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1. Limerence is a romantic attraction to another person that typically includes obsessive thoughts, fantasies, and a desire to either form or maintain …


2. However, Limerence can cross the line into pathology when a person is no longer able to function at their day-to-day activities

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3. Limerence is a cognitive and emotional state of mind where the sufferer is obsessed with another person


4. The person who suffers from Limerence is called limerent. And the person who is desired is called a Limerent object or LO.

Limerence, Limerent, Lo

5. Albert Wakin, a leading expert on Limerence and Professor of Psychology at Sacred Heart University, defines Limerence as an involuntary and incessant state of …

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6. The original definition of Limerence, a term coined by Dorothy Tenov, a psychologist in the 1970’s as an involuntary state of mind which results from a romantic attraction to another person combined with an overwhelming, obsessive need to have one’s feelings reciprocated.


7. Limerence is an involuntary state of deep obsession and infatuation with another person.


8. Welcome to Living with Limerence Learn all about Limerence and how to live with it, how to improve your relationships as a limerent (or partner of a limerent), and how to recover when you are caught in the mental trap of obsessive infatuation

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9. Noun the state of being obsessively infatuated with someone, usually accompanied by delusions of or a desire for an intense romantic relationship with that person: Her Limerence lasted for around three months before she actually met him.

Limerence, Lasted

10. Limerence starts in a way that is similar to the first wave of a new romance, a time of discovery, hope, fear and desire


11. Limerence exists as a constant state of anxiety, which is focused solely upon the perceived reciprocity from the LO

Limerence, Lo

12. Limerence is essentially lovesickness

Limerence, Lovesickness

13. Limerence is defined as an intense romantic attraction with a compulsive need for those feelings to be reciprocated


14. Limerence is a mental state that many people think of as “true love” or being “in love.” It is a scientific phenomenon and chemically-influenced state, primarily fueled by the chemical dopamine that is released by neurons in the human brain and plays a major role in the motivational component of reward-motivated behavior.

Limerence, Love

15. Limerent (The one in Limerence with the object of Limerence)

Limerent, Limerence

16. I wouldn’t say, Limerence isn’t


17. Limerence is a short-lived infatuated state of mind

Limerence, Lived

18. Limerence is more based on getting attention from the object or person you have feelings for, rather than needing to fulfill a sexual desire


19. So, if you have Limerence, it’s not about the sex


20. Limerence is a feeling of powerful attraction and desire for someone that is more emotional than just lust—but is different from love in some important ways

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21. Frankie, a 30-year-old employee at a law firm in Montreal, Qc., is no stranger to the concept of Limerence.

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22. Limerence is a mental state of profound romantic infatuation, first defined in the 1970s by the psychologist Dorothy Tennov


23. Limerence is a separate emotion from love, even though they share some similarities: Both emotions are directed towards another person and both are intensely affectionate.

Limerence, Love

24. Someone who suffers from Limerence is only concerned to seduce the Limerent Object, and acquire their heart and emotional commitment.

Limerence, Limerent

25. Love is stable, healthy, and deeply intimate, whereas Limerence is based on obsession, an overly positive evaluation of another person, emotional dependency, and an intense need for reciprocation

Love, Limerence

26. Limerence is the addictive, drug-like, highly emotional aspect of romantic attraction.

Limerence, Like

27. Limerence is a feeling of being madly in love with someone

Limerence, Love

28. Those in Limerence generally feel that no one else possibly can understand what it feels like because there is nothing else close to it in our emotional experiences.

Limerence, Like

29. Yet Limerence isn’t agape love or the spiritual and deep love of two people who marry and weather the storms of life together through thick and thin

Limerence, Love, Life

30. Limerence defines the state of being madly in love for a reason, and that reason is that’s it’s an intense, yet short-lived passion that can contribute to …

Limerence, Love, Lived

31. Limerence is an emotional and mental experience of deep, obsessive attachment to another person


32. Limerence symptoms usually feel involuntary and are characterized by an intense craving for reciprocity


33. But how could Limerence symptoms become …


34. Limerence, a term coined by psychologist Dorothy Tennov in her 1979 book Love and Limerence: The Experience of Being in Love, has been described as "an involuntary interpersonal state that involves an acute longing for emotional reciprocation, obsessive-compulsive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and emotional dependence on another person."

Limerence, Love, Longing

35. Passionate love and Limerence, Hatfield told me, are “much the same.” One of Hatfield’s discoveries (PDF) is that passionate love is a “high” – but as with all highs, it’s fleeting.

Love, Limerence

36. If you type the word Limerence into Google or Yahoo, millions of websites are going to come back


37. You’ve landed in the right spot, though, because we’re only going to give you the best, most scientific-backed information about Limerence that there is.

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38. Limerence: This is an obsession; Loving attachment: This lasts longer; Loving affection: This exists between family members

Limerence, Loving, Lasts, Longer

39. A Limerence symptom could be an intense feeling that leads to infatuation and uncontrollable longing for another person, known as …

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40. A very in depth book on Limerence which was quite a deep reading experience


41. I heard about this book from my first Limerence book, Living With Limerence by Dr L who recommends Tennov throughout the book

Limerence, Living

42. Tennov's is the Bible of Limerence going into every fine detail.


43. Limerence is a state of being “madly in love” to the point that it becomes obsessive and affects the way a person feels, acts, and thinks

Limerence, Love

44. Limerence is beyond infatuation or a simple crush-it is the inability to function without the one you desire


45. 🔊 Some argue that stalking is a form of Limerence because the need to be around your object of affection becomes an obsession


46. A large facet of Limerence is the delusion that you have found your soulmate and will never feel this way again, so it is essential to counter these thoughts with as much objective, scientific

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47. Limerence is not permanent and eventually subsides


48. If you know someone in Limerence, especially your own spouse, keep in mind that the state of being in Limerence is always temporary


49. Limerence can last anywhere from 3 to 48 months on average—based on research

Limerence, Last

50. Limerence pertains to involuntary emotional and cognitive state described by intrusive thinking and longing for sensitivity and reciprocation to external events that signify hope or uncertainty in relation to a desire or person

Limerence, Longing

51. Distinct from love (as it is traditionally understood), or lust, Limerence is a concept pioneered by psychologist Dorothy Tennov's seminal research as described in her book, "Love and Limerence." This sub is a community of people who self-identify as being in the state of Limerence and are looking for support and strategies to deal with their

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52. If Limerence is similar enough to love that it constantly gets mistaken for it, what is the real difference, exactly? “Limerence is not love

Limerence, Love

53. Limerence is infatuation on steroids and is often the culprit in the pull of an extramarital affair


54. When someone has only been involved with another outside of their marriage for a few months and is already wanting to leave their spouse to be with this person, you can reasonably point the finger at the pull of Limerence.

Leave, Limerence

55. Idol Limerence: The Art of Loving BTS as Phenomena - Kindle edition by Eaglehawk, Wallea

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56. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Idol Limerence: The Art of Loving BTS as Phenomena.

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57. Limerence is the clinical name for the ‘in love’ emotion and experience

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59. Limerence is intuitive with an easy-to-grasp interface and a moderate set of controls


60. Limerence comes with flow control for adding rhythmic modulation effects and shape control for distortion and degrading.


61. Limerence is a form of affection that has no middle path


62. You can either be ecstatic in Limerence or miserable in Limerence


63. Differences between love and Limerence

Love, Limerence

64. There are a few striking differences between love and Limerence, according to Dr

Love, Limerence

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LIMERENCE [ˈlimərəns]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name limerence mean?

Limerence is a state of mind which results from a romantic attraction to another person and typically includes obsessive thoughts and fantasies and a desire to form or maintain a relationship with the object of love and have one's feelings reciprocated. Limerence can also be defined as an involuntary state of intense romantic desire.

What is limerence and is it the same as an emotional affair?

obsessive thoughts and fantasies and a desire to form or maintain a relationship with the object of love and have one's feelings reciprocated; but not primarily just for a sexual relationship. Limerence is considered an emotional state of being emotionally attached to, or even obsessed with, another person.

What do you need to know about limerence?

These are some primary differences between the two:

Limerence Love
1. You desire affection 1. You give affection
2. Adrenaline-like chemicals are generat ... 2. Calming chemicals are generated (Vaso ...
3. You see your partner as perfect, free ... 3. You see your partner as a human with ...
4. You experience stress, frustration, a ... 4. You experience a sense of calmness an ...
6 more rows ... Jan 24 2021

Is there a link between limerence and BPD?

And well, while this might be true, I definitely think BPD has compounded my limerence because BPD, which is a defense mechanism to trauma, actually physically alters the brain and how it communicates with itself so that certain parts of the brain are used too much and some too little.

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