liquid crystals are a type of soft matter that is intermediate between crystalline solids and isotropic fluids


35. The study of Liquid crystals has made tremendous progress over the past four decades, which is of great importance for fundamental scientific research and has widespread applications in industry.


36. Liquid crystals are classified in two groups: cholesteric and nematic


37.Liquid crystals consists of 20 chapters in two volumes (with a third volume planned)


38. The volumes cover topics ranging from the types and classifications of Liquid crystals to the nonlinear response of Liquid crystals and Liquid crystals in the decorative and visual arts


39. Liquids, Crystals and Liquid crystals

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40. It uses Liquid crystals to create visual effects on screen.Liquid crystal is a state of matter between solids and liquids

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41. The Liquid crystals, Mermaid Beach, Queensland, Australia


42. The Liquid crystals are powerful vibrational remedies made from the Earths Metals, Minerals and


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LIQUID CRYSTALS [ˌlikwid ˈkristl]


  • a substance which flows like a liquid but has some degree of ordering in the arrangement of its molecules.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does liquid crystal mean?

Definition of liquid crystal. : an organic liquid whose physical properties resemble those of a crystal in the formation of loosely ordered molecular arrays similar to a regular crystalline lattice and the anisotropic refraction of light.

Is a crystal a solid liquid or gas?

Liquid crystals are not always in a liquid crystal "phase" where they contain both solid and liquid properties - they can also be solid, liquid, or gas independently - spider silk becomes a solid after having been spun by the spider.

What are liquid crystals made of?

A liquid crystal is a material which is intermediate in structure between a liquid and a solid. Liquid crystals usually flow like liquids but have some degree of internal order. They are generally composed of rodlike organic molecules, although in some cases they are composed of disklike molecules.

What is the liquid crystal made of?

Liquid crystals can be divided into thermotropic, lyotropic and metallotropic phases. Thermotropic and lyotropic liquid crystals consist mostly of organic molecules, although a few minerals are also known. Thermotropic LCs exhibit a phase transition into the liquid-crystal phase as temperature is changed. Nov 26 2019

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